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Best TH10.5 War Base Layouts

Are you using an engineered base? Well, defense doesn’t matter that much when using an engineered base but, still, you don’t need to give away your stars easily – that’s why I have here some solid TH 10.5 war bases that you can use in 2018.

All bases here feature the up-to-date techniques in base design to defend well against all popular attacks.

TH 10.5 War Base – General Info 2018

Before I will show you the layouts, please keep in mind that you should always perform some changes before using them:

  • Change the trap positions!
  • Rotate the layout!

This is important to not offer weaknesses easily – multiple people here use the layouts and you don’t want them to know where your traps are.

I have been writing more about this topic here:

Get Better in Clash of Clans - Better Attacking & Stronger Defending

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Best War Bases TH10.5

Please mind if you have a 10.5 or a 9.75 base with your Town Hall Level 11!

TH9.75 vs. TH10.5 – What Your Base Is:

As there is always some confusion about terms, let me please give you some explanation first – from time to time people mix up 9.75 & 10.5 bases and I don’t want you to copy any wrong layout.

  • If you have build everything available for TH10 but didn’t drop the Eagle Artillery (Infernos, X-Bows etc all in your baes), you’re TH10.5
  • If you have not dropped Inferno Towers, additional TH10 defenses at TH11 and only got the Grand Warden & upgraded Army Camps, you’re TH9.75

So, in case you do not have Infernos & stuff, please visit this page here for a base design that fits your need:

Best TH9.5 & TH9.75 War Base Layouts

Anti 3-Star War Base TH 10.5

I really like the setup of Air Defenses along with the Inferno Towers on Single Mode in this base that makes Queen Charges harder than expected (see the replays). The point defenses will always keep high DPS on the Queen and small mistakes can lead to a sudden death.

best th 10.5 war base layout 2018

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays of this base here.

Town Hall 10.5 War Base

This base defends – with a hardcore core area with so many Giant Bombs that most of the army will go down in seconds along with all the air traps against Healers.

Often enough you will see that the remaining royals will clear half of the base and leaving you with a defense that that protected the 3-Star.

Town Hall 10.5 Clan War Base

Click on the image or here to download this base layout or watch some defensive replays of this base here.

Anti 2-Star TH 10.5 War Base Layout

This base here is more like an allrounder base that you can also use for protecting loot & trophies in your home village, but it also works good in Clan War as well

town hall 10.5 engineer war base design coc


Click on the image or here to download this base layout.


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