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Who’s the most important person in your base? Even though he lacks a bad-ass Barbarian mustache, it’s your Builder – these little guys are constantly building and upgrading (when not running away from attacking troops). I know many people are struggling to save for additional Builders with their hard farmed Gems, so I wanted to show you in this post why they are so important and how you should go about getting them.

buying additional builder

Why Builders are so important in Clash of Clans

Builders are important because they upgrade things, and the more builders you have the faster you can max out your base! When you’re a Town Hall 6, or lower, you might sometimes feel you can’t horde Gold and Elixir fast enough to keep them busy, so you might use your Gems from Gem Boxes, Obstacles or Achievement Rewards for boosting your Barracks instead, but let me show you some raw numbers that might make you think twice about it:

  • Maxing Town Hall 6: 68d
  • Maxing Town Hall 7: 205d
  • Maxing Town Hall 8: 435d
  • Maxing Town Hall 9: 518d
  • Maxing Town Hall 10: 696d

While maxing out TH6 with 2 or 3 Builders is quite fast and can be done in less than a month, you can see how the time starts to stack up. The problem is when you reach Town Hall 8, where it first starts to slow down, you’ll want have your 4th Builder fresh and ready to work for you – otherwise your game progression will slow down and you might become frustrated.

How to get new Builders

As you probably know, builders cost Gems and if you’re not buying Gems (note from the side check out the legal free Gem Services here at AllClash) you will have to earn them, which can take a long time.

Getting your 3rd Builder

This is an easy one – simply don’t spend any Gems from the start of the game and you will get that one in no time.

Get your 4th Builder

This is where it gets more complicated. You’ll need to save 1000 Gems, but it’s absolutely worth it – I promise you! Focus on completing Achievements (read here the best way to get them). You can earn them in one weekend by pushing to Champions League – I shared how even a TH4 can get to Champions League (ok, probably more than a weekend of clashing, but possible).

Scout Clan Wars with Achievements

Get the 5th Builder

I’ll be honest – getting that 5th Builder is a grind, he costs 2000 Gems, and I personally know only 2 people who got them by saving and farming because at this point you won’t get Achievements that easily and saving from Obstacles/Gem Boxes takes around 30 weeks. You’ll get about 40-50 Gems per week by constantly removing Obstacles in your village and an additional 25 for the Gem Box you get on average every 10 days or so.

get 5 builders in clash of clans

In the end, saving early for that third, fourth and fifth builder will keep your storages from overflowing and help out when you need it the most, near the end of Town Hall 8 and beginning of Town Hall 9.

More Builders and Builder Upgrades

Every time a new content Update for Clash of Clans comes out people hope for an additional Builder feature – like:

  • Upgrading Builder to work faster
  • Use more than one Builder per Upgrade to make it finish faster
  • An additional Builder (which will be too expensive in my opinion)

I hope Supercell does something like this because waiting up to 14 days to finish an upgrade sometimes makes me sick. I also recommend you reading my post on Builder Management to have your Builders perfectly working to get all the work done.

Now go log in and thank your Builders for all their hard work!

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