Find The Best Troop Composition For YOU

There are dozens of different attacking compositions out there at your disposal – and most of them have dozens of variations. If you’re not sure what attacking composition to use, it is probably because you are lost in the jungle when you search online.

Each composition, especially on YouTube, claims to be the best and guarantee to get you everything. The truth is, you need to know what different attacking compositions will help you achieve your goals. Like there is no single tool in the world that can be used for everything, there is no single army you can use for every thing in Clash of Clans, you have to always keep that in your mind!

In this guide here, I will help you choose the right attacking composition for what you are looking for and also give you detailed guides for the best working ones so you can use them right away 🙂

Different Troop Compositions & Different Purposes

If you search for “the best attacking composition” online you’ll be lost. Simply because there isn’t THE ONE AND SINGLE BEST, there are lots out there that work for their individual purpose. Before you go out and start trying new compositions, you should define, for yourself, a clear goal to accomplish.

Healing Spell versus Inferno Tower

If you start trying out new attacking styles, you will quickly recognize that it takes time and resources to get proficient. My rough rule of thumb is that you need 10 attacks to get the basics, 100 to be confident in using it and 500 to be perfect using it.

You see how trying them out is like a walk in the dessert?

If you’re willing to try a new troop composition, you should use one that will help towards your goal instead of wasting your time and resources on a style that you will not use long term.

What Do You Want To Do With The Troop Composition

In general, you can divide the attacking strategies in three major different categories:

Farming Strategy – This strategy is used to get you loot and primarily it should be cheap so you make a decent profit but strong enough to also work when one of your heroes is upgrading.

Trophy Pushing Strategy – You will use this strategy to push trophies, so you will need a setup that is able to hit any base hard enough to get at least 1 star; in return it is quite expensive in training costs.

Clan War Strategy – You have plenty of time to scout and see the weaknesses of a base but still have to 3-Star within the given time – that makes war strategies an own category.

As you have seen now, each kind of strategy has different strength & weaknesses, but I think now you’re ready to choose the one you want to use 🙂

Go ahead.

Best Working Troop Compositions

Now you have too choose – farming, trophy pushing or war strategy? Which one are you looking for?

I have just a few days ago completed my fresh & updated attacking strategy guide that will explain you all the different strategies for every given Town Hall.

Please be aware that they are all too large to all fit inside this guide here, but you can see them by clicking below:

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queen charge mass miner ultimate dark elixir farming strategy

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Hi, I’m a th6, I’m really suckish at attacking, but trying to push to gold (I’ve got 1100 trophies) and maybe even crystal. Most of the time I’m low on elixir (100k-300k) and that lasts me a couple of attacks. Most of the bases with a lot of loot are max th7s and sometimes th8, and I barely get 30% on those. Can you give me some good army compositions and tips. My player tag is Y8VYPOG8P

  2. I think best army for th 7!!!is this. 15 giants
    15 wizards
    7 bomber
    20 Archer
    And barbarian king 2

  3. If you want to save your elixir and dark elixir both, you should try the army of goblins.
    TROOPS TO TRAIN:-2 Golems, 2 Valks, and goblins.(Heroes are so much important for this army).
    SPELLS:-2 jump and 2 freeze
    METHOD:-First deplay the golems on the way where the dark elixir storages and elixir storages are to make all the defences of that side to attack on golem. Then, deploy valks and heroes to destroy gold mines and elixir collectors so the goblin will aim directly towards the storages. Then deploy your goblins and jump spells so the goblins will go on storages fastly. Then, deploy 2 freeze on the buildings which are attacking on goblins. You will get all the loot and maybe the goblins will destroy the town hall.IT USUALLY WORKS ON TH9.CLASH ON :).

  4. I am on th7 my army cost too much i used 14 gaint 13 wiz 1 healer and archer and two healing spell it cost too much. What is the best composition for Town Hall 7

    • Wanna push th7 to Master league or crystal league? Can 3 star or 2 star any th8
      use this- 16 giants, 21 wizards, 4 minion, 4 wall breakers, 1 hog, 1 barbarian, 14 archers, 3 heal spells
      Tactics- 1- Placement of troops- a hog to lure cc, an archer on a building that is far from range of defenses. if the cc has valks or Pekka then just kill unit that targets air units (wizards, archer etc.) and deploy all minions on that troop and wait
      put all giants opposite direction of bomb tower if any along with king, a barb and 5 wiz around 3 buildings near the giants
      2- cc troops- take max giants or wizards in your cc
      3- Placement of spells- heal spell deployed only at giants when they are near bomb tower, wizard tower and at wizards when they attack the town hall
      4- archers- place the arrchers when side defenses busy on giants, they will provide good cleanup, if no cc, minions also deployed
      thank you guuys please enjoy coc with full excitment, in order to push, maxz your army camps first

    • If you have Lava hound unlocked in your dark barracks and Balloon lvl 6, Lavaloon is quite simple to use and loot. Heroes can be used for clearing Defending CC troops. I hope this helps.

    • First max out giants, wiz, archer and pekka, use barch for loot and upgrade bk and aq to level 15. then use around 18 giants, 24 wizards, 10 WBs, and rest full archers, use 3 heal 1 rage 1 freeze or earthquake use golem in cc if you are using earthquake along with

  5. I use 5 GIANTS,5 BALLOONS,10 ARCHERS and 15 WIZARDS,and a LIGHTNING SPELL, I never lost even once with this troop composition,AND i AM Th5
    But the BARCH never worked for me,I get less than 30% because of that.

  6. 20 giants 23 wizards 4 wall breaker 2 heal and one rage spell for th8 or 34 balloon lev5 and 30 archers lev5 4 rage spell

  7. Hmm thanks for reply. Wanna tell u one thing did u look at my profile??? and one more i need a gud clan description so can u suggest one, hv a lvl11clan.thnks again dude??

  8. BK is at max level.hmm i’m using gowipe with eq’s.just have a look at this and suggest some tips for me #99R98JULU.Thnks for reply dude

    • with a high level BK you should be doing good with you strategy – the only other thing would be Giants along with Valkyries that should also get TH9s down.
      However there’s no way you can go for TH10 properly at TH8 and if you#re good at what you#re doing there’s no point in changing over to Valkyries.
      You#re way up for your TH level so it’s completely normal that you’re not having that easy time 😉

  9. Hey tim I’m a th8 pushing for titan i reached 4000bt struggling to earn 100more trophies.I used gowipe and can 2star any th9base bt i can’t get even 1star on th10 so can u suggest me some of the best troop combo for pushing

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