Break Popular Bases – TH11 Resource Ring Bases

3 star maxed th11 resource ring bases

The Resource Ring Base Layout has been the most popular base layout for TH10, and many have transitioned it into their TH11 base design after the Town Hall 11 came out – I would say it’s still the most popular TH11 base layout you can find and in this post I want to show you 2 ways how you can beat it.

I already posted for the Town Hall 10 version, so if you’re a TH10 you might want to check this out here:

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Here’s the base layout (and variations of it):

destroy maxed th11 ring base

There are multiple variations:

  • Heroes on the inside
  • Other position of Eagle Artillery or Inferno Towers

They all have three things in common you need to check, if these are present then you will be able to beat this base in the way I describe in this guide:

  • Cornered compartments
  • Ring of resource buildings (or non-defensive buildings) around the core
  • No inside Wall structure in between the core and the outside Walls

The Resource Ring Bases

First of all, I want to explain why this base is so effective and popular.

The base has two very good defensive spots that many Clashers don’t handle correctly. One is the corner compartments that will catch your Golems if you deploy them at the wrong place – once stuck in there the attack is ruined!

The other effective part is the ring of resource buildings around the core. It will make your Golems and other defensive troops go around the core, instead of entering it. This might result in getting only 1 Star or maybe no Stars.

How To Beat It

I will now show you two ways how you can beat these base layouts:

  1. Queen Walk with GoWiWi if you have your Archer Queen Level 35 or higher
  2. GoWiWi with lots of Witches

The first one has the advantage that you can really knockout these layouts and even be able to 3 Star them if there are no traps showing up at the wrong time – the second version will also win against these bases, but 3 Stars are not very common. However, we can all appreciate 2 Stars, right? 🙂

Version 1 – Queen Walk

I hope you know how to do a Queen Walk. Otherwise you should read this guide first:

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You will basically do the Queen Walk on one corner and move in all your troops to the other one to funnel them into the core. There are also plenty of Witches involved so that the core won’t be a big problem.

Here’s troop combination you might want to use:

  • 4-6 Wall Breaker
  • 4 Healer
  • 2 Golems (more will be easy victims for the Eagle Artillery)
  • 10 Witches
  • fill up with Wizards
  • Clan Castle filled with Witches and Wizards
  • 2 Jump Spells
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 1 Freeze Spell
  • 1 Poison Spell

The attack itself is actually pretty easy because you only have 2 sets of troop deployment.

Step 1 – Do The Queen Walk

You start off with your Queen Walk and deploy some Wall Breakers (3 of them should be enough) to make her destroy one corner and go to the other side. Sometimes your Queen will go in another direction, and the important thing is that the direction where she is going will be the direction of the corner to start the 2nd step attack!

queen walk maxed th11 resource ring base

You might want to choose the corner of a defending Hero to also take one of them out. Most of the time you will need to use one Rage Spell on the Healers to keep the Queen alive, especially if a defending Hero joins the party.

Step 2 – Funnel In Your Troops

Like mentioned before, the Queen will give you the direction in which corner you do the second attack. This one now gets quite easy. Deploy your Jump Spell and all your troops as fast as possible because you want them to go inside as quick as possible.

th11 resource ring base gowiwi 3 star queen walk

You should also use your Wizards to create a funnel on the outside buildings to make sure all your troops go inside as fast as possible.

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Always deploy the Jump Spell in a way that your troops can enter the corner compartment and also get out with the same Jump Spell.

Step 3 – Drop The Spells

Now you only watch your attack and wait to drop your Spells and activate the abilities.

3 star maxed Town Hall 11 ring base

Here are the situations:

  • Jump Spell on the corner of the core ring as soon as your troops get near
  • Freeze Spell the X-Bow and Inferno Tower as soon as it targets your troops
  • Grand Warden Eternal Tome when your Witches or Wizards trigger a Giant Bomb
  • Poison Spell on the defending Clan Castle troops to slow them down and make them deal less damage

That’s pretty much it and you will see the result:

3 star maxed town hall 11 base

Version 2 – Mass Witches GoWiWi

In case you don’t have a high-level Archer Queen you won’t be able to do a proper Queen Walk, especially against a solid TH11 with higher level X-Bows. Your Queen won’t stand a chance.

The only way to beat this base without a Queen Walk is with a lot of Witches. Here’s an army composition that will work and it’s pretty similar to the one with the Queen Walk:

  • 4 Wall Breaker
  • 2 or 3 Golems (2 if the Inferno Towers are set to Single Mode, if one is on Multi-Mode bring a third Golem!)
  • 4 Wizards
  • 13 Witches
  • Clan Castle full of Witches and Wizards
  • 2 Jump Spells
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 1 Freeze Spell
  • 1 Poison Spell

Here’s how you play your attack.

Step 1 – Enter the Base in the Corner

You will use your Wall Breakers to open up the corner and drop your Golems.

beat resource ring bases 3 star clan war

As soon as they catch the attention of the defenses, you can spam your Witches and your Grand Warden and drop your Jump Spell. You don’t need to think about funneling on the outside, because the Witches and their Skeletons will take care of that automatically.

gowiwi th11 3 star guide

Step 2 – Get your troops into the center

Now you should watch your troops and as soon as they come near the core, you need to drop your Jump Spell on the corner of the core.

th11 gowiwi 3 star guide

Now you can also send in your Heroes and also the rest of your troops (Wizards and your Clan Castle troops).

Step 3 – Abilities, Spells and Clean Up

There’s not much left to do; you only have your Heroes abilities and some Spells left:

  • Drop Your Freeze Spell on the Eagle Artillery. You have so many Skeletons that the Multi Target Inferno Tower are no big threat to your troops
  • Drop the Rage Spell to get your troops into the core
  • Use your Poison Spell on defending CC troops
  • Use the Grand Wardens Eternal Tome when your Witches walk into a Giant Bomb

In the end, you might even 3 Star the base if the base featured Single Target Inferno Towers, because they are so easy to defeat – read here why:

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gowiwi th11 3 star attacking guide


You see that these Ring Bases are easy to destroy. They used to be strong back in 2015 with Town Hall 10, but today you shouldn’t use them anymore, especially at Town Hall 11. The good part is that these bases are still so popular, that it’s pretty easy to gain victory over victory from them and push to the highest Leagues just taking out these single bases.

Thanks for editing: Sam Ellison, EnchinsuOcha

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