best time for farming in clash of clans

Find the best time for farming

Sometimes when you’re farming, you have great loot, sometimes bad loot. There are so many rumors around that changing location or language will affect your loot but, in the end, Clash of Clans runs within one server cluster environment – everybody can get matched against anybody in the world. In this post, I want to focus on how you can find the perfect time to farm – and if you want some theory about that you can check:

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Much loot in Clash of Clans

How to know when the best farming time is

Simply spoken when lots of players aren’t active because then their Collectors and Mines are being filled but not collected and the pool of player actively raiding is smaller. No, it’s quite hard to know when all hundreds of millions of Clashers are sleeping or not so I want to introduce you to a very helpful tool called “Clash of Clans Forecaster.”

clash of clans forecaster for best farming timeWhat is Clash of Clans Forecaster?

The creator of the website found a way to simulate the player behavior of Clash of Clans player all over the world. I was a little sceptic, in the beginning, but after having tried it out a couple of times I can say the indication is excellent!

All you need to know to read the forecast perfect is:

  • The closer the LOOT INDEX (upper left side) is to 10, the better the time for farming is
  • The timeline indicates how long the right or bad periods are going to stay

The forecast, however, doesn’t include League Bonus and directly simulates the generated loot that you can get. I do check this every time before I start some boosting on my Barracks or Spell Factories to not waste my time in a dry period

You don’t want to check a website all the time? That’s why Clash of Clans Forecaster also has an iOS App in the AppStore (Android coming soon)

[appbox appstore 1016264763]

I know it’s not a free app (sadly), but investing that little might save you a much bigger amount of Gems you would waste in boosting to the wrong time. In the end, you can always use the website FOR FREE, and the app is only providing you a more convenient way to access that brilliant tool.

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