Introducing monthly AllClash Gem Lottery

I can now proudly present you the best way for future Gem giveaways from AllClash – the monthly Gem Lottery!

Win Gems by using AllClash

I think I don’t have to explain you how a lottery works . it’s simple, you have tickets and in the end winner(s) are chosen. In most cases you need to buy tickets, but NOT in the AllClash Lottery! You get your tickets for daily visits, following on Twitter or downloading the free AllClash App (and more!):


You’ll get tickets depending what and how much you have completed and at the end of the month there are

5 winners chosen

each month

getting a $10 giftcard for iTunes or Google Play (your choice)

You can simply join the AllClash Lottery here

Click here to enter!

AllClash February Gem Lottery

The more tickets you have the higher the chances to win are. Once you completed all tasks make sure to come back for a daily bonus ticket and maybe even see additional ways to get more tickets.

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