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Builder Base Designs & Defense Tips – BH4 to BH7

When you do Versus Battles in your Builder Base it’s not only about executing a good attack; it’s also about defending against your direct opponent. A good base can save you a lot of attacks and can even compensate for a bad attack with a good defense. I have had multiple Versus Battles when I did not get a Star or 50% destruction, but my base got my back and saved me the victory. In this guide, I’ll show you some defensive tips and some working base layouts for your Builder Base.

Builder Base Defending Tips

I know many here are still in the mindset of regular Multiplayer Attacks or Clan War attacks, where offense > defense. In Versus Battles, your defensive strength has a direct impact on the result and can be the deciding factor between victory and loss.

If you have a bad base and consistently get 2-Star or 3-Star defenses against your base, you will not be able to get a lot of victories and your good attacks might result in either a tie or even a loss.

bad attack wictory versus battles

As you can see, my base totally got my back here and I would never have won the attack without the solid design I have (I’ll show it to you below).

If you think that the win rate doesn’t matter, you’re wrong. You need to push in the beginning, even if you reached your daily reward cap. Getting to 1000+ trophies will make your life so much easier because you will then get much more resources every day!

higher rewards for versus battles in clash of clans

It took me about 2 hours to get to that point with a fairly fresh BH3 base and I can only recommend you do the same. You will get enough resources from your 3 attacks every day to keep your Lab and Builder busy for the whole day.

Now let me show you some defensive tips that you have to keep in mind for your base.

If you’re looking for some tips on how to attack properly, please check out my recent guide about attacking strategy:

Versus Battles Attacking Strategies

Centralize Your Builder Hall

Stars matter, so make sure not to give them away easily. No matter how much destruction your opponent takes from you, Stars take priority.

victory with less destruction versus battle coc

I wouldn’t have been able to pick up the victory if my opponent didn’t have his Builder Hall on the outside:

sniping builder hall in clash of clans versus battle

Offsetting your Builder Hall is giving away one Star for free – it should not be possible for your opponent to snipe your Builder Hall easily over walls or directly from the outside!

good builder base layout

Always keep 2 tiles between the Builder Hall and the walls. This make it impossible for Sneaky Archers to snipe over the wall.

If you don’t have enough walls or buildings yet, make sure your Builder Hall is surrounded by other buildings and defenses:
clash of clans builders base layout design

Close Walls

Closing Walls is extremely important. This will force attacking troops to take a path that you want them to take.

I know it’s tempting to build a funnel with the walls, but your opponent will perform a lot better against your base when you don’t have a closed wall ring or line.

Defense Sniping – Not With Me!

You probably don’t have many defenses in your Builder Base yet, so every single one of them counts! As soon as one goes down, your overall defense is much weaker.

Many attackers know this so they will try to take them out first – you have to prevent that at all cost!

Never set your defenses where they can be reached directly! Always have either a wall with 2 tiles distance or another building in front of them!

Making this even better, you should also try to have all your defenses covered by the range of another defenses.archer tower long range mode

Having your Archer Tower set on Long Distance Mode will help a lot in the beginning!

It will cover the whole area and make it very hard for your opponent to snipe out single buildings without investing more than one unit.

Trap Combinations

The Push Trap is a great way to move attacking troops where you want them, and with 4 tiles area, you can use it to push attacking troops into Spring Traps.

coc push trap landing point

They do not damage troops, so you should point them away from your base. Put troops directly on your Spring Traps or push away to have fewer troops next to your base that your defenses can then take care of.

I know it’s funny to push troops around with combined Push Traps, but there’s no use in doing that.

In general, always test out your traps and check all replays to see which side your attackers prefer. I wrote a full detailed guide on that technique a while ago for Home Villages, but you can adapt it easily (it’s the second part of this guide here):

Get Better in Clash of Clans - Better Attacking & Stronger Defending

Now I would like to show you some solid layouts you can use.

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Builder Base Designs BH4 to BH7

I’ve been gathering some solid base layouts that you can use that I’ve seen great results with.

Builder Base Upgrade Guide

Builder Hall 4 (BH4) Base Layouts

When reaching Builder Hall Level 4, you will get a ton of new stuff and it starts to become interesting.

