Next big Clash of Clans Feature 2015

The last update is only 9 days old but I have gathered some information lately which point on the fact that the next Clash of Clans Update 2015 will bring us a huge new feature – rumor time!

YouTubers going to Supercell HQ in Finland

visiting supercell big new feature update 2015

It happens from time to time that one or another of them goes there but when multiple Youtubers go there the same time you can definitely expect something to happen – last time it was in March 2014 and the result was that we got Clan Wars.

The facts about the big Summer 2015 Update

I would like to start with some things about the April 2015 Update that really surprised me:

  • Only 3 Sneak Peeks and then even the Update on the same day the Air Sweeper Sneak Peek was released
  • Just 1 game extension with the Air Sweeper

For me this looks like they made this Update in another way they actually wanted or just as a small bone for us to chew on while the real big 2015 Update is still worked on. The April 2015 Update gave us a new Defense but it simply felt very disappointing and one thing is for sure – there will be the BIG new feature 2015, but now let’s get back to the Youtubers and Finland.

I’m sure they are getting a preview of the new big feature presented, are asked to share their opinion on it and get the possibility to get their hands on the new feature (and record exclusive video material). I have read a lot of posts in the forum about people expecting the Update to happen in the next 2 weeks but I’m very sure this will not happen. Within that preview status it will take some time to finish it and Supercell never announced something new that is not already finished. My most optimistic guess would be end of June / beginning of July.

Rumoring Single Player

Honestly, I was expecting this to happen but when they added some extra loot to the Single Player campaign I think chances are very low that they will do something else with it in the next time:

single player update

The never-ending Town Hall 11 expectations

Still, only 5% of all active players in Clash of Clans reached Town Hall 10 and only 1% of them is nearly being maxed – also there is still no Town Hall 10 exclusive Troop so you can strike this (together with a new Hero) out of your mind until this time next year. This will not happen 2015 and the big Update will be a new game feature that will improve ALL our Clashing experience and not only the gemming experience of 0.05% of all Clashers 😉

Really new features for the Summer Update

Supercell likes to surprise so I’m sure we’re all just standing in the dark – I’m very sure they will come up with something that will reward you for Clashing daily. Almost all mobile games based on micro-transactions offers a daily bonus but the godfather of all – Clash of Clans – doesn’t. I’m sure Supercell will do a lot more than just adding a daily reward or a lottery. I think there’s coming something challenging and rewarding in this direction.

What do you think?

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