Best TH7 Hybrid Base Layouts clash of clans 2018

Best TH7 Hybrid Base Layouts

Do you need a base that will protect your stars & resources at the same time?

Are you looking for a solid hybrid base for TH7?

Perfect, you’re just at the right place! This post here will offer you the best hybrid base layouts for Town Hall 7 that will help you push trophies and defending your resources.

All basesย here feature the up-to-date techniques in base design to defend well against all popular attacks.

TH7 Hybrid Base – General Info 2018

Hybrid bases are, in case you don’t know, a crossover between farming bases & trophy pushing bases.

A farming base doesn’t protect stars at all and only focus on defending Storages while a trophy pushing base will put the storages on the outside to slow down enemies.

Now, many of us want to push trophies (or maintain their trophies to stay in the current league) but still don’t want to give away all the loot just for free – that’s why there are hybrid bases and I have been putting the best ones out there here for you ๐Ÿ™‚

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Best Hybrid Bases TH7

Please mind that some bases are built with higher Town Hall accounts, but the buildings used are only those available for your Town Hall Level.

Hybrid Base Town Hall 7 (Allrounder)

This one here is a good allrounder base that I personally like a lot (sorry of the image quality though).

The Storages are all in second line, the Dark Elixir in the core along with the Town Hall and the outside area is nicely decorated with trash buildings that will cost the attacker time and funneling skills.

trophy pushing hybrid base TH7 coc

Click on the image or here to download this base layout.

Good base and worth a try ๐Ÿ™‚

Hybrid Base TH7 With Good Resource Protection

If you’re not into protecting just your Dark Elixir, you might switch to this second design where the storages are more on the inside – you can also switch in your Dark Elixir Storage for either the Gold or the Elixir Storage in the core to protect that as well, depending what loot you’re about to protect right now.

best hybrid base for Town Hall 7 Layout 2018

Click on the image or here to download this base layout.

Town Hall 7 Hybrid Base With Dark Elixir Protection

In this first hybrid base for Town Hall 7 you can protect your Town Hall and your Dark Elixir while the other storages are a little more offset on the outside – assuming you do net get 3-Stared with each attack you will still save up some Gold & Elixir.

hybrid base th7 clash of clans

Click on the image or here to download this base layout.

Also the setup at the bottom will look easy to loot for any attacker, but the Mortar plus the Teslas will keep attacking troops busy for quite some time ๐Ÿ™‚

Defensive Hybrid Base TH7

This hybrid base here has a little different approach in defending with the double layer walls next to the Town hall that will protect from all attacks from the side – and those will be most of the attacks as there are the Gold & Elixir Storages.

town hall 7 hybrid base coc 2018

Click on the image or here to download this base layout.

Funneling can be a b*tch sometimes, with this base the attacker will experience that soon enough ๐Ÿ˜€



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