trap upgrading guide for builder base in clash of clans

Builder Base Trap Upgrading Guide

Traps can foil an entire attack (or, from the defender’s point of view, win a defense) and are very powerful. I wrote a guide on trap upgrading a while ago for regular traps and many found it to be very useful, so I decided to do the same on the traps for your Builder Base.

This needs to be a stand alone article since there are traps with the same name in the Builder Base to avoid confusion. You can find the article on traps for your Home Village here:

Trap Upgrading Guide

How To Upgrade Traps in your Builder Base

Upgrading Traps is like upgrading a Hidden Tesla – during the upgrade period, the Trap is visible to the attackers and visitors. You may think this is not of any relevance because an upgrading Trap is not doing any harm to the attacker. That’s not the full story.

In many base designs, Traps are spread inside the layout symmetrically. In other words, if a Trap shows up on one side the attacker will assume that the same Trap is also on the opposite side of the base – you basically revealed a trap position.

Particularly with some Traps, this can be dangerous for your defensive statistic:

  • Spring Traps
  • Push Traps
  • Mines

This allows the attacker to take them out by just deploying a single unit to activate the Trap instead of sending a pack of troops.

What Trap Upgrades are worth it

First of all, let me tell you there are no “useless” upgrades to Traps in general. Some are very important and you should do them as soon as possible, while others are great to do when you have a free Builder and some extra resources. Let’s take a look at the individual Trap types.

Mine (Ground Mode)

The Mine deals a throwback and also damage to the troops in the area. This will help in many cases against troops with lower HP to gain some extra time for your defenses to take them down.

When upgrading your Mine, you will only gain extra damage, but not an extra throwback – so upgrading your Mine will just help you to defend against troops with lower hitpoints.

avoid traps when attacking in versus battles

Let’s have a look at the troops that fear the Mine most – Raged Barbarians, Sneaky Archers, Bomber & Cannon Cart.

The Raged Barbarians vs. Mines: No matter what Level the Mine is, it will never kill a Raged Barbarian (not even a Level 1).

Sneaky Archers vs. Mines: A Mine is not able to take down a Sneak Archer, but the throwback effect will help to deal about 50% damage to their health and make their ability less powerful.  The ability will finish and they will need to walk back to their initial target.

Bomber vs. Mines: Same here, Bomber will never die from a Mine, no matter what level they are.

Cannon Cart vs. Mines: Also the same here.

Looking at these numbers, upgrading your Mines shouldn’t be your highest priority. They will always deal about 30%-50% damage and the extra damage will not be that much to make up for the resources and upgrading time (and downtime for playing Versus Battles) in the beginning.

The big benefit is simply the throwback that will make it a lot easier for your defenses, so upgrade them when you’re about to max out a Builder Hall Level or you have only a few resources left and all attacks are done.

Mine (Air Mode)

In air mode, your Mine is able to target Baby Dragons and Beta Minions, but completely ignore all ground troops.

Beta Minions vs. Mines (Air Mode): It’s not possible that the Mine can deal more than 50% damage on a Beta Minion, no matter what level they are.

Baby Dragons vs. Mines: Baby Dragons have so many hitpoints, they won’t even bother if they get hit by a Mine at all, no matter what level.

Along with the results from the Ground Mode, I still can’t recommend upgrading the Mine. Beta Minions aren’t very popular and you should set your Mines to Ground Mode for right now.

Push Trap

coc push trap landing point

Push Traps are extremely effective.  First, you can set them up the way you like and choose where you want the troops to be thrown. With 4 tile area of effect, this is a great trap.

It won’t deal any damage, but upgrading will allow more troops to be pushed away.

You can use it to make a combination with Spring Traps (which basically makes the area of effect of a single Spring Trap 4 times bigger) or point it towards your Crusher or point to toward a whole different compartment of your base.

Boxer Giants & Cannon Cart vs. Push Trap: Each of them has a Spring Weight of 5 per troop unit, so a Level 1 Push Trap can move a single unit. However, upgrading your Push Trap to Level 3 will give it the power to move 2 Giants or 2 Cannon Carts at the same time, Level 4 = 3 of them and Level 5 = 5 of them!

Upgrading your Push Traps is extremely helpful as often times a group of Giants or Cannon Carts will hit them, making it double or triple that effective! You should upgrade it to Level 3 as soon as possible to have the power to flip 2 Giants or 2 Cannon Carts at the same time!

Spring Trap

The Spring Trap in your Builder Base will work the same way as in your Home Village. The difference is that there are not as many troops on the battlefield in Versus Battles compared to regular Multiplayer Attacks.

coc spring trap in builder base

This makes the Spring Trap even more powerful and upgrading it to Level 2 will double the effectivity as it will be able to work against 2 Giants or 2 Cannon Carts.

Upgrading your Spring Traps to Level 2 in your Builder Base is cheap and will make the biggest advantage of all Trap Upgrades!

Mega Mine (Ground Mode & Air Mode)

The Mega Mine deals a lot of damage but has no throwback effect like the normal Mine. The 200 damage it deals at level 1 is enough to take down every troop except the Baby Dragon and the Giant.

The extra damage you will gain from upgrades becomes important at Builder Hall Level 5 with regard to the Cannon Cart. Maxing it out here will be very effective as it will be able to kill all Levels of Cannon Carts (and they are extremely popular at BH5).

When you’re below BH5, you can just set it up and don’t need to upgrade it unless you have some resources to spend and the Builder available.


Upgrading traps, in terms of the Push Trap and the Spring Trap, are very effective, but the other traps are upgrades you can do without feeling rushed whenever you have some resources available and want to do something with an idle Master Builder. 🙂

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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  1. I believe that a barbarian of level 7 or higher will survive the blast of a mega mine that is level one, which only does 200 damage. Just putting that out there.

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