AllClash featured OneHive channel

AllClash Featured YouTube Channel

Hello everyone! The moving of the server was successful so it’s time to announce one of the things I was so looking forward to do in 2015. I got a lot of questions why I don’t have a YouTube Channel for AllClash and I did give that some serious thoughts but in the end it was simply a matter of time. On the other hand I really wanted to integrate a YouTube channel here which is professional enough to be useful for the AllClash audience. It took me months of searching but today I’m so proud I can announce that there is an AllClash featured YouTube channel you all will like and it’s run by OneHive:

Check out the Channel!

Those of you being active in the forums and quite into Clan War should know OneHive as one of the most successful Clans around and I’m very proud to have their brand new YouTube Channel “OneHive Labs” as the AllClash featured channel:

OneHive Labs is designed to explore the newest and trendiest strategies in Clash of Clans. In addition, we will explore WHY tested attacks commonly fail & why others succeed. We will also be showing highlights of OneHive 2.0 wars to help improve your raiding skills & share techniques that we have learned. We’ll be experimenting with a wide variety of raids, strategies, tips, & tricks.

You will be able to see all their new videos directly here in the brand new Video Section at AllClash but to be completely sure to get all the fresh videos they produce directly subscribe to their channel or follow OneHive on Twitter!


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