  • Guard Post (like a defensive Clan Castle)
  • 2nd Archer Tower
  • 2nd Cannon
  • Air Bombs
  • more Walls

In general, ring base layouts will work best since the limited amount of troops will struggle with pathing on the inside, while getting shot with full power almost all the time.

Also, make sure to have your Guard Post set on the inside so it does not get isolated.

bh4 ring base layout clash of clans builder base level 4 defense

This is an example how you can arrange your layout; I also recommend you test out your traps a lot and see which spots work best.

Getting the Builder Hall is almost impossible with this layout, so your opponent will not be able to score more than 1 Star against your base (without the Builder Hall it’s not possible to get a second Star, even with 99% destruction).

Alternatively, you can also try out this base layout:

ring base builder base bh4 defensive layout

Ground troops will ignore the Builder Hall due to the walls and the other buildings around it. You should use this one when you haven’t build your Guard Post yet. 🙂

Check out more BH4 Layouts here:

BH4 Base Layouts - Builder Base 4 Designs

Builder Hall 5 (BH5) Base Layouts

Many have upgraded to Builder Hall level 5 so far, so I think you can make use of one of these layouts here.

Builder Hall 5 is extremely attractive because it unlocks the Battle Machine and also let you gear up Cannons to Double Cannons (and more in the future) in your Home Village.

The main strategy is pointing toward an offset Builder Hall. You want to have the most defensive power located in the core. The Builder Hall is simply to big to fit and make a good layout with the walls.

bh5 anti 2 star defensive base design

In this base layout, the Builder Hall is offset, but not defenseless. The Guard Post and the Multi Mortar in the middle are providing good protection. The attacker won’t be able to destroy the whole base, no matter what tactic they try.

bh5 defensive base layout

In this base it’s very hard (nearly impossible) for the attacker to go through the layers filled with defenses while being under full fire almost all the time.

Check out more BH5 Layouts here:

BH5 Base Layouts - Builder Base 5 Designs

Builder Hall 6 (BH6) Base Layouts

Here are three really good Builder Hall 6 layouts that you can use right away.

This first base forces troops into the Crushers and make it hard for your attacker to get the Crusher and the buildings in front of the Builder Hall out of the way for the Battle Machine:

Anti 2 Star Builder hall 6 base layout
You can click on the image or here to download it and you can also watch several defensive replays against this base here.

This second BH6 Base Layout will force your opponent to come from the sides and the inside area is greatly protected by the splash damage defenses.

BH6 Perfect Defensive Layout
You can click on the image or here to download it and you can also watch several defensive replays against this base here.

This diamond base features the Crusher setup that makes troops walk into around the wall and into their damage area without even hitting it themselves.

Best Builder Hall 6 Anti 2 Star Base Design 2017
You can click on the image or here to download it and you can also watch several defensive replays against this base here.

Check out more BH6 Layouts here:

BH6 Base Layouts - Builder Base 6 Designs

Builder Hall 7 (BH7) Base Layouts

This first layout is the one I use for quite some time now at 4,000 to 5,000 Trophies and only see a few high percentage 2-Star attack against.

BH7 Base Layout nightmode clash coc
You can click on the image or here to download it and you can also watch several defensive replays against this base here.

This layout is a one that I can recommend as well because it forces your opponent to attack full forces into the heavily protected center area which will often enough fail for your opponent 🙂

Builder Hall 7 Diamond defensive design
You can click on the image or here to download it and you can also watch several defensive replays against this base here.

You can see more solid BH7 Base Designs here:

BH7 Base Layouts - Builder Base 7 Designs

Builder Hall 8 Designs

You can find the best and latest bases here:

BH8 Base Layouts - Builder Base 8 Designs


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  1. Miss one. 4: what is the special level of mega tesla? For example: level 5 gaint cannon can kill level 14 archer/bomber within a shot of canon ball. So mega got any special level or not… Please answer them all these questions are very important for me now.

