clan alliances in clash of clans


Clan Alliances In Clash of Clans

“I need a gf…”“Rate my base…”

“Rate my base…”“Plzzzz need war clan…”

“Plzzzz need war clan…”“Join here!!!”

“Join here!!!”

I’m sure everyone sees these comments in global chat on any given night. I am right there with you and it gets very tiresome trying to recruit. I’m Lord Joshua (@TheRealJosh84), but you can call me LJ.

It is ironic that global is where I learned about clan alliances. My wife was on global trying to find the diamond in the rough to add to our roster at Odin’sBloodline. Out of the shadows came a member of the SixPackSyndicate, and started asking her questions about our clan, our win-loss record, etc.

clan alliances in clash of clans

Then the man with the plan that started the alliance, jdigga24, who is also the leader of ClanSuperDuper, aka CSD, came to our clan and started discussing the details.

We had a lot of questions on how an alliance works and what would be expected of us.

It didn’t take long to see what an exciting opportunity it was and, shortly thereafter, Odin’sBloodline was recruited to be a member of the SixPackSyndicate family. I will make this statement, and it is the truth… joining a clan alliance was the best decision of my Clash of Clans career.

What’s A Clan Alliance?

So, I know what you’re thinking… what is a clan alliance? Glad you asked! A clan alliance really and honestly has no boundaries, but here it is in a nut shell.

A clan alliance is a group of clans that have basically joined forces to help make everyone stronger. This is not a merge… I repeat… this is not a merge. Every clan keeps their own individuality, leadership structure, and current members. Mergers I’m sure have worked for some, I on the other hand have not had much luck with them.

How do you guys make each other stronger you ask? Great question! We have an alliance password for people to use on their requests to join, so it allows people to come and go from all of the clans. It allows us to stay interconnected very easily.

Higher town halls can come and donate, friendly challenges are constantly in abundance, 3 star specialists in air can come teach ground experts the art of flying or vice versa, and these are just a few of the benefits of being involved.

Another awesome perk is special alliance events that can be organized. We have had 50 v 50 combined alliance wars against random opponents. Most clans don’t have the membership for wars of this size. Those huge wars are nonstop action, constant chatter and an array of attacks! In the last 50 v 50 war, we had 100 stars on the board in the first 3 hours!

clan alliances clan war

Also, you can pull together your best clashers in the alliance and form a potluck roster to compete against elite clans. Or, if you aren’t into competing on an elite level, you can have unlimited friendly wars between alliance members. Also, friendly challenge tournaments are great fun, as well as friendly challenge practice night in a certain clan: where everyone can get together in one clan that wants to and practice a certain attack over and over on each other.

This allows for each clasher to make themselves better, perfect their attacks and, in turn, makes the team better on the battlefield.

This sounds like a lot going on I know, but it can be as busy as you would like or as laid back as you would like; that is the cool part. The SixPackSyndicate has 5 clans in total, and we have found that this is close to being the perfect number while possibly adding another one at some point. Also, as I said before, each clan keeps their own individuality and leadership.

The alliance works like a democracy, the leaders of the clans involved have equal say and equal vote. It’s all about making the alliance stronger and fostering teamwork. It’s not about power struggles and egos.

Communication in a Clan Alliance

How does everyone communicate, organize these events, and most importantly have the time of their Clash of Clans life? An out-of-game messaging app of course.

We use discord, and I’ll be honest, this is by far the best messaging app I have used! It has so many different features, and is a very well put together gaming app. There are other messaging apps out there, though, that will accomplish what needs to be accomplished. On these outside messaging apps, you can share pictures, attack strategies, base break downs, base building designs/tips, YouTube videos, social media feeds, and of course everyday life events. You will eventually get to know these people really well, and of course you will want to check in on them and see how their day is going…as well as talk some smack from time to time.

With this many people involved tasks can be delegated to those that have various strengths in certain areas. You can have one of the alliance members that is good at web design, or would like to be, take on the task of the alliance website. There are plenty of places to build and host a free website, but a very good one is Do you have a social media guru/addict amongst you, then put them on making an alliance twitter account!

There are so many great resources out there on Twitter and I have met so many quality people there: Clash with Ash, Kingofthenorth (WHF), DirtyLogic, cleric-dragoon, PowerBang, and the list goes on and on. I urge people to get involved in the Clash of Clans community, and also branch out. Of course, YouTube is a great place to share and promote! Neuroguy Gaming is our alliance’s in-house YouTuber, and he rocks it out with war recaps, strategy videos, and 3 star attacks!

As you can tell I have had an overall amazing experience with joining a clan alliance. There are so many possibilities and options out there. The flexibility is the best part about the whole deal, well that and not having to go at it on your own. No more endless recruiting or mindless chit chat on global. If the game is getting mundane, spice it up, start your own alliance or find one that’s already established out there. I would be more than happy to answer questions that anyone has, or lend a hand anywhere I can to those getting an alliance started. Find me on Twitter @TheRealJosh84 and/or check out the resources on

Stay Clashy My Friends!!!

