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Arranged Clan War – How To Do It

One of the most common questions I get is how to arrange clan wars. Most people know that the elite part of the clan war community does it and there seems to be some kind of misconception that arranging clan wars is difficult. Actually, it’s not.

There is one thing that makes Clash of Clans really fun: Playing clan wars against your friends. In my old clan we would have so much fun once we matched a clan from the same country. We could chat with the opponent, keep in touch afterwards, maybe join their clan for a couple of wars.

It is simply a lot of fun, when clan wars have a little more substance. The clan warring routine of most clans these days consists of hitting “search” and playing the opponent they match up against. You can be lucky or unlucky. It is, however, very possible to push the odds in your favor to match up against someone you know. Many serious war clans do it, and you can easily do so too. You must do a little groundwork before arranging a match. What you need is:

  • An opponent
  • A war officer from each clan

Assuming you have an opponent and a war officer from each clan to take care of the matchup preparations, we will go through the basics of matching an opponent in Clash of Clans.

War Weight

The most common way of measuring the value of each player in clan wars is by comparing “war weight”. All hardcore clans that arrange wars all the time use this method to compare the war weight. Now, we cannot be sure how Supercell compares clans in the war search, but the war weight method has proven to be the most successful for matching your desired opponent.

The first thing you need to make sure of is that either one representative or the entire clan needs to collect the war weight for each and every player of your clan. With the Town Hall 11 Update we got some changes in arranging wars, but it seems that the easiest way to determine the war weight is through the Storage Method.

How The Storage Method Works For Arranged Wars

During war day you click into the active war base of yourself or a clan member and click on a storage – either gold or elixir – and you find the amount stored in this storage. This number you multiply by 5.

Storage Method for calculating war weight for arranged clan wars

Looking at the gold storage above, we see that he has 13800 gold in his gold storage, and multiplying this by 5, we get a total War Weight of 69000. On the roster you will type in 69 in this case.

Since you can only check the war weight from past wars (as you can only note the war weight from war days and not preparation days), you need to make sure that no changes has happened to each players defenses and heroes, since this might alter this players war weight.

Organizing the player details

The easiest way to keep track on your clans war weight is with As the war officer of your clan finds the players’ war weight, he should type in their in-game name, their hero levels, their TH, and their war weight. You can type in each player under “Player Management” after logging in on

Only the War weight is determining the likelihood of matching your desired opponent, the other information is just for creating a well-balanced war. It’s more fun if you have the same amount of each town hall levels for instance.

When you type in the war weight for each player, remember to type in 69, not 69000, 69.000, or 69k. If the war weight in-game for a given player is 69000, his war weight is 69 on the roster.

arranged war add player
Click “Add New” and fill out the info for each player of your clan

Create Rosters

When you have all of your players’ information typed in, you need to create rosters according to your desired opponent. To do this, on click “War management” and click “Add war”. Name the clan war as you wish along with the clan name and type in the e-mail of your opponent. Note that your opponent must be registered on and that the e-mail he or she is registered with is the e-mail you should type in when adding a war.

Wait for your opponent to accept your war proposal. Once he or she has, you can enter the War Room.

In the War Room, you simply mark the “Add all” in the left site and click the button “New team”. This will create a new team with all the players you have added:

add team for arranged clan war

When you have added all your players, and your opponent has done the same, you can click the “Sort” button. Clicking this will automatically sort the two rosters according to each players War Weight:

arranged war sort team

If you look above, you can see that the players are sorted according to war weight.

When you have sorted the rosters, you can see which players are needed and which are not needed to match up. It is up to your best judgment to keep players that do not have an equal counterpart. Remember: The closer your total War Weight and each players War Weight is to your opponents, the higher the likelihood for matching in the war search.

On the right side, there is a chat for you to communicate with your opponent. It might be necessary to ask for the possibility of other players with better war weight. It might be possible to get in a player from another clan to make the war weight even.

When arranging the rosters, please make sure that:

  1. Your overall war weight from each clan is not more than 3 apart. A difference of more than 3 and you will have very little chance of matching.
  2. You have as many players as possible on each side with matching war weight. While the vast majority of your players should have the same war weight value as a player on your opponents team, you can have a few that vary slightly. Please make sure that the difference in war weight in this case is not above 2

War Search

When you have sorted out your rosters to create the closest possible setup, you are ready to search in game. So before searching, go ahead and select the players that should participate in the war. For clan families you might need to announce in advance that players should come over to the clan, if they happen to be in sister clans.

For hitting the search button it is very important that you click the search button at the exact same time as your opponent. You should use some kind of voice- or message chat to be sure. It is not enough to agree to click at a certain time. Things can go wrong. To reduce the likelihood of missing the matchup, be on the phone or another means of communication and say “3-2-1-NOW” and click at the same time.

If you don’t match up with your desired opponent within the first few seconds, you shouldn’t worry. At this point you have done what is necessary to match up, so do not worry. If you feel more comfortable re-searching, no problem, but it isn’t necessary.

Be silent!

It is a very common thing that clans hunt other clans. The very elite war clans get hunted all the time. When you are planning a war, don’t shout it out. Keep it as silent as you can. Some clans have more freedom to simply put up an arranged war whenever they want. Other clans might need to communicate dates with their members and the opponent clan.

No matter what, it might ruin your chances of matching each other, if there are clans trying to interfere. Simply keep the details of the war as closed as possible to people that have no business knowing about it.

Make sure you can count on your players

When you want to arrange a war with another clan, make sure that your players are understanding towards being available to the clan leadership. It is very frustrating to plan and plan and then see one or two players leaving the clan and ruin the war weight. Make sure that your clan members are dedicated and loyal to an arranged war. Make sure to tell your members that they should opt out if they know they cannot participate.

So there you have it guys. Arranging wars is not that complicated, and it is a lot of fun. You get the most out of Clash of Clans, and you greatly improve your skills. Personally I can really recommend arranging wars with like-minded clans.

Left is only to say: Have fun!

This is a guest post from V_PL, who contributed his knowledge to arrange a Clan War. If you also would like to make a guest post, I’m looking forward to it. Read here how to do that


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