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Anti Dragon Base Designs and Tactics

Dragons have started as the first ultimate attack strategy – being very expensive, but also very successful – and are still very, very famous, especially in Clan War. I don’t see any other attacking strategy being used that often TH7-TH9 like mass Dragon. The reason it’s quite easy to use and with a little skill gets you a decent outcome with at least 1 Star. In this post I want to explain you how Dragon attacks are working, make you understand its limit and help you make your base hard to attack with Dragons – in the end you will find some proven anti Dragon base designs you can use, in case you don’t want to redesign your own base a little bit.

How to defend against mass Dragon attacks on any TH Level?

Let me introduce you the theory behind the Dragon attacks – I know lots of Clashers think it’s deploying all Dragons you got, send in some Spells and they will do the rest. In most times this works, but a skilled Dragon attacker is a serious threat to your base and if you really want to stand up against him, you need to know how his attack work.

How Dragon attacks work in general

The protocol behind a mass Dragon attack is quite simple. The main thing you need to mind is that Dragons are really stupid, because they simply attack the closest building next to them. This makes it a little hard to control their path – compared to Hog Riders or Giants. With this in mind every Dragon attack uses the same steps:

  1. Get rid of half the Air Defenses before deploying the Dragons (with Heroes or Lightning Spells)
  2. Clear the path and make sure the Dragons can only go toward the center of the base and go for the Town Hall (normally also done with the Heroes or Clan Castle Troops)
  3. Deploy the Dragons and use Rage Spells to speed them up

Mass Dragon is the only attacking strategy used in higher Town Hall regions that uses the Heroes in the beginning.

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How to defend against Dragons

Now that we know how the attack runs, we can try to make the attackers life a little harder by giving him a hard time following his attack plan. Dragon attacks fail in some cases:

  • Dragons don’t follow the path to the Town Hall
  • Air Defenses get into the way of the Dragons

This all gets supported by the Archer Queen and the Air Sweeper(s).

Spread the Air Defenses right

Attackers use Lightning Spells to take down Air Defenses almost all the time – needless to say that you can’t really defend against that. In the end they can’t destroy 2 Air Defenses with their Lightning Spells, because they will need 3 Lightning Spells per Air Defense (unless the Air Defense is at a very low Level compared to the village total setup, but then you’re almost hopeless against Dragon attacks).

What you need to do is making it very hard to destroy the second Air Defense with Heroes or troops. Basically don’t expose your Air Defenses:

  1. Make sure they can’t get reached without breaking a intersection before
  2. Protect them with outside buildings so Heroes can’t get to them easily
  3. Make sure they’re not the first in line of Defenses, in case somebody uses Hog Riders to remove them “surgically”

The Air Defenses bring down the Dragons in no time and every player using Dragons knows that. Making it hard to take out the Air Defenses will protect your base from Dragon attacks most of the times in the first place!

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When saying to not expose them, I don’t mean to put them all in the center – then you don’t have your base covered enough and also will give the attacker better chances to win.

Anti Dragon Trap Placement

Normally when a Seeking Air Mine is targeting a Dragon you know the Dragons fate – getting killed. Try to make as many of them run into Seeking Air Mines as possible. Frankly spoken, all other Traps don’t really help making your base anti Dragon so make sure they will do their job the best way possible. Simple rules:

  1. Don’t put the very close together – double triggering is a waste of half their potential
  2. Don’t put the in the core – when they get activated, it’s already too late

Simply spread them in the middle line of your Defenses. From my experience, no matter how symmetric your build your base, somehow a large number of attacks comes from the same direction. You can start playing a little risk and place them more on that side and improve your chances that more attacks get blasted are higher.

Destroy The Funnel

Mass Dragon is often used by amateurs who aren’t really into the mechanic but only spam their troops. Funneling Dragons can be hard sometimes and often enough you can make the attacker fail when the Dragons start going around the base instead of entering the inside.

funnel dragons

Here’s a setup that shows you how your outside should look like – the attacker needs to break the outside ring in order to enter the core area of the base.

Luckily, a lot of them just won’t do it right and fail.

Inferno Tower Mode

Anti Dragon is also needed when you’re a TH10 and you will see yourself face the problem of your Inferno Towers Mode – Multi or Single target?! The Multi-Mode deals damage equally to all Dragons, but the Single-Mode is charging now after September 2015 faster.

In general, you should still keep your Inferno Towers in Multi-Mode

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Air Sweeper placement and orientation

Dragons are slow and the Air Sweeper will give them an additional downswing – when placed correctly! You need to mind that the attacker will always try to avoid the Air Sweeper whenever possible, so it’s best to have them cover sides facing each other (in case you have 2 of them). You can easily use it to cover an area where you can’t place Seeking Air Mines and be sure that this won’t be the side you get attacked from.

Anti Dragon Farming Base, War Base and Trophy Base Designs for TH7 to TH11 With Bomb Tower

Now I will present you some anti Dragon base designs you can use – we will start with TH7, because on TH6 you have literally no chance to beat mass Dragon attacks. The only thing that will make up for the lost defense is the fact, that the attacker spend way more resources on building that army than he will get out of your base.

TH7 Anti Dragon Base Design

On Town Hall Level 7 you have the problem of only having 3 Air Defenses and lack of Seeking Air Mines. The only thing you can do is having your Air Defenses in the center.

TH7 farming base 2 air defenses TH7 War Base 3 Air Defenses


Town Hall 8 Anti Dragon Farming Base Layouts and War Base Layouts

The third Air Defense you have is giving you some serious weapons against mass Dragon attacks.

Here’s a setup for farmingtown hall 8 farming base with dark elixir protection

And some setups for wartown hall 8 war base anti dragons

Make sure to have them spread in the second line of Defenses, so it’s not possible to reach them from the outside easily.

TH9 Anti Dragon Base Designs

Here are some base layouts that will work good against Dragon attacks.

hybrid TH9 farming Base layout with bombtower town hall 9 farming base with dark Elixir protection and bomb tower war base TH9 with dead zone for clan wars


TH10 War Base & Farming Base Against Drags

th10 farming base to protect resources th10 anti 3 star war base layout with bomb tower

Town Hall 11 Base Layouts Anti Dragon

th11 hybrid farming base with bomb tower th11 war base layout anti dragons



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