Hey guys, thanks Josh for this guest post. I want to add, that there are several Clan Alliances out there and I’m sure some of you will really enjoy joining them.

Just to name a few: Elite Nation, Reddit Alliance, Forum Alliance, United Family (and dozens more).

Thanks, TimmyEatWorld

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  1. I need some gud clan to deal with for an alliance ………#UQUGQPR0 this is the clan tag if u want form alliance come to my clan

  2. well u guys here trying to get into alliance of joshuas clan but cant we all make an alliance this would be a great idea to build and get stronger…If u like my idea Email me at [email protected] or try to contact me on line…..carnage_xx……………………THX

  3. I am Doc Holliday of We are currently looking for TWO more Alliance Clans. Level 12, over 300 wins with and 86.8% winning percentage, we also offer a top – flight website and the only updated War Weight Calculator. All contact info can be found on our website or you can message me at [email protected]

    • Geralt,

      I am sorry that you were kicked, we are in war and some people are wary of spies obviously, so I’m guessing that was the reason, I will check with my coleaders on that. If you would like to discuss joining our clan feel free to go to our website at and fill out the contact form, or follow and DM me on Twitter @TheRealJosh84.

      Lord Joshua

  4. It looks like LJ is not interested in taking low lvl players in Clan Alliances, i just joined him and talked with him, he doesn’t want to take low lvl players. THATS ALL I WANTED TO SAY.

    • Chief,
      I was not meaning it the way it was taken, and I apologize for any miscommunication on my end. My alliance is not accepting any clans at this time, and even if you were part of a clan that was very high level, we simply don’t have the room at this point and time. But I do wish you nothing but the best and if you are interested in talking to other people that are starting an alliance feel free to DM me on Twitter and I can get you their information.

  5. We are a lvl 12 war clan that has been 24/7 war since inception a few years back. We would love to do larger wars but the reality of long hero upgrades means we have a hard time getting past 20v20. We have been chatting with Lord Joshua (article author) about starting up a new alliance, because his group is not taking new clans.
    We are a fun but war-serious clan from mostly USA, some international, and only English speaking.
    Clan : DMcCBerries

    If you are interested start a discord account, go to plus sign and click ‘join a server’, then type in : UzBm4HU

    This will give you temporary membership in our alliance server, the_damn_club

  6. This is a great article and I feel my clan could really benefit being part of an alliance. We have a few core players that have been clashing together for a few years now. However, we have lost some once active players and find ourselves consistently struggling to find new clashers. Please let me know what we need to do in order to join.
    Clan name – Surprise fkr
    Clan tag # VL8Y8L8
    We are a lvl 9 clan that normally start wars twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays with current war record of 167-171-8. Most of us spread out across the US but also have a couple of international players but are all English speaking.

  7. This is off topic but do not know where to leave it. Tried signing up for the email newsletter and it says my email address is not valid. I have a address. Please allow people with this address to request your newsletter. Ty

  8. Excellent article and i couldn’t agree more. I am the leader of Forum Alliance and we just finished a 50vs50 war this afternoon. We couldn’t do these types of events without the collective strength of a large group of loyal members. It has also given us the flexibility to scale up and down as recruiting changes. Our elite war clan just ended a 42 war win streak two weeks ago while our farming clan provides a laid back experience. It offers members the right level of action based on real life situations. Thanks for the mention!


    Clan Name- TIME FOR WAR
    Clan Tag-#Q0RLV8J9
    Clan Level-6(Going To Be Lvl 7 Soon &#128284
    Clan Type- We are 24/7 War Clan and Focus mainly on Clan Wars.We are also a farming clan but we dont trophy push.

    Language – English Only

    International Clan So players from around the world.No specific Timezone.

    Contact Me If Interested –
    Line Id-killernis

    • Our clan is interested
      our clan details are
      Clan name= Legacy Legends
      Clan tag= #RYLL9YVU
      Clan lvl= 4
      Clan type= 24/7 War clan {we are taking a rest now Will become active on march 10 for sure, many of our inactive members who are in other clans will come back on that day, I am One of them}
      Language= Hindi and english
      Leader of our clan is basically me and my big brother captain crimson my bro
      and militian my main id, The current leader of the clan is carmine frost which is a shared id of me and my bro
      If interested contact
      Gmail- [email protected]
      Line id

  10. Been chatting it up and did a war (which they won easily) with the members of Odin’sbloodline last few days, and I got to say they a friendly bunch of clashers, I definitely will vouch for them, they have a solid group,, the alliance is awesome, they let me jump over into a few of the alliance clans and they all seem great.

    That being said my clan is alittle weak right now to join the alliance, we have a solid core group of adult clashers, but unfortunately we are struggling to grow using just global to recruit and have too many inactive and unreliable members at the moment. We do ask new members to sit a war or two and show us your attack skills using friendly challenges but are war record is not where it should be because of the global recruiting. So I’m going to throw out our clan tag here. If your looking for a relaxed adult clan hit us up. Maybe we can grow this clan and enter it into a great alliance like what Odin’sbloodline has.

