builder base AI broken pathing in clash of clans

Builder Base AI Broken?!

We all grew up with the simple troop targeting mechanic in Clash of Clans that was reliable and logical all the way – except some weird moves of the Heroes but still, it was predictable. Today, after we all play the Builder Base as well, we can just say that about the troop pathing in the Home Village and in this article I want to put together some things regarding the pathing of troops in the Builder Base during Versus Battles which is, frankly spoken, way off.

Troop Pathing in Builder Base

Versus Battles promised something really interesting with the smaller and yet more surgical and tactical battles, due to fewer troops and defenses. I fell in love with that new mode right away and still enjoy it a lot, but right now there are some WTF-moments that really spill my cup of soup.

If you look at the top players in the leaderboard of Versus Battles you see not that much difference compared to the bases you see around 4,000 trophies. Pushing Trophies was a painful endurance task in the Home Village, but with Versus Battles it meant to become a more skillful thing. In general, I want to point out that you need excellent timing and deployment skills and you will be on top of the leaderboard as this will make such a huge difference.

Now, the thing I (and probably most of you) are suffering is not the lack of understanding how the troops and defenses work in the Builder Base, it’s the weird pathing that sometimes just let you doubt your own sanity.

Example? Sure, check this here. There’s no reason why the Archers walk straight into the Crusher:

Unfortunately, there are tons of examples like that which get really frustrating when your attack fails due to such a heavy misbehavior from the troops and not mistakes you do yourself during the attack.

Supercell doesn’t provide any information about how the AI (artificial intelligence) of the troops work and it’s very unlikely they ever will share more detailed information. All we can say with certainty is that the troops behave differently in the Builder Base compared to the Home Village.

Are Walls the problem?

When starting off playing Versus Battles in the Builder Base after the release of it back in May 2017, many of you probably had the same moments like I had when seeing troops, especially Archers and Giants, ignoring the walls and walking huge distances.

In my opinion, the walls penalty are the reason for this whole behavior. Every wall has a penalty, which means that it will add a distance between the troops position and the first target behind it – this will determine of a troop will walk a longer distance towards a building that’s not behind a wall or start hitting the wall. In terms of the Builder Base, this penalty is a lot bigger than in the Home Village – you have been seeing this when your Giants walk around half of a base in layouts like this one here:

anti 3 star base layout for builder hall 5 coc

In this layout, Boxer Giants would never hit the wall on the back of the base and always walk around it.

The reason why Supercell is doing that is simple and reasonable. They want that funneling and deployment timing will get a bigger aspect of Versus Battles to create a real game mode and not just a “lite” version of existing battles.

The problem with it is, that the Giants and the Archers are not working that well with this higher penalty which leads to many weird situations.

You can see this clearly here when the Battle Machine targets the Firecrackers which is the closest building in raw distance.

builder base pathing AI clash of clans

It seems to ignore all the other buildings in the path to it but it will walk around the walls instead of destroying them.

I know that all of this is no hard evidence but it leads to the fact that there is a gap between the targeting and walking around walls that causes this problem.

The Solution?

Identifying a problem is only the first step, but without any further steps it’s useless for us – unfortunately there is not a single small word of Supercell out there saying that they will work on it, even not that they are aware of it – and posts regarding this topic are getting more and more every single day on the official forum.

Well, if you are playing Clash of Clans for a longer period you know that updates in summer are really rare sue to the company vacation of Supercell and we never got more than a small balancing update in the period of July/August in the past years since the release of the game.

With that being said, I only have a small hope that this will get addressed very soon and I fear that we have to wait until the September/October update cycle until we see a bigger new feature like balanced pathing.

What are your feelings? Is this pathing just a irregular thing that is ok for you or is this something you want fixed as soon as possible?

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  1. It is because on this land the mushrooms are stronger, they are all looney troops. On the main village they are just a little, valks are the craziest there they mess it up too sometimes, but it wears off and they get back to normal often. Builder base have a different vegetation and also some venomous plants that cause fever and hallucinations thus the weird behavior.

  2. Why is it that I can attack a base in vs and get 100% one time and attack the exact same base with same level everything using the same troop deployment as I did the first time yet I only get 65% or less.can someone please explain this.

  3. I asked the question on help and support they said,”chief,the troop AI is not perfect yet its equally frustrating to us as it is to you.

  4. One thing some programmers do in games is to code in “flaws” so troops would do what is considered unexpected and “idiotic”. This “glitch” is to slightly increase the difficulty level and to make game play more of a challenge. (Remember. The program does exactly what it is coded to do.) However, should SC have done this and has been trying to cover their tracks by denying they have done this on purpose (according to several programmers), they have taken it to a whole new level.

    A good “bad code” is subtle and usually takes the keen eye of another coder to recognize it. A bad “bad code” is when the average player can easily point it out. Well SC made it so stupid’s dumber cousin is going “WTF?”

    I really hope that one day SC will realize that they aren’t the geniuses they delude themselves to be and finally fix their game. In truth. They lucked out on a phenomenal idea. That’s it. When they finally realize that genius had nothing to do with it, perhaps then they can finally formulatema game that does not require decades old tricks to make it fun and challenging. After all, it is an insult to most players when SC assumes we are are as dumb as they look.

