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If you are Town Hall 9 or higher you will see tons of Queen Walks performed against your base. When looking on the internet, there are tons of bases that claim to be Anti Queen Walk. In fact, the Queen Walk is a part of an attack and there are things you can do to make it less powerful. In this guide I want to show you some insights on the Queen Walk, why it’s so strong and give you some tips how you can make it harder for attackers to use against your base.

Attention: With the August 2016 Balancing Update, Healers can now be targeted by traps so I reworked this guide with this strong new possibility to defend against a Queen Walk.

How to defend against a Queen Walk?

I posted several anti-X guides here and this one is a little different. We’re not defending against a certain attacking strategy. The Queen Walk itself is an opening of an attack and is combined with lots of other attacking strategies like Valkyries, Bowlers, GoHo, etc.

Just look at the housing space – the Healers will take about 25% of the army, so the Queen Walk is supposed to take down at least 25% of the base.

The Queen Walk has one single purpose and that’s creating a funnel. It will take out a big part of the base and aims to help funnel troops in, take down a defending Hero and also the defending Clan Castle troops.

How the Queen Walk works in general

I don’t want to write a full guide on performing a Queen Walk here, but I think it’s important to have a closer look at it to understand the strength and weakness of it.

Queen Walks always start with an Archer Queen and 4 Healers. While the Queen deals some proper damage, the Healers will keep her alive.

Once the damage gets too high, the attacker can use her ability or a Rage Spell to keep her alive (dealing more damage and adds more healing).

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The ridiculous part, from the perspective of the defender, is that the attacker has all time to watch the Queen performing her walk and help her out with Spells until he starts the main attack. It appears that there is only little we can do, but that is not quite right.

How to defend against Queen Walks

The general mistake I think many make is expecting an Anti-Queen Walk Base to work all the time and make the Queen Walk impossible.

I just want to set expectations correctly at this point – you won’t be able to defend against it all the time, but the good news is that the majority of attackers using it just have some basic knowledge from 1 or 2 videos. They are vulnerable against defending mechanisms that make the Queen Walk less powerful and that’s what we’re going show here.

To make a Queen Walk less powerful we will have to achieve the following:

  • Prevent the Archer Queen from entering the base
  • Prevent her from luring the Clan Castle Troops
  • Make her destroy fewer structures (to save percentage)

When you achieve this you will not stop any Queen Walk attack on your base, but you will see some of them fail – a saved penny is an earned penny.

Here’s what we can do.

Point Defenses

One of the weak parts of a Queen Walk is too much damage on the Archer Queen. Of course, she can get backed up with a Rage Spell, but that’s expensive. I don’t see an attacker using more than 2 Rage Spells on the Queen Walk, simply because then there are not that many spells left for the main attack.

Point defenses are perfect because they will make the Archer Queen lose health – even if she is maxed and has 4 maxed Healers on her. You should always aim to have 3 point defenses targeting her.

A best practice is having your Archer Towers on the outside and also have each side of your base covered by an X-Bow. The X-Bow should cover the most outside range without being in range of the Archer Queen.

point defenses against queen walk

This is how your outside ring should be arranged – I think you can manage to swap some defenses around.

I know many like to have the X-Bows in the core, but if someone sends in raged Valkyries they will be gone in seconds and don’t really help you there – better use them in the second ring so they can target the Archer Queen.

Air Defenses Are Perfect Anti-Queen Walk Defenses

The Air Defenses are the best thing you can use against a Queen Walk – they can shoot the Healers down in a short time (and Healers can’t heal themselves). Without Healers the Queen Walk is over within seconds.

I often see people not keeping in mind the Air Defenses with the Queen Walk and then the Queen Walk fails. Here’s an example how I use it in my current base design.

Here’s the Queen Walk starting

queen walk against air defense

and then she doesn’t target the Air Defense because it’s too far inside

anti queen walk base design

The Healers get shot down and the Queen Walk ends very soon.

