Attacking Strategies for BH2 & BH3

attacking strategies for builder hall 3

Winning Versus Battles depends on two things – having a solid defensive layout and making a good attack. In this guide, I will show you the techniques to attack on Builder Hall 3 and have some good results with it.

I will show you how to scout a base and decide which one of these strategies you should use and you’ll be able to get a 2-Star attack (or at least a high 1-Star attack) without problems all of the time.

BH2 & BH3 Attacking Guide

You attack will always consist of 3 steps:

  1. Scouting the base you need to attack
  2. Choosing your troops & make your attacking plan
  3. Performing the attack

I know many people use all Archers all of the time – this is not bad but often times will result in an attack with less than 40%, which often times means you will not win the Versus Battle.

The key to success is the ability to adapt to the base you will attack, spotting the weak spots and then use this knowledge to get your attack in.

Most of the times, Boxer Giants along with Sneaky Archers are a good solution – but I will also show you some examples where this won’t turn out good and give you alternative attacking strategies you can use when you see a layout that will crush your Giant & Archer combination.

Scouting The Base

In Builder Hall 2 & Builder Hall 3, you will have two defenses you will need to take care of – if you can do that you will win the attack with either a high percentage 2-Star or also 3-Star performance. These two defenses are:

  • The Double Cannon
  • The Crusher

They can be extremely dangerous because they will wreck your Giants in a short time and then your supporting Archers are also not standing very longer.

No Barbarians?

The reason why I do not recommend Barbarians along with Giants is that they will be fast and go in front of the Giants soon and get killed by the defenses too fast – Archer are staying behind the Giants most of the time and deal their damage until the end.

builder hall 3 attacking with barbarians

I know that not everybody will agree with me on that, because Barbarians can get good results, but their attack is often a coinflip as a bad trap setup or pathing can mess up your attack easily.

That’s the reason why I do not recommend them in the first place.

Builder Base Attacking – Giants & Archers

This is the most popular and also most successful setup to use for you. Always have 2 of your army slots with Giants and 1 with Archers (if you have 4 slots, you can use 2 slots with Archers). Using only one slot with Giants is not working well, as they get killed too fast during the raid!

You can use this setup unless you see a setup like these:

attacking layout with centralized crusher

Do you see the problem?

When using Giants & Archer, you always need to be able to do one of these things:

  • Take down the Double Cannon early and prevent your Giants walking into the Crusher until your Archer can take down the Builder Hall
  • Take down the Crusher with the Archers from a distance without losing more than 1 Giant to tank it

If you’re not able to do that, you don’t want to use this method (I will show you 2 alternatives for that below!)

If you have a setup where you can do that, you definitely want to use Giants & Archer. It’s often times that the Builder Hall is located in between the Double Cannon and the Crusher and the Double can is the 2nd or 3rd defense on the way to the Builder Hall.

best builder hall attacking strategy

Now you will send in your Giants on the closest location of the Double Cannon. The time your Giants are hitting on wall is perfect for your Archers to clean up buildings on the outside or maybe even to snip defenses over the wall.

bh3 attacking strategy giants

Don’t be afraid if that takes some time, your Giants will tank the damage and all of your troops will walk into the base when this is done.

builder hall attacking strategy with giants and archers

Make sure to ALWAYS send one Giant in front of the other ones to trigger traps! This will prevent that either more than 1 Giant will step into a Spring Trap or Pull Trap and also that your Archers take unnecessary damage from Mines.

use giants to trigger traps

At the point when your Giants will enter the base and your Archer are moving in after them, you’re done and you will already have crushed the base.

At this time, you probably have 2 Giants alive and that’s enough time for your Archers to take the Builder Hall and get you above 60% easily.

3 star attack builder hall 3

One more thing, try to have like 2 Archers you can deploy a little later, in case that there will be unprotected outside buildings you can snipe afterward. This often helps to push an additional 10-15% in many cases.

cleaning up versus battles

Here are also some tips how you can deal with the Crusher:

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Builder Base Attacking – All Archers (Alternative 1)

When you have a layout that is not great for Giants to attack because the Crusher and the Double Cannon will wreck them, you can choose to use all Archers. You need to make the best out of your attack and some layouts will give you <30% when attacking with Giants & Archers.

