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Anti Valkyrie Base Designs and Tactics

Valkyrie attacks are very strong since Supercell decided to make a useful troop out of them and Clashers are spending the resources to start upgrading them. Most of us didn’t upgrade them at all back in 2015 because they used to be useless. In the last weeks and month I have seen a constant rise in Valkyrie attacks against my base and now I see a majority of them with Valkyries. About time to make an anti Valkyries Base (at least make it hard for them to crush my base).

In the first part of this guide, I will show you how the Valkyrie attacks work and what makes them strong – this elementary understanding will be useful to find ways to defend against them. In the last part I gathered some base designs that work well against Valkyrie attacks.

How to defend against Valkyrie attacks?

Let me start with the basics and show you how Valkyrie attacks work in the very simple mechanic. This will help you understand why they sometimes work very successful and sometimes not. From understanding how the attacks really work I can show you what they rely on and how to stop giving them a free raiding ticket on your base.

How Valkyrie attacks work in general

Most attacks work in the same way – some troops will build a funnel on the outside so the Valkyries will go straight to the inside of the base (most of the times I see Giant/Healer and Wizard combinations, but also Golems sometimes).

That’s when the deadly part starts:

  1. The Valkyries go between buildings and group there to destroy them in a single hit-wave
  2. Jump Spells will make them go into the base faster
  3. Rage Spells make them move extremely fast

The Valkyries themselves aren’t the problem, but with Jump Spells and Rage Spells, they will be simply cutting through your base core like a warm knife through a piece of butter. They can destroy a whole core within 2-3 seconds, too fast for your powerful defenses to actually address them with enough damage to stop them.

valkyrie farming without heroes

So how can we put a spoke in their wheels?

How to defend against Valkyrie attacks

I think it’s quite obvious how we can stop Valkyries – we need to keep them away from the core and don’t make it too easy for them to slice through. Sounds too simple? Fair enough, so here are the things we should do in our base design to achieve this:

  • Install a ring around the core of your base that will funnel them away
  • Redesign your core

Here’s what you need to pay attention to.

Funneling Valkyries away from your core

Do you remember the resource ring bases that used to be popular? The element of a resource ring is very effective against Valkyries, but in an adapted way.

Valkyries will always try to go between 2 structures to deal their splash damage to both. As long as you have a compartment that has enough of these touching structures (Storages and Collectors work great), they won’t go deeper into your base.

anti valkyrie funnel resource compartment

It’s important that you don’t have lots of defenses in there, because you need their damage on the Valkyries!

The nice part is that some attackers tend to drive the way they want their Valkyries to go with Jump Spells. When the Valks will take another path, the attacks fails entirely.

Anti Valkyrie Core Design

The most astonishing part in a Valkyrie attack is seeing how they wreck a maxed core, when under a Rage Spell, in a few seconds. This is a weakness we don’t want to offer to them, so we need to redesign the core part of our base!

A single core with touching structures is seen in many base layouts, but that makes it too easy for Valks.

We need to break the core into multiple compartments and also prevent buildings there from toughing each other. Just compare these 2 cores and you see what I mean:

anti valkyrie base layout core design

Always keep in mind that every second they focus on allows your defenses time to take them down.

Hero Placement against Valks

You also shouldn’t have your Barbarian King and Archer Queen directly in the core area because a group of Valkyries will take them down with a single swing wave.  Alternatively, offset them a little bit so they don’t get crushed right away.

Another reason is that Heroes could lure the Valkyries into the core, so this could help the attacker a lot in case he didn’t manage to funnel them in there himself.

Upgrade Your Spring Traps

Make sure you upgrade your Spring Traps to Level 2, so they can take out 2 Valkyries instead of one!

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Clan Castle Defending Troops Against Valkyries

Right now I see a single Baby Dragon together with either Valks or Wizards working best against these attacks. The thing here is that the Baby Dragon will enrage himself and deal the same damage as a regular Dragon, but move and fire faster.

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Another combination, in case you have problems getting Baby Dragons, is a Golem together with a Balloon. When the Golem explodes to summon the Golemites it can take away up to 40% of the Valkyries damage and, with a little luck, the Balloon simultaneously drops his package.

Anti Valkyrie War Base Designs for Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 11 With Bomb Tower

Here are some base layouts that work well against Valkyrie attacks. One thing I should mention first; if the attacker is a solid Valkyrie attacker, these bases won’t stand good against the attack and can only prevent a 3 Star.

Against an attacker who watched some videos and still doesn’t know exactly what they’re doing, you will have a good chance to defend with these bases.

TH9 Anti-Valkyrie War Base


This base is a classical anti-Valkyrie War Base. The Town Hall is exposed to make it a complete Anti 3-Star base.anti 3 star th9 war base anti hog anti valkyrie You have all the anti-Valkyrie features here like funnel compartments and divided core with spaces between the defenses.

Town Hall 10 War Base Against Valkyries

In this TH10 war base you can see the compartments in the core that separate the Town Hall and the other parts from each other. anti valkyrie th10 war base with bomb towerYou don’t have the resource compartment, but a lot of smaller compartments on the outside to destroy Valkyrie funneling.th10 anti 3 star base layout anti valkyrie


Another similar war base layout against Valkyries hall 10 war base anti valkyrie and bowler base


TH11 Anti Valkyrie War Base Layout


This Town Hall 11 War Base tries to separate the core from the rest of the base in a very clear way.bomb tower th11 war base layout From the replays I’ve seen from this base the Valkyries often turn to go around the base instead of going in. A good choice!


To be honest with you, you can make Valkyrie attacks hard against your base, but you won’t be able to stop very good attackers. Luckily there are not many of them, so you will gather more victories/saved Stars with these methods.

I personally don’t expect any crucial changes to the Valkyrie in the next updates and they probably will be one of the end-game troops in 2016.

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