best th11 war base layouts 2018

Best TH11 War Base Layouts

Looking for a solid War Base for TH11 that will help you protect your stars in Clan Wars? You’re at the right place!

Here you’ll find the latest and most powerful base layouts for Town Hall 11 that will help you win your next Clan War with their Anti 3-Star design.

All bases here feature the up-to-date techniques in base design to defend well against all popular attacks.

TH11 War Base – General Info 2018

Before I will show you the layouts, please keep in mind that you should always perform some changes before using them:

  • Change the trap positions!
  • Rotate the layout!

This is important to not offer weaknesses easily – multiple people here use the layouts and you don’t want them to know where your traps are.

I have been writing more about this topic here:

Get Better in Clash of Clans - Better Attacking & Stronger Defending

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Best War Bases TH11

Check out here the latest designs I have found for you 🙂

Base Designs April 2018

TH 11 War Base Anti 3-Star

Protecting the offset Town Hall with a load of Storages works great for this base and the Air Defenses follow the 5-tile rule and make along with the X-Bows an extremely nasty setup that every Queen Charge will have problems with.

th11 war abse anti 3 star design coc


Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

This is my recommendation for this month 🙂

Anti 3-Star Anti Bowler Base

Bowlers dominate Clan Wars right now and this abse starts the mission to stop them – at least it does do a really good job against attacker that are not good at performing Bowler attacks.

The island at the bottom will confuse the starting Queen Walk and drag her into the section instead of cleaning the trash building on the side.


anti bowler war abse th 11

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

The wall sections and paths in between the base can easily confuse Bowlers or slow them down by smashing in the walls in their path to the Eagle Artillery and can break an attack 🙂

Base Designs February 2018

Great Anti 3-Star TH11 War Base Design

Queen with Healers are something you see in every war attack these days and this base counters it very well with always having 2 point defenses on the Archer Queen plus occasionally an X-Bow – this will force the attacker to use lots of Rage Spells to keep the Queen alive and often enough it fails when the healer AI puts focus on the Warden instead.

strong anti 3-star war base for town hall 11

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or here to watch several defensive replays of this base layout.

The general layout of the base is like the house of a snail and there’s no way through the middel so troops will have to go round the base until finally getting to the point where the Eagle Artillery and the Clan Castle is… well, they don’t because their troops die before that 😀

Great Anti 3-Star base for Town Hall 11!

Anti Queen Walk War Base Town Hall 11

This base here will make it Queen Walks/Charges even harder than the first base! The point defenses will already keep a lot of pressure on the Queen, but the Single-Target Inferno Towers are in very uncomfortable positions for the attacker.

th11 war base 2018 anti archer queen walk

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or here to watch several defensive replays of this base layout.

The only reasonable spot to make that is at the top right section to get the defending Queen, but with the X-Bow plus 4 Archer Towers and the Air Defense in addition to the defending Queen, this can go wrong very easily for the attacker and there’s no comeback after an early ruined Queen Walk 🙂

Anti 3-Star TH11 War Base

This TH11 War Base keeps dealing damage on all kind of attacks that use Healers (and there’s none working that doesn’t) high and the Air Defenses are in very uncomfortable spots for the attacker – so there’s a high chance that the Queen Charge will fail and make the whole raid not get 3-Stars.

best th11 war abse 2018 for clash of clans
Click on the image or here to download this base layout or here to watch several defensive replays of this base layout.

The defending Heroes along with the Clan Castle are deep inside the base, so there’s no easy way to avoid running with the whole army into them.

Good War Base Town Hall 11

First annotation from me, set both of the Inferno Towers to Single-Target Mode, but everything else in this bas is fine as it is. The attacking Queen will get soaked towards to walls and come into reach of the Inferno.

best war base th11 anti 3 star 2018

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

Many attackers will try to go for the secure 2-Star first, but the Town Hall is well-protected (also from the one Air Sweeper next to the Clan Castle) and the point damage there is just insane plus the Air Defense makes it almost impossible for a Queen Charge to get to the Town Hall.

Submit your base!

If you got a great base that will fit here, don’t hesitate to send it to me via email ([email protected]) and I will check it out and might also feature it here with credits to you as the base designer 🙂

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