Christmas Update 2014 Leaked Features

I originally didn’t wanted to make a post about this, but after having received tons of emails about Christmas Update Leaked Features, I think I want to settle some things here – but let’s start form the beginning.

Clash of Clans Christmas Update Features Leaked from Forum

Here, you can see a screenshot of a forum post made by Anoushke in the official Supercell Forum:

Let’s have a look at the features:

leaked release notes for the december update 2014 Clash of Clans

Layout Editor for multiple layouts, Level 12 Mines and Collectors, Dark Elixir Drill for Town Hall 7, faster shooting Archer Towers and much more. Features I would really enjoy as the rest of the community would, but we should have a more detailed look at them.

The multiple layouts are quite unlikely after Supercell introduced the War Base Layout Mode almost half a year ago. I don’t think that it will ever be possible that we will get the opportunity to have multiple layouts and then switch them around with simple taps – at least there will be a cooldown period. The Giants Level 7 sound very likely to me, and I expect them to happen in the Christmas Update.

What really gets me questioning the list of features, is the Dark Elixir Drill for Town Hall 7, because this is a mid-game motivation for everyone to continue in order to get the Hero.

The other features could be true and I expect Supercell to do something about being almost incapable to defend against BARCH attacks – whether this will be a faster shooting Archer Tower or increased hitpoints is something we will find out once the real release notes are published.

The real Release Notes?

Yes. The ones you see up there are in my opinion a good fake, nothing more. The features sound partly made up with things the community is demanding in the official forum. Also, if this has been public for a short period of time so someone could have taken a screenshot, why has only one person done this? I also think that Supercell would have made them public after they were “leaked”. Also, please don’t forget that the Youtubers (who have NDAs with Supercell and therefore official information we all don’t have with exclusive video material before a release) mentioned Sneak Peeks to happen. Sneak Peeks is for Clash of Clans like the Apple Keynote and they will happen. I would never expect a feature update to happen without Sneak Peeks.

Relax everyone, the Sneak Peeks will come in in the next few days (I expect latest Wednesday). If you have other thoughts about this, please share it in the comments. Maybe I’m wrong here and these really are the official release notes for the Christmas Update for Clash of Clans.

Clash of Clans Christmas Update on Monday, December 8th 2014?

Regarding the headline… the term “ETA” means “Estimated Time of Arrival” so if this is real, we will know tomorrow for sure what’s going on.

UPDATE: I think that my first thoughts about it went pretty much true. The picture is a (well done) fake. It’s not an officially proven fake, but the hints are pointing towards that it is fake because of the post count and also some wordings in the notes that seem kind of Supercell-unlikely.

UPDATE 08/12/2014: Sneak Peeks incoming recording to the Twitter/Facebook Post via the official ClashOfClans Accounts!

UPDATE 09/12/2014: I have to admit that I’ve been wrong all the way. After 3 Sneak Peeks and more material, I can confirm that these are really Release Notes. Almsot everything has been confirmed and also the wording in the official Forum is exactly the same. Who else feels like you know what you will get for Christmas? 🙂 The confirmation about this can be found here with Sneak Peek 1, the new Gold Mines and Collectors and Economy changes and also the faster shooting Archer Towers. The forum exclusive Sneak Peeks are also included there and everything matches the Leak above exactly.

Here is the AllClash Liveticker for the Christmas Update Release with keeping you up to date about announcement, Maintenance Break and everything related until we will finally be able to play the Christmas Update Features.

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