When using this, you also need to check some things. All Archers is working and will give you 1-Star most of the time when you do mind some things.

The biggest threat to them is:

  • Long Range Archer Towers
  • Mines
  • Compact layout

Before using all Archers, you will need to check out if it’s possible to get half of the buildings with it – to get this, you will need to make sure that you can snipe at least 4 buildings that are outside the range of any defenses!

Also check if there are corner buildings, more and more people do that and it’s nice to get one building for 1 Archer that can join your attack later.

scouting a base to attack with all archers

If you see a layout like that, you don’t want to attack it with all Archers, because you will lose many of them already by sniping outside buildings.

When deploying your Archers, you need to be very careful with them. If there’s one outside building that’s not covered by a defense, only send 1 Archer in there.

Also, send it from a little distance to make sure the Archer keeps the maximum range! Sometimes the AI is a little weird and lets them walk into the ranges.

If there are two building on the outside that are safe to snipe, only use 1 Archer as well. This will save your troops and you have plenty of time for your attack – be patient!

Ranges of Sneaky Archers

Your Sneaky Archers have a range of 3.5 tiles, but this is always calculated from the central tile of their target. Let me show you this with this example here:

hit range of archers in builder base attacks

As you can see, The Archers are walking until they are 2.5 tiles away from the Army Camps. This is their maximum range here and they will not shoot at it when they are standing further away, they would walk closer.

When sniping outside structures and you want your Archer to be safe, you will need to know this to see if it’s safe or not for them.

It needs a little practice to get used to the ranges, but you can use these rules here:

  • 7 Tiles range of Double Cannon, Hidden Tesla & Archer Tower (Fast Attack): Needs 2 tiles between defense & target
  • 9 Tiles range of Cannon: needs 4 tiles between
  • 11 Tiles range of Archer Tower (Long Range): needs 6 tiles in between

This makes it hard to get a lot of percentage without investing several Archers, but that’s not a problem. When you get to the point when you don’t have any buildings on the outside left you can simply snipe you will need to start using more than 1 Archer to get them, depending on the building and the defense.

Now I will tell you how many Archers you will need to do that

bh3 sniping with archers

The Archer’s ability will keep them save for the first seconds, so you should deploy multiple Archers ALWAYS at the same time to get the MAXIMUM damage done!

I simplified some math here, but you can expect that an Archer can take 2-3 shots and is hidden for 4-5 seconds. Here’s how many Archers you will need when they are in range of either an Archer Tower or a Cannon:

  • 2 Archers: Army Camp, Elixir Collector, Gold Mine, Gem Mine, Builder Barrack
  • 3 Archers: Gold Storage, Elixir Storage
  • 4 Archers: Star Laboratory, Clock Tower

Again, these numbers are only working when ONE defense has your target building in range! If there is more, you need to DOUBLE the amount of Archers you need!

During attacking you will need to do it step-by-step! Don’t do a Chinese Wall deployment and watch it happen. Deploy your Archers carefully for every building after each other – otherwise you will just waste them and won’t get your 50% needed!

Builder Base Attacking – Baby Dragons & Beta Minions (Alternative 2; Builder Hall 3 only!)

If you see a layout that will be hard to come by with Giants/Archers or all Archers, you will need a new plan. Here’s a layout that is really bad to attack with Giants (the Crusher and the Double Cannon are impossible to be taken down) and the layout is extremely compact so sniping will also end up bad.

builder hall 3 attacking with baby dragons

Luckily, the air defense is pretty weak and located on one side. So you can go in with Baby Dragons and Minions!

Now you can move in with 4 Baby Dragons in front from the side where no air defense is and then place your Minions behind them.

beta minions and baby dragons attack in clash of clans builder hall 3 versus battle

The Baby Dragons will stand up long enough for the Minions to deal enough damage to get you the 1-Star attack and also sometimes the Builder Hall for the 2-Star victory.


As you can see, you shouldn’t move in with one single attacking strategy, you need to adapt to the base layout. Every layout has weak spots you can use.

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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