Cake Obstacle Spawns! Clash of Clans 6th Anniversary Ticker

Here you will see everything that the August 2018 Clash of Clans Anniversary will offer us.

Every year in August we celebrate the anniversary of Clash of Clans on August 2nd, but every year the celebration extended to become more a monthly event than just a plain celebration.

Here you will find all info you need.

Cake Obstacle Spawning (August 1st, 2018)

Silently Supercell has activated the special obstacle to spawn – a purple cake similar to the one we’ve seen last year:

coc birthday cake 2018

It’s time again to change your base to an edge-forcing one to get you special obstacle into a place where you can keep it safely – I have here some suggestings for base designs for you that will force obstacles to spawn on the edges:

Seasonal Obstacles Guide & Edge-Forcing Base Designs

1 Gem Boos (August 1st, 2018)

We get a 1-Gem-Collector Boost for the whole of August, lasting 30 days of a load of extra resources!

1 gem boost anniversary

Birthday Clan Games (July 31st, 2018)

The Birthday Games will offer a wide variety of books and a boost that rewards double the points:

Rune of Gold! Next Clan Games Rewards & Tiers

Anniversary Special Stream Announced (July 25th, 2018)

Supercell just announced the special stream for the anniversary for August 2nd:


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  1. Timmy, I assume you watched the 6th anniversary stream. Did you catch the bit at the end where SuperCell basically announces Clan War Leagues? Would this be like in-game leagues? What do you know about it?

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