Ultimate Farming Base in Clash of Clans
Learn here what you have to know when you build a Farming Base

Building the ultimate Farming Base

Have you maxed out all of your troops and buildings? If not you could definitely use a Farming Base to gather resources like Gold and Elixir as fast as possible. Here you can learn how you can create your own Farming Base or just read the instructions and take one of the examples from below.

General thoughts in Farming Base Design

When building a farming base you have just one single goal: protecting your resources as good as possible at any price. This means you don’t care about loosing trophies as long as you can always gain a cheap shield by exposing your Town Hall so anyone with some cheap units can destroy that without any big invest, but exposing your Town Hall doesn’t make your base a farming base – here are some other things you should mention to build the ultimate farming base.

The Core in a Farming Base

Your Core will contain your most important buildings: Storages and your Clan Castle. Maybe you consider putting Mortars and X-Bows here too but they can also be spread around in the 2nd layer to have a good cover area. If you can you should not make one big Core of your base and if someone breaks into that you will loose everything but divide your Core in smaller Core areas. Point your x-Bows to the ground as this gives a larger attack area and in my experience there are not many cases you have to use them for aerial units.

The second layer

If you do it right this is the layer that scares your attacker (most likely having a BAM or BARCH setup) so much that they will go next or only for the Bulkhead layer or exposed Town Hall. You will most likely use your Wizard Towers and Archer Towers and also your Air Defenses to scare the Minions off. This layer is crucial for your Farming Base success because you will get an attacker from time to time going for the inner core and this layer is the last barrier between your precious resources and his greedy army. You have to use Traps and funneling here of course.

The Bulkhead layer

The Bulkhead will take the first impact damage and should not contain very important buildings as the attacker will most likely try to snipe them down with Archers or Minions. You can spread out some Gold Mines to give some attraction to attackers who only look for the fast “snipe-and-go” target and give you a cheap shield for this. You can try to get most of the troops wiped out by using decoration funneling and also have a look at different Wall design concepts. You should also put your Heroes here because farmers really hate when they have to take out the Barbarian King or the Archer Queen instead of sniping over the outside layer.

The outside

Put your Town Hall somewhere an attacker can take it out with some Archers and don’t try to “protect” it with Hidden Tesla’s, lots of Giant Bombs etc. Use the mindset because if you make your attacker do the attack he will not just leave after having lost 10 Archers to a Bomb or Hidden Tesla – he will bring in more units to take down that Town Hall and sometimes there is a point of no return when he invested so many troops that he will go for more. You don’t want him to go for more than the Town Hall.

If you mind the trophies you can put your Town Hall inside if you have almost empty Storages to get back some trophies or hold yourself in the best farming league range for your Town Hall level.

Common mistakes

Never make a double layer core because Wallbreakers have a splash radius and lots of farmers use them as well:

clash-of-clans-farming-base-double-layer-coreDon’t put anything outside to avoid getting raided with 2 stars as this makes you drop in trophies very fast and you have to maintain a certain trophy range to have good farming attacks yourself:




If you’re interested in Farming Base Design you should definitely check out the Farming Section and the general Base Design Section. Maybe you can also find a new Base Design among our weekly AllClash Featured Base Design.

Stay up to date with latest Base Layouts and also fresh Tactics and News for Clash of Clans check out the native AllClash App: 

Great Farming Base Designs for you to use in 2014

Town Hall 5 Farming Base Designs

Town Hall 5 Farming Base
A great Town Hall 5 Farming Base that will distract all kind of Troops because of the Spring Trap Funnel

Town Hall 6 Farming Base Layout with Air Sweeper

Town Hall 6 farming base layout with air sweeper TH6 farming base 2015

TH7 Farming Base with Dark Elixir Storage

TH7 farming base layout dark elixir protection Farming base town hall 7 with air sweeper

TH8 Farming Base with 4 Mortars and Dark Elixir protection

Town Hall 8 Farming Base layout 2015 TH8 farming base with air sweeper and 4 mortars 2015

TH9 Farming Base Layout with 4 Mortars and Air Sweeper for 2015

TH9 farming base 2015with air sweeper and dark elixir protection Town Hall 9 farming base layout with air sweeper

TH10 Farming Base with 4 Mortars

TH10-farming-base-air-sweeper dark elixir protection town hall 10 farming base


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  2. They should add A new feature where you can raid what ever base you want. You just need to type in the name & raid. The trophies should also be worth more depending on their base or league. And this feature should have a limit. Rather time or loot.

  3. Honestly when you stick all three gold storages next to each other like that, someone can just dump lightning spells on you and get away with like 50-75k fairly easily. They definitely need to be spread from each other much more.

      • Wrong. It is the best strategy actually.

        You can upgrade everything in TH7 with only 1 elixir storage.
        Many ppl get it wrong by building more than 1 elixir storage before TH8.

    • Honestly with a farming base I wouldn’t worry about air defence too much. If they are going for loot and your town hall is outside I doubt they are going to try and use a drag any air troops. Too expensive