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Big Battle Machine Guide

The Battle Machine is the first Hero in your Builder Base and unlocks at Builder Hall Level 5. You can use it for several parts in your attacks, depending on your strategy. Also, I will give you some insights into its ability, the Electric Hammer.

Updated! I added more info on the ways you can use the Battle Machine within your attacks πŸ™‚

Integrate the Battle Machine in your attacks

The Battle Machine has a good amount of hitpoints, about double the amount of a Boxer Giant. Also, it’s immune to Push Traps and Spring Traps like any other Hero.

This makes it not only a good damage dealer, but you can also use it for tanking within your attacks.

battle machine immunity to traps in coc

I know that many out there consider the Battle Machine as a pure tank, but I don’t recommend that:

  • The Battle Machine doesn’t have a favorite target
  • With multiple defenses on it, it will die fast and you won’t be able to use the ability frequently (more on that in the section about the Electric Hammer)

Here are the things the Battle Machine can do within your raids:

  • Help tanks destroying defenses in the first line of your attack
  • Clean outside structures to help you building the funnel
  • Suicide attack against certain defenses (depends on the layout of the base you’re attacking)
  • Help your cleaning troops out in the later phase of the raid

It totally depends on the base layout you’re attacking and the troop composition you’re using, so I will show you now what you should look for to make the decision.

In general, I recommend you to use the Battle Machine like that (I will show you more detailed below):

  • Giants: in front of them to clean up Spring Traps & Push Traps
  • Mass Archers & Night Witches: you should have the Battle Machine as a tank in front of them to catch the focus of the Multi Mortar and Archer Towers
  • Mass Dragons or Minions: the Battle Machine should do the clean up at the end

Battle Machine With Giants

Send in your Battle Machine along with your Giants to clean up traps and also help taking down defenses that get dangerous for the Cannon Carts/Barbarians/Archers.

battle machine attacking guide

Battle Machine with Archers

Mass Archer attacks are still popular and effective, even above 3000 Trophies at Builder Hall 6. The Battle Machine is your only tank and you should use it to catch the attention of the Multi Mortar and get the Multi Mortar down quickly.

battle machine tanking for archers in coc

In return, the Archers should also take care of the Crusher(s) so the Battle Machine survives long enough.

The same strategy applies to Night Witch attacks that are getting more and more frequent. You don’t want the Multi Mortar to target your Night Witches so make sure to have the Battle Machine in range before the Night Witches come near the radius.

night witches attacking with battle machine as tank

Battle Machine & Baby Dragons/Minions

Air attacks are very powerful and I’m a big fan of mass Baby Dragons so far. In the beginning I always used the Battle Machine to get the Air Bomb Factory down as a suicide attack, but then I switched over to use the Battle Machine to clean up – a change that now gets me a lot more 3-Star attacks.

This can also be applied to mass Minions or a mix from Minions and Baby Dragons as well. Simply deploy your Baby Dragons around the area where a Crusher covers the Builder Hall to make sure to get the Crusher down.

baby dragons and battle machine

At Builder Hall 5 and especially Builder Hall 6 you want send in all your Baby Dragons (or Minions) first and when some Cannons, Archer Towers and a Crusher is down you should send in your Battle Machine to clean up the rest – this often results in either a 2-Star with 80%+ or the perfect 3-Star attack.

battle machine cleaning up guide



Battle Machine on defense

The Battle Machine won’t defend your base, although the Battle Machine Altar is in your base. There’s no reason to mind that in your base design!

The Battle Machine Ability – Electric Hammer

If you have upgraded your Battle Machine to Level 5, you’ll be able to use the Electric Hammer. This works the same way as with your other Heroes.

The Electric Hammer will:

  • Heal 800 hitpoints (that’s about 20% of the total health of a Battle Machine Level 5)
  • Increases damage done by 250% for the next 3 hits
  • Recharges within 14 seconds

The ability is extremely valuable for the Battle Machine, especially with the extra damage and the healing – but the most important thing about it is that it reloads, so you will be able to use it every 14 seconds.

battle machine recharging the electric hammer ability

Other Heroes can only use their ability once per raid, but the Battle Machine can use it as often as possible within the raiding time!

Now this all sounds great and it is, indeed – but this also makes it hard to time the ability…

  • …heal up the Battle Machine as often as possible, but don’t waste any healing
  • …deal the extra damage appropriately

This puts you in the difficult spot that you don’t want to wait too long to use the healing (because the sooner you use it, the sooner it will become available again).

So here’s the good news! The extra damage from the ability will be active for the next 3 hits even if the Battle Machine will take a couple of seconds to do these hits!!!

builder machine electric hammer ability

This makes it easier for you:

  • Use the Electric Hammer as charging when the Battle Machine walks towards a base! This will give the extra damage for the first hits and reload the ability sooner
  • Use it as soon as your Battle Machine has lost 20% of its hitpoints!

That’s it. Don’t be afraid to lose any of the extra damage when the Battle Machine is far away from the next target – it will save the extra damage and your ability will reload sooner πŸ™‚

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. How do I upgrade the battle machine It’s stuck on L1? I’ve upgraded all my other troops but can’t work out how to upgrade it. Help please.

    Thanks in advance

    • You should also remember that Bombs/teslas/push traps etc do not cover sink holes. In other words you should make sure that walls and other defenses are covering everything before you place them.

  2. If I use the ability, but it doesn’t attack before the recharge is available, it loses the electricity and just attacks normally, why?

    • Exactly. In case you would activate it and it takes more than 14 seconds until your BM performs the 3 hits, the charged hits are lost but you can directly activate the Electric Hammer again.
      In reality you should take a look that this doesn’t happen, because you want to have the 3 ability hits and right after that be able to activate the ability again πŸ™‚

  3. I would like to add that when using the Electric Hammer, when walking towards the base (to have it charged and recharge quicker, and before coming under fire), it is VERY important to remember that the 3 ‘charged’ hits expire if not used before the ability recharges. In other words, it should be timed so one can actually swing the hammer before the timer resets. Additionally, lvl 3 & 4 walls take 6 swings to destroy if 3 of them are Electric Hammer, so if you can hold off from using his ability for a few seconds, finish off the wall so his special can be used on structures.

  4. I can’tavail the electric hammar facility in the battle machine.I have upgraded the battle machine to level 5, Barbarian level 10, archery level 12 and giant level 10. still I can use the electric mama facility in battle please help me..

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