Get Better in Clash of Clans – Better Attacking & Stronger Defending

What makes the difference between a bad Clasher, a “somewhat-ok” Clasher and a good Clasher? In this guide, I’d like to show you the difference and what you can do to become a better Clasher – no worries, I’m trying to keep this as general as possible so everyone can use it but i’ll give you examples to show you what I mean.

The key skill that you need to have to become a great Clasher, is the skill to adapt.

Why Adapting Is So Important

Adapting means that you will adjust to your surrounding conditions. I know many Clashers out there do the same:

  • ask which trophy range is best for them
  • watch a couple videos of attacking strategies and use them 1:1 as they saw it in a video
  • use base designs they found online

In general, there’s nothing bad to say about this – it’s a lot better than not gathering info about the game and how to get better, BUT there’s a lot of potential after having done this!

Using a base you found online or an attacking strategy is a nice foundation, don’t get me wrong. But please don’t make the mistake to think the journey ends there, it’s the point where you can start to improve.

Finding The Best Troop Composition

I have posted here several guides of attacking strategies and to be honest, I cover only the best working and not all of them. However, you might have noticed that I always like to keep it vague regarding the exact amount of troops to use.

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The reason is not that I’m not sure about it, the reason is that there are so many variables that there’s not one that will fit for all – there’s always one that fits for you and the only person that will find out that exact amount of the composition is you!

You’re using it and you need to fit it to…

  • …your style of play
  • …the trophy range you’re playing in
  • …your Town Hall Level (which determines the bases you will attack)
  • …the level of your troops & spells
  • …your Heroes Level

This means, one player is using 20 Balloons in a LaLoon attack and another one is using 26 Balloons (…that’s just one example…). One likes to use Haste Spells and the other one uses Rage Spells, and maybe somebody else is doing fine mixing Haste Spells and Rage Spells.

But in the end, all of them follow the same goal – 3 Star bases.

Now the 1-million-dollar-question is, how can you find out what works best for YOU?

Well, at some point you need to start. So take the composition you found and take it into some battles, that’s the only way to see how it works for you and your surrounding conditions.

Now the optimization starts:

1) Optimize Your Composition

No matter what kind of attacking composition you use, you will most likely use 2-3 different troops. One will tank, the other will build your funnel and then you have those dealing the damage you need to take down the structures.

Now take a close look at the last 30 seconds of your last 10 raids where you did not 3 Star your opponents base. Which troops survived the longest?

Let’s give you an example – when I was starting to farm Dark Elixir without my Heroes (while they were upgrading), I used Giants and Valkyries. At a certain point after a dozen attacks, I realized that I always had several Giants smashing a few defenses at the end of the raids while my Valkyries were all gone a long time before that.

That was the point when I realized that I can get better results by using a little less Giants and more Valkyries.

That’s how you find the right mix of troops, you don’t want too much tank power and you don’t want too much damage power on the battlefield – they only work in addition to each other, only one of them is very weak.

Of course, you need to apply this to your attacking strategy, no matter if you use Bowlers with Giants or maybe Lava Hounds and Balloons… check out the replays and see if your have tanks survivng most of the time or not.

This can also be the other way round – you have no tanks left and most of your support troops are getting shot down in a few seconds.

Adaption #1

Look at the last 30 seconds of your raid. If only tanks are the last on the battlefield, you need more damage dealers – if damage dealers are the last men standing, you need more tanking power

Here are two examples where the composition wasn’t perfect:

Here are too many Giants in the composition, there are 9 Giants smashing on the walls while the rest of the army already died quite some time ago:

balancing clash of clans too many giants

Time to use less Giants (and more Wizards or whatever supportive troop was used).

Here the other way around – I brought only 2 Lava Hound and about half my Balloons get shot down in a couple of seconds:

too many balloons

It’s not a few Balloons, that’s almost half of all Balloons I brought to the raid. I took less Balloons and one more Lava Hound and got a lot better results.

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none” excerpt=”How to balance your army in Clash of Clans”]Attention! Of course you shouldn’t adapt this every raid, always take a look at your 10 last replays and if that happens in more than 6 times you should adapt[/tweet_box]

What Spells You Should Use

The days when we had very clear ideas what spells we use with certain compositions are over. There are many different compositions we can use.

Should we use 1 or 2 Freeze Spells, Rage Spells or Haste Spells, Jump Spell or Earthquake Spell? So many different questions and all of them have a direct influence on the outcome of the battles.

