April 1st Announcements in Clash of Clans

All over the world, year after year, many participate in Aprils Fools. Supercell has quite a tradition in releasing April Fools jokes as well.

This started this back in 2014 and every year they come up with something new.  Here is their latest prank and also the ones from the years past.

April 1st, 2017 – Clash of Clans Phone Cases

Actually, considering the massive update ahead, I expected something more in the direction of changes/updates/sneak peeks, but it’s Clash of Clans Phone Cases.

clash of clans phone cases

They also included some short videos, plus 3D Printer Files in case you have a 3D printer, so you can actually build them! 😀

You can view all the videos here.

April 1st, 2016 – Swimsuit Calendar

In 2016, they had a great prank, but the timing wasn’t the best and they saw many people get really angry about this “new calendar”. Many of you might remember the mood after exposed Town Halls got removed and TH11 was introduced into Clash of Clans. The mood was a lot like “greedy Supercell just wants more and more money”.

Today we know that these changes have been good for the game and they have removed modders, gave us a big reduction in training times and much more in 2016.

Bottom line, they actually printed this calendar and gave it out to some supporter that gave it away in contests. 🙂

April 1st, 2015 – New Hero Fool

This prank was actually pretty sneaky. Inside a clan shoutout post there was a new Hero Altar.  THis was spotted pretty quickly and flew around the web very fast.

Shortly after that, they admitted their prank:

april 1st prank supercell

This time there was no hidden announcement – the next update came 4 weeks later and brought the Air Sweeper as a new defense.

April 1st, 2014 – Clown War Fool

Shortly before we saw the announcement for the new feature called Clan War, they released a “Sneak Peek” that pointed to what was coming. Before that date there was no official statement if Clan Wars were official or not, and shortly after that they released real info about Clan Wars.

clown wars clash of clans april 1st

This was a historic April 1st for me, as I started this blog only a couple weeks before and hadn’t had much to write about. I really love remembering these days as this was the day when I first saw people noticing AllClash and keep coming back. I was happy about the 900 daily visitors back then, today it’s almost 50k per day! 🙂

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    • Well, Tubers have been in Finland last week and they have very likely recordered their sneak peek material and it’s about time now to get some info… I hope for the next days but I also have no other info so far

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