TH8 Farming Base 2015

AllClash Featured Town Hall 8 Farming Base

This weeks AllClash Featured Base Design is a Town Hall 8 Farming Base:

TH8 Farming Base 2015

Town Hall 8 Farming Base with 4 Mortars and semi-exposed Town Hall

Town Hall 8 Farming Base

This Farming Base for TH8 has some features you don’t want to miss:

  • Semi-exposed Town Hall for maintaining your current League. This is a good thing to use if you’re not very active in raiding and want to maintain your League for some attacks you have. Up to a certain League you can also use this Farming Base Design to gain Trophies over night without living in the fear that your base gets entirely destroyed and you lose a lot of resources ever time.
  • Encourage Collector sniper to attack the outside – don’t be afraid they won’t get 1 Star from the base from just sniping the Collectors
  • Southern teasing funnel

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