You can achieve this with a simple rule of arrangement. Here’s the interesting part:

  • The Archer Queen’s range is 5 tiles
  • Air Defenses have a range of 10 tiles

So very simply spoken you need a Wall and 4 tiles space bewteen the Air Defense – just like that:

queen walk range

That’s one of the rules you need to check right now – but also funneling is important. When the Queen breaks your outside wall while doing her Queen Walk, she can take down the Air Defense before the Healers access the range of the Air Defense.

Make The Queen Go Around

Preventing the Queen going into your base is a very essential part – important because:

  1. You can get the Healers taken out with Air Defenses
  2. She won’t create a good funnel for the main attack (clearing out outside buildings can also be done with some Wizards)
  3. She won’t join the main attack later. If that happens you’re done because then you have a main attack plus an Archer Queen and maybe even some Healers inside your base.

Of course the attacker will try anything to funnel the Queen inside (if it’s a good attacker, otherwise he will watch her fail).

Having enough outside buildings to make her go around might be enough for a bad attacker, but a good attacker know better – that means uses Wall Breakers or a Jump Spell on her.

If he uses Jump Spells you’re pretty helpless because there’s nothing you can do about it, but here’s what you can do to make it harder:

  1. Secure the Walls for Wallbreakers
  2. Have Storages before the Air defenses – this will slow the Queen down and might help taking out 1 or 2 Healers in the meantime

Securing for Wall Breakers is done with Hidden Bombs on the outside, Hidden Teslas behind the Walls or even a Spring Trap.

Watch your replays to see the common spots where this is used!

th11 attacking funnel war base

You only have 4 Air Defenses so you only need to secure 4 spots in total.


With the changes of the August 2016 Balancing Update, traps are now a very strong way to fight against the Queen Walk. However, only one kind of traps is able to become dangerous and that’s the Seeking Air Mine as it will take out a Healer without any doubt.

Making a pack of 5 Air Bombs won’t help as it only takes down a the Healer to 70% if they’re maxed and air mode Skeleton Traps will get taken out by the Archer Queen too fast to make any difference.

The thin what I now see is that people bring more than 4 Healer, because they are sure that at least one of them will get killed by a Seeking Air Mine. With your up to 4 Seeking Air Mines you also have a limited possibility.

anti queen walk traps

What I did was going through my defense logs and found that almost 90% of all Queen Walks executed against my base have been from the same 2 spots – so I put double Seeking Air Mines there.

If the attacker brings 6 Healers, then I’m not better than before but I still see enough attacking with only 4 Healer.

My tip: If your defense logs also show that Queen Walks against your base are mainly from one single spot (I mean >50% of the total attacks), then you can also put more than 1 Seeking Air Mine there.


Clan Castle Troops

Let’s talk about the defending Clan Castle Troops. In general, the best combination you can have in your Clan Castle is 1 Baby Dragon plus Valkyries – this will be too strong for the Archer Queen to take care of using just her ability.

Also, make sure to have your Clan Castle in the very center of your base, so luring it will not be easy.

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Now, if you manage to stop the Queen Walk this doesn’t mean that you won the defense. You still need to take care of that main attack, which is still 75% of the total army. Often it includes the use of Valkyries:

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Anti Queen Walk Designs

To be honest, I only have one TH11 Anti Queen Walk Base that I have used for a short time now and am still improving – so far it works well against many Queen Walks.

th11 anti queen walk base layout

I’m not the best designer, but if you’re building my tips from this guide into a solid base layout I’d be happy to feature it here. Simply place it in the comments below or send it via email to me (


The essential part of this post was understanding what a Queen Walk does and how to make it fail. Here are some tools you can use within your own base, like:

  • Placing buildings on the outside
  • Put point defenses and X-Bows more on the outside
  • Move Air Defenses to places that are not accessible from the outside
  • Rearrange traps to make funneling more difficult

You don’t have to make a whole new base design when you manage to build that into your own base. Always keep in mind that the Queen Walk is only the start of the attack and you still need to have a base protecting against the main attack.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha


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