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Beating The Crusher

The Crusher is the most effective and hardest defense you will face when competing in Versus Battles. It’s able to crush a big part of your army and totally wreck troops. I have heard from many people that they have problems dealing with the Crusher, so I decided to write this guide on how you handle it better.

About The Crusher in Clash of Clans

I don’t want to compare the Crusher with the Eagle Artillery, but it has the same ability to make a whole attack fail. It’s one of the most important things to keep in mind when scouting a base and planning your attack in a Versus Battle.
The Crusher is the only splash damage defense in your Builder Base until you unlock the Multi Mortar at Builder Hall Level 5 and the damage it causes is extremely high.
crusher taking down a lot of troops in coc
When looking at the stats, it has a DPS (damage per second) of 142 to 209, which is extremely high. The thing is, the attack speed is 3.5 seconds, but will deal massive damage on the first impact!
That’s between 497 and 731 damage on the first hit! That’s most of the time one third of a Boxer Giants whole health and if there are more than one Boxer Giant within range, you will see them drop like flies. Other ground troops will even get one-hit killed by the Crusher. Often you need to crush the Crusher in order to get a decent 2-Star attack.

Attacking The Crusher The Right Way

You will need some finesse to attack the Crusher. The goal is to destroy it with troops from a distance outside its range.
I have selected some setups that I have found to be the most frequent and how you can deal with them.

Snipe The Crusher

The easiest way to deal with the Crusher is to take it out by sniping over a wall.
dealign with the crusher in clash of clans
You will just need to place one or two tanks (Boxer Giants) to distract the defenses around and then send in some of your Sneaky Archers to take it out before the Boxer Giants reach it.
This can only be done when there’s a Wall in between your troops and the Crusher. Don’t worry when the Boxer Giants hit on the wall for quite some time; this will give your Sneaky Archers enough time to take down the Crusher.

Funneling The Crusher

The first setup was quite easy to solve (don’t put this in your layout!), but if you see an open base layout where multiple structures (and defenses) are directly before the Crusher, you will need to be more cautious.
You will need to send in your tanks SLOWLY and one-by-one. You don’t want to have more than 1 Giant in the range of the Crusher. Make sure to send them in after each other while your Archers take down what’s in front of the Crusher.
attacking crusher in clash of clans
I always deploy the second wave of Boxer Giants on the very outside of the map (or about 6-7 tiles behind the first ones) and then focus on placing my Archers. In the end, you will be able to take most of it out and have 2 Giants left.
taking down the crusher

Choose Your Side

It’s not realistic to get 3-Star attacks all the time in Versus Battles and a solid 2-Star attack with 60%+ will bring you the victory in most cases.
Sometimes you just need to be realistic and if the layout has the Crusher featured in a nasty spot, you should simply try to attack the Town Hall from the other side.
This will let you get the Town Hall and the second Star without risking the attack failing completely.
attacking layout with centralized crusher
There’s no nexting in Versus Battles, but the risk of attacking into this setup is simply too high (unless you have your air troops upgraded enough). Also, some traps can kill your whole attack in between.


Dealing with the Crusher is something that requires some skill and experience, but it’s the main defense you will have to deal with in the future in all Versus Battles, so it’s good if you start learning it now instead of avoiding the Crusher all together.
Don’t get frustrated if some attacks fail. Sooner or later you will learn how to do it and then you will have much more success in Versus Battles 🙂
Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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How to attract? I can’t understand why attract own


You misspelled conclusion, great post by the way


Hey I just created a strategy video regarding a few ways to counter the crusher and I have over 50k subscribers (Mr Clasher) I was wondering if you could somehow feature my video on the website, if it is good enough (:

Syed Ibrar

hey timmy ! your posts are just great ! can I just make a video upon you post ! i mean of i can take the idea of your post and make a video ! that’s all bro
thanks for awesome help !
cheers mate and make more of the content !


I don’t do this often, but you can take out a crusher with barbarians. The trick is to send them in so that one will trigger the crusher and then a swarm takes it down while it is readying for the next attack.
I don’t recommend doing this in most circumstances, but if my other troops have died and the crusher is somewhat exposed, it can work.


I’ve seen some guys who played a pvp at a SuperCell sponsored event did just that… I forgot his name but he uses barbs to destroy the crusher, expertly timing their deployment.


I came to this article to find out that ‘expert’ timing and the main article fails to give the timing details!!!! Stupid article, just giving basic methods that are obvious to most players… I know another very OP method besides timing that isn’t even listed here, but I shall not share that information since the article fails to provide me any useful information :/