  2. 1: I have attacked atlest 4 bases that have mega tesla, but i surprising that it dealing no damage or i don’t see it to chain lightning, how it deal damage. 2: bh8 doesn’t offer us any walls so what kind of base should i use? Should i modify my old bh7 base with the new defence or buildings and let the building stay outside. 3: Now b.b’s maximum reward is 5000 so now trophies reset to 5k or 4k…thank you

    • 1. you haven’t seen a fully maxed one yet 😉
      2. at first yes, I will publish some BH8 designs really soon
      3. no word yet, but I expect that it will be 5k with the next reset end of march

  3. Sorry man, but I have to disagree bout funneling. I read this and closed all my walls, but I was 3 stared over and over. So I did some simple math and found out thst it would take around 2 shots to take down one troop, and with 20 troops that would be 40 shots, each shot takes 1 or 2 sec that would mean around 1 min and a half. Of course there are other variables and I reduced thr time to 30-40 secs. Thats alot. So, I concluded that the most important defence are traps, and the only way to make sure they work is funneling. I made 4 openings, put traps, and since then I went from 250 to 1200 in 3 days. Only once have I been 3 stared in a month.I will share the design, Its a BH3

  4. That builder hall 5 thing is a waste ( 2nd one) why would you want to place your builder hall outside then the attackers will always get one star.Please tell my why

  5. Weird that all the bases here are protecting the BH from 2 to 4, at 5 its out in the open, any reason why its ont in the center? Why give an easy star?

    • At BH5 you’re not able to make Anti 2-Star, attacking power is simply too big with Battle Machine Level 5 to protect the Builder Hall – so you will give the 1 Star out to prevent a 3-Star (that you try to get yourself for the final victory)

  6. Hey Timmy there are no air bombs in BH 4 layouts . They are missing . And that makes these layouts useless .😅😅

  7. I have been using this site for ages and have always found the base layouts to be great and the explanation and tactics really helpful. I have created a base for BH4 with which I have been incredibly successful, it is rarely 3 or even 2 starred even by th5 players and has catapulted me from 800-2400 trophies in a few days. I would like to share the base…the only question is how?!

  8. I am having some luck having push traps push troops into the base instead of away.
    I thought why have something snipe away buildings when they could end up in the middle with the full brunt of defenses raining down on them.

  9. I understood the hate for the update at first, but I pushed some trophies and currently sit at around 1700. I get tons of loot every day and my base is progressing nicely. If there wasn’t a loot cap people would have had tons of loot, but still only one builder, and thus something else to complain about…
    This update was never meant to replace CoC. I do think that the link between the builder base and your home village is not enough, but I’m sure that this link will become stronger and stronger.
    I think for me personally it also helps that I reached a new TH in my main game literally hours before the update landed, so I have tonnes to do!
    @all the haters, climb trophies (even if you’re not getting anything from it), and the next day you’ll be rolling in loot and be able to upgrade much faster.

  10. Hey Timmy, my base for builder hall 3 is actually very strong. I have all the buildings and my layout is setup so that there is an opening near the north, people 90% of the time go from that side and always get crushed. when i reach bh4 ill probably share it to you because it has a very high winrate.

  11. I don’t like you sharing these base layouts. I have designed my own base and I’m doing very well with it. But now ppl with use these layouts and make my life harder lol
    btw I’m at 1045 cups

  12. I’ve always laughed at people who used push traps to send troops into a spring trap, and here you’ve officially recommended it. I’m just confused as to why you wouldn’t just put the spring trap in the place of the push trap and use the push trap to send troops into the crusher or back over a wall. Just seems like a huge waste of a useful trap to me. Could be wrong, but the logic doesn’t add up for me.

    • Well if you see under “Trap Combination” it’s written “I know it’s funny to push troops around with combined Push Traps, but there’s no use in doing that.” so it’s not that the base should be that you can alter them according to you… 😁 well it’s really funny tho…

    • push traps have a 2×2 space where troops will get flung. spring traps only got 1 tile. There is a larger chance for a giant to go on the 2×2 instead of just 1 tile. Therefore allowing them to get springed after the push trap.

      • The push trap to push trap was never in question; that was depicted as comical from the start. The push trap to spring trap combo, however, was specifically recommended. The extra tile width is a valid point, but I imagine a well placed spring trap could do the job on its own, thereby saving the extra trap. Personal opinion, I suppose, but my two cents. A push trap can be very useful as a stand alone trap, so I see no reason to waste it in that way.

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