    #PVVQCCL The New Breed

    We’re basically an North American adult clan, but we do have members from England and also indonesia looking for members who just like to clash, we war every second day, but if clan grows we may start going everyday. I think we’ll limit it to Th8 and above, no rushed bases besides properly engineered .5 base. Thanks and no offense if your rejected. We’re looking for killer not filler.

    Hit us up,, mention KRAZYNEWF in your request to join

    Cheers ?

  11. hey Lord Joshua, My clanmates have all gone inactive, I went from th8 to th10 (not rushed) pretty much all on my own and I really would like to get into a solid clan. Im farming primarily in Crystal 2 and 3 but I could push higher if need be

  12. Megan / TheRealJosh84,
    Would love more info on this. Clan is down and we want to rebuild but having no luck. This system intrigues me. Would like to discuss how this is all done with you.
    Clan: Uss Freedom (#9RJUL99Y)
    Ign: Johannas (#JP0J8Y90)

  13. We are a lev 11 clan with war stats of 212-48-5.
    We are rebuilding now.
    We are loking for a clan alliance! Can anyone help?

    • Hey there Clanslayer! I’m Josh’s wife, aka: RykahMom. I and Josh both would love to answer any questions you may have. Why don’t u pop over to our clan tonight (Est) and we can talk it all through! See you soon. Reference me in your request so you get in ?


      Clan Name- TIME FOR WAR
      Clan Tag-#Q0RLV8J9
      Clan Level-6(Going To Be Lvl 7 Soon &#128284
      Clan Type- We are 24/7 War Clan and Focus mainly on Clan Wars.We are also a farming clan but we dont trophy push.

      Language – English Only

      International Clan So players from around the world.No specific Timezone.

    • Hello! I am interested in getting my clan into an alliance as well. Our clan name is “Horn-e Badgers” we are a level 9 clan. mostly th9s & a few 10s. most of us reside in Montana, USA. all English speaking. I am our most active leader. Gamer tag MT Conquest. we are a pretty mixed clan. most of us love to war some are much more casual players. If you would like to discus becoming an alliance feel free to reach out to me. we have never been in an alliance before.
      Email- [email protected]
      KIK – mt_conquest

  14. Dear lord Joshua,
    I have been looking for an organized clan for the longest
    time yours seems pretty great. I left a req. This morning and it was declined I was wondering if you could override this? I’m a pretty solid th8, almost max, and in need of a clan. IT would be really fantastic if you could look into this, Thank you.

    • Alexander,
      If you don’t reference this article, you will be declined. We have had an influx of people from the article. Anyone that just “requests to join” will be rejected, as we are currently in war. Give me your ID please and I can look you up. ?

  15. anyone willing to recruit me? I’m at 1200+, not pushing for trophies, active in clan war and have insane donations, th 8, yes im nub but if anyone can recruit me it would be much appreciated kthxbye

  16. I’m in a clan that’s mostly relatives or friends; just general people that we know in real life. They’re not hard core COC players and just do casual wars for fun. A few of us have pushed to level up our heroes and not rush TH. Is there anyone that wants to have friendly war challenges? On discord I’ve seen a FW channel.

  17. Remarkable post, I will definitely be exploring this new discovery. Thanks guys for this post. I have a clan an it’s extremely difficult to recruit good new members from Global of course. I would really like to find good members or even developing members that are willing to learn. I am interested in joining an alliance with any clan and anyone here that is interested can let me know. To help my clan I had to create almost 10 different accounts to facilitate members for war (I was told I could get banned for this, lol). Regardless, we have to do what we must to help the clan.

    • Davian, feel free to follow me on Twitter @TheRealJosh84 and send me a DM if you have any questions, or of course swing by Odin’sBloodline anytime, I’ll be around this evening! Thank you for your kind words!

    • Davian,
      This s Josh’a wife, aka: RykahMom, feel free to stop by Odin’sBloodline and reference and this article. We would love to have you or help you. We know the struggle of growing/recruiting. Look forward to hearing from you!?

  18. Great idea,,, our adult clan struggles to recruit new members,,, especially since only place I know of is global,,, or random invite… most of us been in same clan for years,,, I would love opportunity to swap and chat with other clans.

    Tim I would love some more info on this alliance,,, and is it OK to drop clan tag here to recruit? And or see if an alliance is interested. Rather ask than just drop it here tim,,, or even get some more info from you on it.

    Cheers ?

    • Hey Krazynewf, you are more than welcome to talk to us about the alliance, feel free to drop by our clan this evening, the clan tag is in the picture above, or give me a shout on Twitter. Talk to you soon!

    • Disqus wanted money or put lots of ads inside the comments, so I removed it :/
      You can find alliances in the forum/google and they often have a list of clans that belong to the alliance

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