Anti Witch Base Designs and Tactics

If you’re Town Hall 9 and above, your will probably have seen a significant increase of attacks against your base with Witches (I’m speaking of more than 4 Witches, mostly knows as “Witch Slap“), so I thought it might be helpful for you if I help you creating an Anti-Witch Base.

In the first part of this guide, I will show you how Witch attacks work and what makes them strong. This elementary understanding will be useful to find ways to defend against them. In the last section, I gathered some base designs that work well against Witch attacks.

How to defend against Witches?

Let me start with the basics and show you how Witch Slap attacks work in the very simple mechanic. From understanding how the attacks really work, I can show you what they rely on and how to stop giving them a free raiding ticket on your base.

How Witch Slap attacks work in general

This attack has three phases:

  1. The Witches are deployed in the corners along with Healers to build a funnel
  2. As soon as the funnel is created, the attacker deploys the Heroes along with Bowlers in between to make them go for the core of your base
  3. In the meantime, the Witches will walk around the base with the Healers supporting them to meet up at the end with the kill squad

So you have to deal with two different parts of this attacking strategy – on one side you will need to get the Witches down, not easy because they spawn their Skeletons all the time and have healer support. On the other side, you will need to stop the kill squad consisting of Heroes and Bowlers.

witch slap attack

So how can we put a spoke in their wheels?

How to stop Witch Attacks?

When you want to stop a certain attacking composition, it’s hard to figure out what part of the attack is fragile enough to focus on.

I know, not the biggest surprise, but there are some things that we can use against them:

  1. Kill the Witches fast (or their life support, the Healers)
  2. Stop the kill squad

Here are the things we need to do to:

Air Defense & Seeking Air Mines Locations

Let’s focus on the Healers first; you want to take them down because this cuts the life support of the Witches on the outside. Healers are the only air units you’ll be seeing in this army composition so you should have your Air Defenses arranged in a way that they will reach the Healers on the outside, something like this:

air defense placement against witch attacks

This will help you get a Healer down often, but make sure that your Air Sweepers do not push the Healers more outside!

Also, you should also place a Seeking Air Mine next to the Air Defense which will also take care of one Healer – the advantage is that you are also sure that this Seeking Air Mine will strike a Lava Hound if the attacker uses LaLoon attacks.

Giant Bomb Location

Giant Bombs are also great against Witches because the Skeletons won’t trigger them and when it explodes it often kills the Skeletons as well so all defenses will be able to get all DPS on the Witches and the healers might be too slow to heal her up again in time.

Attention! Why not use double Giant Bombs on the outside in the Witch path? Well, this double Giant Bomb setup would kill the group of Witches for sure, but you will also make it a lot easier for Hog Riders to take down your base, especially in Clan War this is something I wouldn’t recommend to you, so keep some of your Giant Bombs on the inside and use “mini kill zones”, as I show you now.

You should also use this technique to find a good place where to put them:

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Mini Kill Zones

Wrapping up all the things above, it’s a good idea to create “mini” kill zones around the base consisting of Giant Bomb(s), Hidden Teslas and a Wizard Tower.

mini killzone against witches in clash of clans

The Bomb will take care of the Skeletons so that all defenses can focus on the Witches right after that and the Hidden Teslas add enough high DPS to take some of them out before the Healers can heal them up again.

X-Bow Modes

X-Bows should be on long-range mode! The simple reason is that they are taking down the Skeletons very effectively and deal constant damage that will keep the Healers very busy.

I recommend having them in a spot where they:

  • reach a big part of the outside
  • are deep enough in the base that neither the Witches or any other troop will reach them over the walls

xbows against witches

Clan Castle Troops

There are two different Clan Castle setups that work great – either a Lava Hound or a Golem.

The Laca Hound will keep the Archer Queen in the kill squad busy and separate her from the other troops which will make the kill squad a lot less effective without the Queen shooting defenses over walls.


lava hound defending cc troop

The Golem is working good against Bowlers as it will group them up near to the Golem and when it dies, it will deal damage equal to a Giant Bomb to them.

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Anti Witch War Base Designs for Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 11

Here are some base layouts that work well against Witch attacks. Please note that these are only samples and need some customization from you regarding traps! Read here why:

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[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]MIND! All these bases do not feature the trap placement like recommended. Please arrange the traps according to my recommendations above to have an individual defensive layout![/tweet_box]

Another word of caution, please do not expect them to work 100% of the time, any base can get 3-Stared with enough effort put into that and a skilled attacker on the other side, but it will help make it a lot harder to win and often enough pick you up some successful defenses.

TH9 Anti-Witch War Base

This first base is created by OneHive Gazette and you can watch several replays here including some thoughts behind this base.

th9 war base anti witch coc

This second base is from IJACKSPARROW and works great as well, as you can see here in the replays. However, I’d recommend you to switch around the traps a little bit as this one got a little more popular lately.

town hall 9 war base layout anti witch slap

Town Hall 10 Anti Witch Slap War Base

For this TH10 layout, you’ll need to adapt a few things yourself – switch the X-Bows and the Seeking Air Mines according to the arrows I put in there plus create the mini kill zones on the upper right and lower left side like shown above 🙂


th10 anti witch base layout

TH11 Anti Witch Base Layout

Here’s an Anti-Witch TH11 War Base created by Torio Gaming, unfortunately without any replays out there but I’ve seen good results myself using this layout.

th11 anti witch war abse design coc

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