      • To continue off the statement about Supercell’s coding method to adding intentional flaws. I think this could be an accurate representation of the full moon effect. Usually, the full moon tends to affect people’s brains in some way. And I believe that because this is the night village, the moon makes the troops do something dumb like the example above, something that literally no one could prevent.

  5. Clash just put out their 5 year anniversary video…

    At the very end it is hard to see but you can see little puffs of smoke coming from the forest…

    … almost like a train were making its way through the forest to the next land. ๐Ÿ˜Ž

    – punisher1023

    • Oh wouldn’t that be neat…

      Not sure if that would boost the game any…

      As we had had, a lot of disappointed things happening.

  6. My ‘favorite’ is when my Bomber busts open a gap in a wall with perfect timing, only to watch the approaching Boxer Giant continue on a long walk around the now non-existent wall.

  7. The pathing of the troops for the builder base is ridiculous. Troops without a preference will frequently change course and walk twice as far as its next closest potential target. Please match the path finding of the main base or disclose the logic

    • The more I closely watch it, the more i’m convinced that the problem is that setting the target is always on the closest target building from the pure distance (ignoring walls), especially with open spaces in walls.
      Then there comes like a reset in between when either the guard post troops or a hidden tesla come up, the target gets reset. It’s still very hard to predict and I still see weird things happen but I get a better feeling for it day by day. I really hope SC adjusts some smaller things to make it at least 100% logical

  8. for sure.
    The AI makes builder base nonsensical. Aside from poking at the game now from time to time, i have found other more controllable and entertaining games.

  9. Indeed. The AI makes builder base nonsensical. Aside from poking at the game now from time to time, i have found other more controllable and entertaining games.

  10. I am like that other guy, I do not play builders base game. We have 45 people in our clan and only 3 play it. The rest collect the loot and upgrade our cannons. Quite simple.

    • Also, Royale clash is a lot more fun. If that is what they were trying to do, then builders base was a complete fail. Too bad as we were all looking forward to something new and exciting, only to have this. Hope the next update comes up with something better or else more people will continue to leave, as there are better games coming along. Never invested money into clash of clans, so no worries on my part. But really hoping they do something becuz I do like the clan I am in

  11. My beef was 1day to Gear Up the Canon but 7days for Archer Tower, dumb as all get out, really slowed my builder base progress and seemed just weird

    Builder base still =fail
    It’s like Windows Vista all over again, wheeee

  12. Lol!
    Yes, be sure! Without any doubt, All things are predetermined.

    It is a hidden secret contorolling tool in the hands of supercell ! Yes.

  13. I agree 100%. Drives me crazy watching my troops go everywhere but where I want and expect them too based on deployment location.

  14. As you said less army makes battle more skill intensive, but on other hand, more predictable. So, may be this AI things are here to increase variety. In reality troops not always act the best way, you know ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Well, I agree on the variety but that is more about the trigger times of defenses like crushers or air bomb factory – when troops go way off from time to time, it’s just like rolling a dice, not much fun ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. I agree. Thank you for the article. SuperCell should at least say something about it. This is their major update in years and we get silence. I have paid money and used many gems when it first came out to get things rolling and now we get the silent treatment. I kind of pisses me off. I paid them money for the gems and they seem like they could care less.

    • Yeah well Supercell had never been that communicative so far (or to be fair, the Clash of Clans team at Supercell is not, other teams are very open to the community), especially when it comes to bugs, glitches etc.
      I think they will handle it within the next big update (sept/oct) and just have it in the release notes under “several bugfixes and improvements”
      I did create this to hopefully rise the pressure on them a little bit that something needs to be done ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Yeah same issue I am having. I use the beta minions and their pathing is stupid. They will stay 3-4 spaces away to Target a building after their long throw is over then they will pass the builder hall to Target another building and I will lose a star as it goes headlong into a firecracker. It makes me lose so many battles.

  17. Don’t you think, this has enhanced the importance of wall breakers here…and unlike home village, the wall breakers also destroys other buildings. Before destroying all the walls.

    • It’s not the wall penalty in general, it’s the inconsistent behaviour that troops sometimes go here and sometimes go there and it’s not predictable where they go.
      They can leave the wall penalty like it is, but at least make the targeting correct.
      Read Gerbert’s comment below, even without walls the targeting is like gambling the lotterly

    • even the wall breaker AI is messed up. In the main game, they target walls that have buildings behind them and are inaccessible. Over here, they will just target a wall thats on the outside all by itself

  18. I play an all archer attack, and the pathing is crazy. There are more to it than just walls. I deploy 3 archers on the same spot, and they target different buildings. Sometimes i would place one archer, and it takes a building down halfway. I then attempt to place a 2nd archer to finish off the building on the same location, but it targets a new building. Very frustrating.

    • Yap that is so frustrating sometimes, especially when you then suddenly lose and attack by only a little percentage because of this.
      If they encourage surgical deployment (what I highly appreciate), they should make at least sure that the troops behave in a logical way

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