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Anti LaLoon (Anti Air) Base Designs and Tactics

If you’re Town Hall 9 and above, your base very likely gets hit by LaLoon (also called LavaLoon) attacks frequently. Air attacks are popular without any doubt, so it’s about time to make an Anti LaLoon Base (and give them a hard time attacking your base).

In the first part of this guide I will show you how LaLoon attacks work and what makes them strong. This elementary understanding will be useful to find ways to defend against them. In the last section, I gathered some base designs that work well against LaLoon attacks.

How to defend against LaLoon/LavaLoon & Air attacks?

Let me start with the basics and show you how LaLoon attacks work in the very simple mechanic. From understanding how the attacks really work, I can show you what they rely on and how to stop giving them a free raiding ticket on your base.

How LaLoon attacks work in general

This attack has three phases:

  1. The Lava Hounds go in and trigger traps and get all defenses to focus on them
  2. Then the Balloons move in and go for the defenses
  3. When a LavaHound dies, the Lava Pups, similar to Minions, will start either continue distracting defenses or stay alive to clean up trash buildings

The critical part is that the Lava Hound not only offers many hitpoints that will keep your defenses busy and trigger Air Bombs that are not harming it, it will also spawn the cleaning forces when it dies.

lavaloon scouting bases

So how can we put a spoke in their wheels (or better said, their wings)?

How to stop LaLoon & Air Attacks

When you want to stop a certain attacking composition, it’s hard to figure out what part of the attack is fragile enough to focus on.

In our case here, there are not that many options other than getting the Lava Hounds down as quick as possible and getting the Balloons down fast.

I know, not the biggest surprise, but there are some things that we can use against them:

  1. Lava Hounds will always target the closest Air Defense so we can exactly forecast their pathing
  2. Balloons are very slow and vulnerable to splash damage

Here are the things we need to do to:

Air Defense Locations

In most cases, the attacker will take down one Air Defense in advance – either with spells (2 Lightning Spells & 1 Earthquake Spell) or a Queen Walk.

That’s ok since you can’t prevent it. It will happen so just let it happen. In the case of the Queen Walk, you shouldn’t make it too easy for the opponent.

Always try to have your Air Defenses spread out around your base, but not too easily reachable from the outside. This will prevent a surgical Queen Walk or Hog Riders.

However, don’t have them too near the core. Otherwise, the troops will concentrate and go through your base quickly.

My advice is to have them on the second line, so there’s always another building between the Air Defenses and the outside ring.

air defense locations anti laloon

Another important thing is, if you’re TH10 or higher, to have the Air Defenses in slight range of your Multi-Target Inferno Towers so they can deal with the Lava Pups.


Within the past months, a very effective way of Air Defense location developed as you can see here in this layout:

anti air base layout

As you can see, the Air Defenses are concentrated on one side while the other side features the Wizard Towers. This works extremely well, because:

  1. If the attacker doesn’t attack from the side where all the Air Defenses are, the Lava Hounds will go through the whole base and the Balloons are not protected.
  2. If the attacker goes in from the side of the Air Defenses, they will take down the Lava Hounds a lot faster and your other defenses have a better shot at the Balloons

This is what a good Anti-LaLoon / Anti-Air base is all about!

Core Defense

Prevent making the biggest mistake by letting Balloons destroy your Town Hall. Many people forget that Balloons deal splash damage and they can totally wreck a core like this:

defending against balloons

Do you see the mistake the defender made?

He placed the defenses so they touch the Town Hall – this means the splash damage of the Balloons will also deal damage to the Town Hall. Check this out:anti laloon core base design

If you keep this in mind you will save yourself from losing additional Stars a lot of times.

Seeking Air Mines & Air Bomb Location

Now when you have the general setup ready (or take one of the bases below), it’s time to focus on placing the traps right.

  • Seeking Air Mines should hit the Lava Hounds to get them down faster
  • Air Bombs should not hit the Lava Hounds, they should hit the Balloons

These two goals are essential to defend against a LaLoon attack and it’s easier to place them than you might think now! Why? Well, you can predict the pathing now very precisely!

  1. Seeking Air Mines work great either at the outside where the Lava Hounds will get deployed (that can also help a lot against Healers in case Bowlers/Queen Walks attack your base) or next to the Air Defenses.
  2. Air Bombs should be away from the path the Lava Hounds take to not get triggered by them and hit the Balloons sooner or later.

