Air Sweeper placement and orientation guide

air sweeper placement

In this post I want to get you more in touch with your Air Sweeper. Most poeple might think it’s very easy to place the Air Sweeper – in the core and if you’re TH9+ than only place both of them and let them face into each other opposite direction. Let’s get more in detail with how the Air Sweeper works and what you actually can do with it.

Best practice for Air Sweeper placement

In general the Air Sweeper has a 120 degree activation radius and the higher you upgrade it the bigger the throwback gets. That’s pretty easy but you will see that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

How the Air Sweeper exactly works in detail

First of all there is a misunderstanding about the 120 degree radius – this is only the radius that will trigger the Air Sweeper! The actual attack area is only 1/3 of it. You can see this here in this picture where i layered the cover radius and the attacking area over each other:

air sweeper defending

This is important to know, because each blast only covers a part of the area so the Air Sweeper can basically only protect a quite small range (only 40 degrees). The attacking speed is only 5 seconds so when multiple Troops enter the radius, the Air Sweeper can only blast on one part of them while the other Troops are able to continue to destroy Defenses within the Air Sweepers radius. You can see that in my next picture:

The Air Sweeper attacking radius versus cover radius

While the Air Sweeper only attacks the right pack of Balloons the others start accessing the base deeply and destroying. Keep in mind that this is a fully upgraded Air Sweeper Level 6 and there’s not that much of throwback it’s dealing to the attacking Balloons (even though they’re not on a Rage Spell!).

So here’s the important thing for you when thinking about Air Sweeper placement in your base:

The Air Sweeper small attacking radius makes it unable to protect 2 Defenses within it’s range effectively

This is very important because many player make the mistake to have the Air Sweeper cover 2 Air Defenses – but the Air Sweeper is absolutely not able to protect both of them because of its slow attacking speed and small attacking area. But what is the Air Sweeper then good for? Glad you asked! Let’s have a look at my best practice.

Best Air Sweeper placements

When the Air Sweeper got introduced everybody thought that it will change pretty much anything in base design because you always try to place all your buildings simultaneous (read here in “The clean Base Design”). In fact it’s the first Defense that doesn’t deal actual damage but slows down Troops to give the Defenses more time to destroy the Troops. Here are the different things you can use the Air Sweeper for.

Control your enemy mindset

When your attacker has lots of Balloons or Dragons he will try to stay away from the Air Sweeper or destroy it as fast as possible. You can use this and use your Air Sweeper in an area that’s not covered by Air Defenses to not have him attack from that side (which he would have down without the Air Sweeper):

th9 trophy base air sweeper

This is a very good way if you don’t have all 4 Air Defenses because you struggle a lot to make them cover a good area in your village.

Protect a particular Defense

You can also use the Air Sweeper to have a certain Defense protected by it – most of the time you want to use it to protect your Archer Queen against Balloons (they really hate that).

TH9 farming base 2015with air sweeper and dark elixir protection

Protect an area with the Air Sweeper

With this tactic you try to have a very big area that is covered by the Air Sweeper with the “back through the chest” where you place it on one side and let it point to the other side of the base:

Trophy Base layout Town hall 9Another way that works right now is pointing it sideways and hope your attacker simply misses to check out the positioning:

Town Hall 10 Farming Base Layout two air sweeper summer 2015This might work right now but it will not that much longer as people get to know the dynamic of the Air Sweeper more and more.

What do you think?

Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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