Big Archer Queen Guide

The Archer Queen is probably the strongest of your Heroes and essential for every single attack. In this guide, I’d like to show you how you can use her, some insights on her Royal Cloak ability, plus some extra tips.

Integrate The Archer Queen Into Your Attacks

There are three different ways how you can use the Archer Queen during your attack:

  1. Pre-clean (funnel)
  2. Along with your troops
  3. Cleaning up

Now, I’d like to show you the different methods and also give you some pros and cons when to use each method.

Funnel With The Archer Queen

This is one of the most popular ways to use the Archer Queen, especially when you have her at a higher level. Along with some Healers, the Archer Queen can clean up a big part of the base before you start your main attack.

The advantage is that you have a clean path into the inner parts of the core.

queen walk finish

The downside is that your Queen will die at the end of the Queen Walk and you can be unlucky when your Healers trigger Seeking Air Mines.

However, this is still a very powerful way to use your Archer Queen because you’ll get a high payout for the investment and you can always funnel your troops into the base without big additional effort.

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Archer Queen with main forces

If you use your Archer Queen along with your main attack, you have her behind tanks and add some additional destruction.

She can snipe out buildings that your main forces might not take down and bring your kill squad deeper into the base.archer queen attacking guide

Especially with tanking troops like Giants or Golems in front of her, she can deal enough damage to progress as long as the tanks are up. This could result in an additional 10-15% of the base when your other forces are down.

Another advantage is that you can deal with defending Clan Castle troops a lot better and faster.

Cleaning up with the Archer Queen

This used to be a very popular way to use the Archer Queen, but is not used that frequent anymore. It was used to clean the Town Hall after the main attack, but with the current meta it’s not that effective anymore, and I recommend using either a Queen Walk or your Archer Queen along with your kill squad.

What Should You Use?

The interesting question now is – how should you integrate your Archer Queen into your attack?

It depends!

It depends on the attacking strategy you’re using. Here’s what I recommend:

Use a Queen Walk, when…

  • … only when your Queen is high level
  • … your kill squad has a lot of DPS (watch your replays and look what troops are always surviving, tanks or damage dealers?)
  • … you use a composition with troops that are hard to funnel, often mass attacks
  • … you need to get rid of certain defenses that are on the outside (e.g. Air Defenses for air attacks)
  • … as a suicide attack in Clan War against defending Heroes (read here how suicide attacks work)

Use your Archer Queen along with your kill squad, when…

  • … your Archer Queen is Level 25 or lower
  • … your army composition is vulnerable against defending Clan Castle troops (e.g. Bowlers against Balloons or Baby Dragon in the CC, etc.)

The Queen Ability – Royal Cloak

The Royal Cloak is the most powerful ability in the game because it boosts the Archer Queen so much:

  • adds a lot of damage to her shots
  • make all defenses target some other troops
  • spawns a lot of Archers
  • heals the Archer Queen

The ability itself is able to win you attacks and make a huge difference – but using it right is the key. You will always have to decide whether it’s more important to keep your Queen alive or if you need a damage boost fast.

Pro Tip! Do not use the Royal Cloak when your Archer Queen is too low on health and there are splash damage defenses around – the Royal Cloak only heals and is no shield! The splash damage will target the spawned Archers and can also damage your Archer Queen.

The priority should always be to keep your Archer Queen alive and you should never use her ability too soon only for the extra damage. If the Healing effect is useless, you can wait a little longer – patience is key.

Just keep an eye on how fast her health gets reduced and what kind of defenses target her.archer queen royal cloak healing ability

Very dangerous are:

  • Hidden Teslas & X-Bows
  • Eagle Artillery
  • Single-Mode Inferno Tower

These are the defenses that either deal a lot of constant damage (Hidden Tesla & X-Bow) to the Archer Queen or do dangerous spikes in damage.

In the case of the Inferno Tower, you should not wait longer than half of her hit points to activate the ability! When it starts using the 3rd DPS phase, you have less than 1 second to save your Archer Queen (unlikely you will).

When you only have your Archer Queen on the field and the Eagle Artillery locks on to her, you need to activate the ability eagle artillery trigger with archer queen

Important! Do not wait until her projectiles are in the air! Do activate the ability when you see that she locks onto the Archer Queen, otherwise the projectiles will still hit (and kill) your Archer Queen

When you upgrade your Archer Queen, you will always add a lot of value! Level 30 is the most important level, because this will not only add more Royal Cloak effects, but also lasts long enough that the Archer Queen has an extra shot with active ability.

royal cloak abilit archer queen upgrading

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Your Archer Queen is the most powerful part of your attack – always watch her closely during your attack as she will add so much value. Upgrading her hurts because you miss her in attacks, but you need to do it – once you get an Archer Queen level 30 or higher you will know what I mean! Then you can simply not lose attacks anymore unless you screw up big time. 🙂

Here are some ways how you can still attack successfully, even with upgrading Heroes:

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