Let me explain this with this layout I’ve been using for some time now (i showed it also above):

laloon pathing

Like 90% of all LaLoon attacks come in from the side of the Eagle Artillery, because otherwise it will hammer down the attack – this base already forces the attacker to do a mistake. Now I will hit 2 Lava Hound down to half their health before they even reach the Air Defenses on the other side.

I placed them on the outside because this also helps me very good against Healers as well.

The Air Bombs are concentrated in a spot where the Lava Hounds never go as their pathing forces them to the closest Air Defense which are the ones on the outside.

It’s always important that you check your defensive replays to see which side attackers prefer to attack:

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Hidden Tesla Corner

Setting one of your Hidden Teslas in the corner is a nice help to prevent 3 Star attacks against your base, especially in Clan Wars.

The troops are slow and fragile when the spells are all used, so a Hidden Tesla in the corner can make a difference between a 2 Star and a 3 Star attack. The troops will run out of time or the Hidden Tesla takes down some single remaining Lava Pups.

This works best with a Hidden Tesla because the attacker won’t know it’s there until he destroys at least 50% of the base.

X-Bow Modes

Some of your X-Bows should be set to Ground & Air Mode! You need their DPS, especially to take down the Lava Pups from a long distance. If you set all of them to the Ground & Air mode, your base gets very vulnerable against Queen Walks, so I always like to keep half of them in long range mode.

Clan Castle Troops

I personally like Wizards most, because the Lava Hounds will trigger the Clan Castle first and some maxed Wizards will deal serious damage on the Lava Hound without suffering damage themselves.

You can also try out a Baby Dragon along with Wizards or a Dragon. The self-enraged Baby Dragon deals nice damage with a fast fire rate.

The advantage of Dragons is, that LaLoon attacks only have the Archer Queen that is able to shoot them, but they will start dealing their damage in the first line where the Balloons are and hit some of them down before the Archer Queen reaches them – also, the Poison Spell is not strong enough to take them down 🙂

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Anti LaLoon War Base Designs for Town Hall 9 to Town Hall 11

Here are some base layouts that work well against LaLoon attacks. Please note that these are only samples and need some customization from you regarding traps! Read here why:

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Again, if you skipped the upper part here’s what a good Anti-LaLoon Base / Anti-Air Base should feature:

  1. Air Defenses on one side of the base, Wizard Towers on another side
  2. Air Defenses should always be second in line so surgical Hogs or Queen Walks can’t reach them easily
  3. No Defense should be directly next to the Town Hall! Balloons splash damage could take down the Town Hall “accidentially” (except War Bases with offset Town Halls, because the Town Halls will go down early in the raid anyway)

[tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]MIND! All these bases do not feature the trap placement like recommended. Please arrange the traps according to my recommendations above to have an individual defensive layout![/tweet_box]

TH9 Anti-LaLoon War Base

Here is a Town Hall 9 War Base Layouts that feature the Air Defenses like described above plus a Wizard Tower farm and a Hidden Tesla farm with high DPS that will knock down pretty much anything that tries to clean off the base.

th9 war base layout anti 3 star 2017

Town Hall 10 Anti LaLoons War Base

This base does defend with the long ways for the Balloons, so the Wizard Towers are little more spread out. You can be sure that the Balloons will travel through each Wizard Tower range and get shot down with the splash damage and the core is protected by funneling the Balloons to the outside ring.

th10 anti 3 star clan war base design

TH11 Anti LaLoon Base Layout

For Town Hall 11 I have 3 layouts that you can use. All of them force the attacker to get the attack into the Eagle Artillery, which is the side where the Air Defenses are – the other side of the base then will destroy the Balloons easily

th11 anti 3 star war base design coc

th11 war base layout anti 3 star
anti 3 star war base layout for april town hall 11


With some solid methods and frequent analysis of your Defense Log, you’ll be able to pull out 10-20% successful defenses against Lava Hounds and Balloons.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Tesla method does not work: any decent laloon attacker will have 2-4 loons remaining.
    For the lopsided air defense placement, spawn from the air defense side, freeze EA, kite the wiz towers with a hound and some loons from behind.use EA ability on the larger group (air def side)

  2. The th9 war base is simply bull crap. Spawn from top/bottom side, 100% win rate.
    Th10 war base can be cracked with surgical laloon: just kill the archer tower on the side and go head on from top side. They will be funneled right into the core and without any air sweepers it’s easy 3.

  3. Wait Tim, what if the person uses a kill squad at the beginning? Then they could take out mutable defenses, x-bow, and the inferno tower and the cc troops. What should I adapt to the bases above and the strategies above to counter GoLaLoon (Golem[For the kill squad]-Lavahound-Baloon).

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