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In a recent guest post here about Clan Alliances, many asked how to join a clan Alliance. I know that many smaller clans struggle right now when it comes to being a part of a bigger community or doing Friendly Wars. In this guest post, you will learn about CasualClash, a new community that’s worth checking out.


I wanted to write an article about a large void that needs filling here in this awesome game we all play! If you’re reading this article, I am assuming you have heard of the CWL?

CWL - The Champions War League in Clash of Clans (Week #4 Standings)

How fantastic is this league that has finally been created!?!? I’m personally a huge fan and I love to watch the streams and videos. With all the excitement this brings, it got me thinking….. What about the large portion of the community that ISN’T quite so hardcore, but still loves a good, fun war!? Another way to put it: I absolutely LOVE football. I can drink beer and swear like a sailor at the tv with the best of them, but I have no desire to compete professionally in football.

I feel like Clash of Clans is similar. My clan, for instance, is super serious about war. We love a great fun match up. We always have 100% attendance, we take attacks seriously, we are 100% fair play, but at this time we don’t have the time or energy to commit to the game to be part of the CWL.

We are also very small (we’ve stayed this way on purpose), but want to make friends, form alliances, visit other clans for war, have visitors come join us, help others with strategies they are struggling with and, in turn, get help on attacks we struggle with. There are so many possibilities!

I’ve recently been reaching out to people who are active in the community to get some advice on this topic. Rigoletto from the ByeForever Show was gracious enough to include our question on his most recent podcast. He and Blondie gave some great suggestions on how we can achieve this.

Well, after the podcast I got a TON of friend requests, discord messages, requests to join from other leaders, all to discuss this topic. What I’ve discovered is, there is a HUGE desire for this kind of community. There are literally 100’s of clans that are in the same boat. Small, war serious, want to have fun, but also are busy with real-life things and just can’t commit crazy amounts of time and energy into the game.

So, always the go-getter that I am, I created a discord server called Casual Clash for this very reason. The outpouring of feedback I’ve received has shown me:

  1. How awesome much of the community is!
  2. How badly many want this kind of addition to the game!

What exactly is discord? Discord is a 3rd party communication app. You can add friends, create servers (chat rooms) and connect with other people. There are a TON of apps out there. To name a few: Kik, line, bindle, kakao, etc. Discord has proven to be the best option for us by far!

Inside our server, we have created channels for different topics, such as:

  • Main Chat: come here for just general conversation.
  • Alliance Building: Come here if your clan is looking to build a relationship with another clan and form an alliance.
  • Roster Fillers: Need a player or 2 to fill your war roster this week? Or looking for a place to war this week? This is where you’d go to chat.
  • Friendly War Planning: Come here if you want to find a great matchup for a good, fun friendly war! You can also private message your friends if there’s something you need to communicate only to them.

casual clash discord channel

We have also found this app very useful to communicate to our clan members outside of the game. When they are needed for a war attack we can reach them easily without waiting for them to pop onto the game itself.


Join CasualClash Here


We can also coordinate war attacks and help plan strategies for hitting a base without the limited chat space inside of the game clan chat.

We have clans from all ends of the spectrum with us. We have some strictly casual clans, we have some clans working their way up to the CWL level, we have some clans looking for friendly wars, we have some clans looking for a solid player or 2 to fill their rosters, etc!

Here at Casual Clash, we are a community type project. Everyone is sharing their feedback on what it is they are looking for and everyone is responding with help and positivity. We all love this game and I know I have made some incredible friends from all over the world in my 3 years playing, but we’re all ready for more. We’re all ready to take this amazing game to the next level.

We wanted to reach out to the community to let everyone know that this exists and help grow our community even larger! We welcome clans of all levels with players of all levels. The more clans we have represented, the better chances of you finding a nice fun matchup for a friendly war. It also means more options in finding clans to form an alliance with.

In summary, we are a group of clans always looking for more clans of ANY size with players of ANY level to have 1 great place to go for all their clashy needs and get more out of the game than is currently offered in-game alone. More friends = more fun!

Let us be part of your clash future.

Find us on discord:

Casual Clash permanent invite code: yb9sB6F


Join CasualClash Here

Or, want more info? Add me on discord: JMShukis#6224

Happy Clashing Friends!

J.M. (AKA JMShukis) & Airlockski

Clan Alliances In Clash of Clans

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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  1. I’d like to say Casual clash is a awesome place for casual players to chill and plan and find other like minded players. I’ve been there from close to the beginning and I speak in behalf of other clash memeber old and new it’s a nice to go to a chat room where it’s nothing like global. Global I feel has gone out of control, but in global there’s that one cool dude or gall you have a good convo with. In casual clash it’s full of those players. Best yet you can talk with them without leaving your clan. So for those looking to find a chill spot and just talk clash or any random subject this place is for ya. Thanks Jm for the creating the server and happy clashing to all.

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