Better Boosting For Barracks & Spell Factories

Boosting your Barracks and Spell Factories is the best use of your Gems in Clash of Clans.  Keep in mind, it is recommended to save enough gems to get all 5 Builders as early as you can. Having said that, you can boost your Barracks and Spell Factories for quite a small amount and the benefit is 4 times faster training/brewing. If you do spend Gems on boosting there are some things you might want to keep in mind to not waste any precious Gems and get the most out of your boosted session.

Barracks and Spell Factory Boosting

If you boost a Barracks, Dark Barracks, Spell Factory or your Heroes it will cost you 5 Gems.  This reduces training, brewing or healing time by 75% for one hour. In the rare case that an update or maintenance break happens during your boost, it will get paused and you can resume after it’s complete.

paused boost

The most important thing about boosting offense buildings – you don’t need to boost all of them at once and sometimes boosting is quite a waste (even if the troops are produced faster)!

The Basics Of Boosting

I come across so many Clashers that just tap the “Boost All” and let it go. This is not recommended.

Boosting works best for playing a dedicated session of boosted attacks.

You want to be online the full hour and do as many attacks as possible. This allows you to use the boost the most efficient way. Here are the basic rules I use when boosting:

  • Stay online the whole time your Barracks/Heroes/Spell Factories are boosted.
  • Queue your troops the most efficient way possible.

I will explain these bullet points more in detail now.

The Perfect Boosting Session

The first priority of the boost session is that you take advantage of the boost – better said, you need to attack right away when your army is ready to do the attack. Best way to assure this happens is to stay online.  Use this time to chat a little with your clan mates. You can also use the Push Notifications on your device, but be sure to have an eye on it so as not to waste any precious boost time.

If you start your attack, have your next army queued BEFORE you hit the Attack Button! This will ensure your troops are being produced during your attack and save you up to 12 minutes of regular training time. I’ve written a more detailed guide about troop queueing here:

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Boosting The Correct Armies

Boosted Barracks or Spell Factory will make the training 4 times faster, but you don’t have to boost everything. You always have to identify your bottleneck – the Troop/Spell/Hero that is mandatory for your attack. Let me give you some examples:

  • A maxed Barbarian King or Archer Queen needs 49 minutes to regenerate. Boost them and that is reduced to 12 minutes. If you need them for your strategy, it’s useless to have the other troops trained in less time.
  • You need 5 Elixir Spells, that’s 50 minutes of training, boosted 13 minutes.
  • This list could go on forever, depending on how many different attacking compositions and styles you could use.

Now let me show you how I optimize my setup to have an optimal training time paired with the lowest possible Gem invest for boosting.

Always determine the slowest part of your army and know how long the boosted training / regeneration time will be.

Let’s take a look at an example with the Hero boosted to 12 minutes and training a Giant & Valkyrie attack. The good thing is we don’t need to calculate all the stuff ourselves. There’s an excellent training calculator integrated in ClashTrack that can do that for us (link below).

I entered the whole army and here’s how the training times would be (without any boosts):

boost calculation tool clash of clans


Of course, we shouldn’t forget about the Spells:

boosting spells and heroes



This tool automatically divides our troops amongst the barracks to allow the optimal training time:

  • Regular Barracks: 20 minutes
  • Dark Barracks: 40 minutes
  • Spell Factory: 50 minutes
  • Dark Spell Factory: 5 minutes

Now let’s try with boost factor in ClashTrack. I tried different options and this is the best possible.

Again, my Heroes will need to be boosted for 13 minutes, so there is no use in having the rest of my army trained any faster!

perfect boosting setup


You see that boosting the Barracks would be a complete waste of Gems because the Spell Factory is the bottleneck with 13 minutes. I only have to boost my Heroes, one Dark Barrack and one regular Barrack along with the Spell Factory to get my optimal result.

If I was to boost everything, it would cost me double the Gems, but the troops would have to wait until the Heroes and the Spells are finished.

This will vary with different troop compositions and you can try it yourself – click here to visit ClashTrack

Or get the app here:

[appbox appstore 1115593998]

[appbox googleplay]

Also, ClashTrack offers more than just the troop planner – it has all kinds of tools for Clash of Clans and is definitely worth a visit:

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Queueing The Troops!

I already mentioned that you should queue troops before you start the attack. This is very important because this will save training time! When you begin the attack and deploy a troop, the Barracks and Spell Factories will start producing your troops in the background so you can save a couple of minutes of total training time.


Boosting costs Gems and only a small percentage of Clashers actually do it. Of course, it’s expensive to boost everything and pay 75 Gems in total. Compared to buying resources that’s hilariously cheap, but 75 gems is something you don’t spend every day. With this guide, you see you’ll be able to save a lot on boosting. The example I gave you was 25 Gems less!

You can try this with your favorite army. Check out how many more attacks you can make with boosting! Don’t forget to queue the troops correctly with the ClashTrack Army Planner.

Boosting is the most efficient way to spend Gems (except spending it on additional Builders).

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha, MikeO and Punchy

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