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Advanced Builder Management

Have you ever planned the order in which you will upgrade your base? If you’re not thinking about this, you should! What would you say if I told you it was possible to improve your clashing experience with some simple tips that can help you accelerate your base upgrades by 20-30%? Sound too good to be true? Check out my tips for builder management and see how you can improve your own builder strategies.

Why is Builder Management so important in Clash of Clans?

Time is money.  Upgrading in Clash of Clans costs time – you can skip the time factor, but who wants to spend money on gems? If you don’t already have the gems to skip through the upgrade, the only other option is to optimize your builder’s potential to progress as fast as possible. I think I can demonstrate this with, you guessed it, numbers! Maxing out a Town Hall 7 base takes 199 Days 19 Hours and 23 Minutes in upgrading time. Let’s round it off to 200 Days.  If you divide that by the four Builders (hopefully you have four available) it will take around 50 Days (almost 2 months) if you use them correctly – I think you understand now why this is very important.

Time Management

How do you upgrade? Do you save for a certain upgrade or do you just upgrade what you can afford after your farming session is over? Time management is very important, therefore, you should always try to have your upgrades finishing at different times. Let’s look at another example – with 3 builders to keep it simple:


For this example lets say you have 3 builders. First builder has 4 days left on his current upgrade.  Second builder has 6 days left. If you start another 6 day upgrade with your 3rd builder, your second and third will end at the same time.  After your first builder finishes you will likely have enough resources to give him a new task, but this means in those remaining 2 days you must farm enough resources to give both second and third builders new tasks. If not, one of them will likely be sleeping until you get more resources.  Having your third builder waiting with his feet up while you try to catch up is not optimal.

Calculate your average “income” to set the spaces in between your upgrades. You can calculate your daily income from your collectors and mines and add what you are farming (roughly). Next, look at what your future upgrades will cost (are they in the 1,000,000 area or in the 6,000,000 area?) and you can see how much time you should have in between your builder’s upgrades to always keep them busy.

get 5 builders in clash of clans

No “Focus” Upgrading

Try to spread out your upgrades. You should always try to have defensive upgrades and resource/Barracks/Army Camp upgrades running at the same time. If you set all your builders to upgrade defensive buildings, your base will be substantially weaker. On the other hand, if you just upgrade all your Barracks you will run short on troops and you won’t be able to farm the resources for your next upgrade. In my experience this is something that is hard to avoid because you will not have enough Gold to have all your builders on defensive upgrades.

You should always avoid upgrading two of the same defenses at the same time. This will weaken your base dramatically. Imagine if you upgrade 2 of your 3 Mortars – your enemies will be pretty fond of that for sure.


Make Yourself a Plan

I know it time consuming and difficult to plan all the time (and I have enough experience in project management to say this), but, honestly, how much time do you spend everyday waiting until your troops are trained so you can start another attack? There is plenty of time to plan. I always plan my next 4-6 upgrades and put them in the order I want to complete. This allows me to see how my builders will finish their current upgrades. If I need 2,400,000 Gold within the next 45 hours to start another upgrade I can set myself some milestones to get that Gold in time.  For example, this evening I will farm 600,000, tomorrow in the morning I will farm 400,000, etc. and I really try to stick to that plan – try this out yourself. This is also a nice way to keep yourself motivated when you start feeling bored.

One last tip, because I know that even the best laid plans sometimes don’t turn out as you hope, if you should come across something such as running out of battery life, bad farming time or you can’t farm enough, (insert any other reason), you can try to upgrade cheap items, like traps, so your builders aren’t sleeping. Nothing is worse than a builder who is putting out zzzzs instead of his hammer swinging.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

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