Again, the only way to find out how what spells and how many spells you should use is by trying it out and checking the results. Here’s what I recommend you to test:

  • Earthquake Spell versus Jump Spell (in general the Jump Spell is better!)
  • Rage Spell versus Haste Spell (especially for Balloons)
  • 1 Freeze Spell or 2 Freeze Spells

Unlike the troop composition, you will see very fast what works and what not so you can use a couple of Friendly Challenges to find that out.

You will find some great additional info about the spells here:

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Defensive Adaption – How to make your base stronger

I know getting base designs from the internet is extremely popular and in general, the bases you will find there are solid enough to use (at least most of them).

Many people aren’t that deeply engaged with designing a whole base from the scratch and there are several sources out there that provide good bases for (almost) everyone.

The problem is, many just copy the base and then expect it to work and forget that so many other people are using the same base layout that many attackers will get used to the design and crack it more and more frequently.

So, first of all, you need a good base layout! I wrote a dedicated article how you can find a good base layout on the internet here:

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This is a MANDATORY read for everyone who takes bases from the internet, because it does not only show how to recognize a good base, it also shows you how to adapt it afterwards.

You don’t need to change that much around, but with all base layouts I find out there, I always find a lot of space to improve the traps.

You just need to check all the defensive replays of your base and then note down from what direction your opponents attack most.

Then you can put more traps there and see more defensive success.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Get a screenshot of your base and then watch every single replay
  2. Mark down where certain troops get deployed (Healers on AQ/Bowler Walks, Lava Hounds, giants, Golems, Bowler etc.)
  3. Adapt your traps according

Let me show you how to do it on this base here:

defending in clash of clans

I did mark all the points where they got deployed and you see a pattern.

Of course, if you’re at a lower Town Hall level, you track other troops. You don’t have to track all the troops that attack, only the tanks or the mass troops (Archer, Wizards, Barbarians, Minions etc. are not important since they die without the tanks) – the keys where the attack relyies on is important!

Remember, one single successful defense makes up for many lost defenses so you will have a huge benefit if you can catch some.

Let me show you this with this example base layout now step after step what I did

So here’s what I get out of these recent attacks:

  • Healers for Bowler Walks or AQ Walks are often in the upper or right corner
  • Lava Hounds are often deployed between 1 and 3 o’clock
  • Balloons are either 1-3 o’clock or 6-9 o’clock
  • Baby Dragons without sufficient data/relevance

So my goal with trap placement is:

  • Prevent that Lava Hound trigger my Air Bombs
  • Kill Healers with my Seeking Air Mines
  • Get Bowlers into as many Giant Bombs and Spring Traps as possible

Now I will adapt my traps according to this:

optimal trap locations coc

Yes, I will focus putting them there – this will make my other sides less defending but 2 out of 3 attacks come from there and I have better chances to defend them there than trying to defend every side properly.

A successful defense is +30 Trophies, a lost one is -4 to 9 Trophies, so my chances to actually gain more trophies and losing them in the long run are way higher.

Here’s what I came up with:

initial trap setup to defend

After a couple of replays, I realized that I had some problems to fix:

  • Lava Hounds were pulling the Air Bombs
  • Giants often got activated by Queen Walks

So I changed the setup a little bit:

final trap layout coc

Now I see it working better. Queen Walks and Bowler Walks from the corner get cut off because the Healer died away very fast:

anti healer walk and bowler walk setup with seeking air mines

As a result, I get more successful defenses. In return the other side will defeat my base with 80% instead of 65%, not that much difference.

successful defense log

When I have not that much resources, I also remove my shield on purpose to climb in trophies without even attacking! But be careful and only do it when your Heroes are up to defend so don’t do it every couple of minutes 😀

remove shield clash of clans for more defensive success

Also, I will save Gold from re-arming traps, since my traps are only getting activated on the side where I have good chances to successfully defend – when they are spread around the base I will always have to pay even the defense is not having any chances to work 🙂

Here’s the same technique explained a little bit deeper:

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Last but not least, you can always improve your defensive results by tweaking the outside of your base:

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Ok that was a whole lot of information, I admit I was working on this guide quite some time and spend a lot of time to shrink it down to not become even longer.

At a glance:

  • Take successful army compositions from the internet, but work out the best composition fo the troops in your army yourself
  • Always check your attack replays to see if you have enough/too much tanking power or support troops with you (last 10 attacks)
  • Carefully watch your defensive replays and note down what attackers see as the “best side” to attack
  • Stuff your traps at this side to get more defensive victories (overall trophy profit!)

I can only finish with the words “you need to go your own way”, but as you see you don’t need to re-invent the wheel from the start. I hope you have seen that you can improve with small adaptions and the results will be worth doing it.

You can do this with ANY base design and with ANY attacking composition 🙂

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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