When to Break Your Shield While Farming

An important part of farming is deciding when to break your shield so you can protect your resources. You read that correctly! Protecting resources by breaking your shield! How is this possible? Well, the thing is, you can minimize the loot lost in your next defense by setting up your shield times better.

Protect Your Generated Loot

Everyone wants to wake up and have more money than you had when you fell asleep – earning money while sleeping. In Clash of Clans this is possible because your Mines and Collectors generate resources constantly. The tricky thing is that the Gold and Elixir inside your Mines and Collectors is not well protected compared to your Storages or your Treasury. You have to manually collect it to move to safer storages; this is what we all do every morning after waking up, right?

Have a look at some figures:

  • Treasury offers about 3% to attackers
  • Storages offer between 10-20% (depending on your Town Hall Level)
  • Mines & Collectors offer 50% to attackers

Also, your Mines and Collectors can easily be looted considering they are on the outside and easily reached. This is a very popular farming technique used to make good profit:

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Mines and Collectors are the worst possible place for your loot because you offer every attacker half of what’s inside. Unfortunately, loot is generated there while you’re sleeping.

Lets look at some numbers. In a TH10+ base with maxed Mines & Collectors, you generate 24,500 Gold, 24,500 Elixir and 300 Dark Elixir every hour. If you sleep for 8 hours that’s almost 200k Gold, 200k Elixir and 2,400 Dark Elixir – and you offer half of that to any attacker coming across your base and deciding to attack.

Here’s an example from my recent Defense Log:

defending loot from mines and collectors by breaking your shield

Despite the Trophies, you can see the attack I got in the morning was a lot higher. This is because the attacker went through and wiped my Mines and Collectors as well. That hurts!

Sleep, Eat, Break Shield, Repeat

While you’re asleep, there’s very little you can do, but you can start timing your shield better. You won’t prevent your base getting attacked and the attacker still takes loot, but that’s ok. What you can do is prevent offering the attacker extra loot!

The resources you have are always the same, but when they’re inside your Storages, the attacker can’t take as much. That’s when you can time your shield better!

When you break your shield on purpose, you get the Village Guard and then someone can attack your base – that’s at least 8 hours + Village Guard = enough time to sleep while your base has a shield.

I always intentionally break my shield in farming circles shortly before I go to bed. It’s not a great idea if you also push Trophies, but if you’re into the loot and farming you don’t care about the cups, right?

In the best scenario, you complete one last full attack with a full army before bed.  Sometimes you just used all your army and still have a few hours of shield left. Simply train a single Archer or use your Heroes and attack an opponent. This will let you sleep easy knowing you don’t offer too much loot to others.

Someone will attack you, but your Mines and Collectors wont be full of the loot your base generated for hours.

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