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Best Clash of Clans Strategy Guides

When I started playing Clash of Clans back in 2012, I was addicted to the game (in a positive way). I played it daily, sometimes for hours and I upgraded my village slowly but steady.

After 1 year, I was getting stuck. I just couldn’t pull off 3 Star attacks and my base offered all my resources and trophies to most attackers. That was the point where I wanted to get better, so I started searching around for strategies and tactics to become a better Clasher.

That was very hard, so I thought I would start my own website – – to gather together working strategies and news about Clash of Clans. This was back in March 2014.

This very website developed fast and steady; even when my first guides were horrible in the way they’ve been written & edited, but I did not give up and continuously improved. Since that day almost 3 years ago, I spend more or less time daily and a lot of effort to make this a better place for Clashers and today more than 1.5M monthly visitors are speaking a clear language.

I have more than 200 guides here; that’s so much that it’s hard for you to keep all of them, so I started this index to help you find a guide that will help you – no matter if you’re new to this website or a long-time reader.

Below you find the most relevant guides for (*updated with the June 2017 Update):

  • Attacking
  • Defending / Base Design
  • Farming
  • *NEW* Builder Base Guides
  • Clan War
  • Clan Management

Have fun going deep into the rabbit hole 🙂

Attacking Guides for Clash of Clans

Attacking is the most central part of the game, but there are many aspects of it – an attack starts with a strategy, a plan, scouting and execution. I have separated the guides in these different topics.

I show you my tactic to have the fastest army training and some tips for the queueing system that will improve your donation handling.

Here you will see some advice when you’re trophy pushing.

Do you know the difference between 2 Star attacking and 3 Star attacking strategies? If not, you should read it.

Sometimes you’re not in the mood to play and it’s hard to motivate yourself to play Clash of Clans? Read this to be more motivated!

Army Compositions

You will find an overview of current working attacking strategies here.

If you’re not the owner of some nice upgraded or maxed Heroes, you might have trouble using some attacking compositions. In this guide, I will show you strategies that work.

Here are detailed guides for the up-to-date-attacking compositions and how you should use them


My thoughts when I attack a base on how I decide which direction will be better, into what I will attack first, etc.

Dead zones are pretty popular right now and you need to know a few thing to attack these bases the right way.

Often trap positions are very obvious, so see here some spots where you can prevent running straight into them.

Last but not least check out here how you should plan with your ranged troops and what they will attack:

Executing attacks

Sometimes our troops just don’t want to go where you want them to go. Read here how you can make them go where you want.

Surgical troop deployment is the art of not wasting troops during an attack. Read in this guide how to do it and my recommendations how many you should deploy in which situation.

So many attacks fail just because the attacker can’t clean up the base after he destroyed most of it – read here how you can clean up faster & more efficient.

I have gathered everything about the AI of the troops here – sometimes they do weird things, but you only have to understand them.

This part of an attack is great against certain Hero placements and can be very effective.

Here’s how you can start controlling your Heroes.

Spells in Clash of Clans

A full guide with an intersection on each single spell with some general thoughts on usage.

This strategy guide will show you some small tricks that can make your spells more effective.

Using Heroes

There’s much more about Heroes than just throwing them into the battle – I have summed up all important on Heroes here:

Of course you need to max out your Heroes, so check out this guide that will help you getting it done:

Defending Strategies & Base Designs for Clash of Clans

Your base is your backup that has to hold tight while your not online. I want to show you some things that will help you make your own base stronger and I also have frequently updated strong base layouts you can use.

Defending Tips

What trap upgrades are useful and which ones are not?

Placing traps is the key between success and failure. My trap placement brings me a lot of defensive wins every week.

Which mode suits you best?

Some interesting thoughts why Inferno Towers should always be on Multi-Mode.

There are some nice things you can do with your Hidden Teslas, especially when they are lower level.

Your offensive troops aren’t the troops that defend your base in the best way. Requesting the right defending troops can make a huge difference!

There are several ways you can improve the outside of your base to get better defensive results.

I listed some big no-no’s here that you should avoid in your own base.

Base Layouts

Before I show you the galleries of the base layouts, please read here how you should use them the right way:

Here you’ll find a special Clan War base section:

Here you’ll find all kinds of base layouts depending on your Town Hall level. They all get updated once per month.

Farming & Upgrading

Farming is a very important part, because every upgrade and progression costs you resources – and the only way to get these resources is by raiding your opponents!

Find here the best strategies when you want to get loot.

Here’s how you can find out where the loot in a base is and how to get it.

If you’re farming in the wrong trophy range, you might lose a lot of loot – here are the trophy ranges I recommend.

Upgrading a Hero is always bad when you want to farm, so here are 2 strategies that work even with only one active Hero.

Some general tips to improve farming and make more profit in attacks.

All about Dark Elixir, how to get it and protect it.

Spending loot is nice, so I have written a complete priority guide that will show you what to upgrade next.

A nice way to get some extra loot is to sign up for a farm war.

Do you actually know how much loot you need to make in a raid? Here’s how you know which attacks are profit or not for you.

The truth about inactive bases and how you find them.

If you focus on certain strategies you will earn more loot, here are some examples.

Lower your losses when you take a break and time your shields.

Some planning strategies that will improve how you upgrade your base.