Best TH11 Farming Base Layouts 2018

Best TH11 Farming Base Layouts

Protect your loot with these Town Hall 11 Farming base designs.

If you’re looking for a solid base that will defend your precious resources for you for Town Hall 11, you’re at the right place. On this page, you’ll find the latest and most powerful farming bases for TH11 that will help you max out your base faster.

All bases here feature the up-to-date techniques in base design to defend well against all popular attacks.

TH11 Farming Base – General Info 2018

Before I will show you the layouts, some important words about farming bases at Town Hall 11:

With 10 Storages (4 Gold Storages, 4 Elixir Storages, 1 Dark Elixir Storage & Town Hall), it’s almost impossible to defend all of them – the goal of a good farming base at TH11 is:

  • Not get 3-Stared (then everything is gone)
  • Defending Dark Elixir is the highest priority
  • Losing 3-4 Storages in a defense is absolutely ok and not preventable

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Best Farming Bases TH11

Please mind that some bases are built with higher Town Hall accounts, but the buildings used are only those available for your Town Hall Level.

Base Designs June 2018

Farming base TH11 ALL RESOURCES

I get asked so many times for a farming base that doesn’t only focus on Dark Elixir but also Gold/Elixir and this month I have one that should help you with this.

th11 famring base all resources


Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

Base Designs April 2018

Hybrid Dark Elixir Farming Base

This time I have a more hybrid layout that will also protect your Dark Elixir inside the core area and with the double sections it happens often enough that the attacker misses that out with the dead zone area in front and messed up funneling.

th 11 farm base design 2018

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

Base Designs March 2018

TH11 Farming Base Layout Dark Elixir

Protecting your Dark Elixir works with this base with the centralized Dark Elixir Storage.

You will also see the island sections around it that will mess with building a funnel to the core and can be disgusting at time for the attacker..

Dark Elixir protection base th11

You can click on the image or here to download it and you can also watch several defensive replays against this base here.

Base Designs January 2018

Town Hall 11 Farming Base Dark Elixir

In this Dark Elixir protection layout, you see an interesting approach.

The Dark Elixir Storage is on the backside, so there’s no easy way to attack it and even if someone wants to send air troops to get there, the X-Bows and Air Sweepers will prevent that.

th11 dark elixir farming base layout 2018

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays here.

Attacking from the bottom side is mandatory because of the Eagle Artillery, but this will lock the other part of the base with the Dark Elixir Storage for the attacker and save you a lot of Dark Elixir 🙂




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  1. I have to agree above. I’m maxed at th11 on de and am just farming for walls before making the push to th12. I know its basically impossible to defend all of the storages from a good attack, but could you possibly look for bases that protect gold/elixer more? Maybe a base that baits attackers with the de storage, possibly just taking that, getting enough % to give you a shield, and leaving. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  2. This is great and all, but can we have some layouts that focus more on protecting the gold and elixir storages along with DE? The gold storages are quite exposed in layouts 1 & 3. (I can’t use #2 as there’s a xmas tree in the way). Otherwise, keep up the great work! Thanks!

    • As being nearly maxed TH11 myself (only walls left), I’d recommend you to not pay that much attention to Gold/Elixir as you will get such a plenty load of it from each attack plus league bonus. Also keep in mind that these are 8 storages compared to the single DE storage and with the current meta you’re not able to protect that much 🙁

      • I disagree, all of our nearly maxed th11 have maxed everything in DE, and use gold and elixir to build the last walls.

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