how to use spells best in clash of clans

How To Master Spells

Spells are much more than just an enhancement for your attack – they are an essential element. When you reach a certain level in Clash of Clans, you will learn that you shouldn’t even attack without a spell.

If you’re in a lower Town Hall level, let me tell you, spells are the most important thing you have.

The hard part is that spells are not just like troops, because you have to choose what spells you bring, when you will drop them and also where you will drop them.

Spells are the only way you can take action during an attack when all your troops are on the battlefield.

In this guide I want to give you an overview of the spells and some tips regarding the usage and deployment.

You will also find some guides linked here. The guide on effectiveness of spells is very interesting and linked at the bottom.

How to use Spells in general

Let’s start off with some very basics you always have to keep in mind – no matter what Spell you use:

  • Never put Spells where troops are (no matter if using them on Clan Castle troops or your own)! Put them where the troops will be for some simple reasons:
    • You want the target troops to stay in the range of the spell as long as possible.
    • A spell has an activation time of about 1 second. The troops could leave the spell radius almost before the spell is active.
  • Don’t stack them! Two Rage Spells dropped on the same location are useless. You will have no advantage from two Healing Spells at the same place because your Troops simply leave the area before the full effect gets applied.

Each specific Spell has a different use case. You will find links to more detailed guides about each spell here before we start looking at deployment timing and locations.

Lightning Spell

The Lightning Spell is designed to take down certain buildings or Defenses. You can use it perfectly to snipe away an Air Defense.

Read a more detailed guide for the Lightning Spell here:

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Healing Spell

You can use this spell to keep your troops alive, but I only recommend that to use it on troops with some decent health. Troops with less hitpoints often get wiped oout before they can be healed.

Read a more detailed guide for the Healing Spell here:

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Rage Spell

This is probably the most-used spell across all Town Hall levels. It will make troops deal more damage and deal the damage faster with increased movement speed. Almost all attacking strategies feature at least 1 Rage Spell.

Read a more detailed guide for the Rage Spell here:

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Jump Spell

The Jump Spell makes walls disappear for a certain period of time. This is long enough for your troops to clean out the area and it’s much cheaper than an Earthquake Spell.

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Freeze Spell

For Town Hall 10 and above, almost every player has a Freeze Spell in his pocket. It’s perfect to just take some defenses out of the battle for a short time. This works great against special defenses like Inferno Towers or the Eagle Artillery.

Read a more detailed guide for the Freeze Spell here:

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Clone Spell

The Clone Spell is the most recent addition to the game and can clone a certain amount of your troops for a given time. Right now, there are almost no players using it due to its high housing space of 4 (means it takes the same place as 2 Elixir spells or 4 Dark Elixir Spells)

Read a more detailed guide for the Clone Spell here:

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Poison Spell

The Poison Spell is perfect for killing most defending Clan Castle Troops and many use this spell, especially in Clan War

Read a more detailed guide for the Poison Spell here:

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Earthquake Spell

The Earthquake Spell is not good to take down certain buildings, but it’s great to get Walls destroyed. There’s no need to really upgrade it because 4 Earthquake Spells can destroy any level of Walls.

Read a more detailed guide for the Earthquake Spell here:

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using spells in clash of clans

Haste Spell

The Haste Spell makes troops move much faster and it’s perfect for Balloons. Always keep in mind that you should use it for high damage Troops instead of the Rage Spell.

Read a more detailed guide for the Haste Spell here:

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Skeleton Spell

The Skeleton Spell summons the tiniest army of the world. Good for some distraction, but also not really used these days.

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Plan your Spells correctly

Now that we discussed the general topics regarding the Spells in Clash of Clans, I want to show you how you should use them. Fights in Clash of Clans get more chaotic the more troops you have.


The more you progress in the game, the more you have to pay attention during attacks.

You have to deploy the different troops correctly, deploy your Heroes, use your Heroes abilities and, in the meantime, drop your Spells for max benefit – and you often have fractions of a second to make your decisions.

This gets sometimes quite difficult, so what I normally do before I drop the first troop is make myself a brief plan for my Spells:

  • Where will I drop my Spells?
  • When will I drop them?

Plan where you drop your Spells

I always have certain areas I plan. When having a Freeze Spell I know I will drop it in the core area, a Jump Spell at a certain Wall area, a Healing Spell in the path of my Hog Riders/Miners, etc.

Let’s take this base as an example:

TH10-trophy-base-air-sweeper-3Let’s say I will attack this base with GoWiPe, I now know that I will drop:

  1. Poison Spell on CC Troops.
  2. Rage Spell around the space where the Clan Castle is located.
  3. Jump Spell around the locations of the Hidden Teslas.
  4. Freeze Spell on the Inferno Tower.

You can see that I have a certain order to how I will use the Spells.

I know that I will have some remaining Spells, but at that time I will have had deployed all Troops so I can decide where to deploy them depending on how the attack is going.

I then – call me a little crazy – tell myself the order that I will drop the Spells 3 times: Poison, Rage, Jump, Freeze. This helps me remember the sequence I will drop them.

Plan when you drop your Spells

As you have read in the previous section, I already have a general order of my Spells finished in my head. The timing is alway dependent on one event – my troops reaching or triggering something. In this example case from above it would be:

  1. Drop the Poison Spell when the defending CC troops come out.
  2. Use the Rage Spell when most of my Troops – mostly PEKKA and Wizards – are next to the CC (or better said, the ruins of it).
  3. Use the Jump Spell when all buildings before Town Hall are destroyed and my troops are within the range.
  4. Freeze Spell as soon as the Inferno Tower start targeting my troops.

Now I only have to watch my troops and use the Spells – it takes a couple attacks to make this happen without thinking a lot, but it really helps avoid mistakes.

Final advice about dropping spells – I have written a guide to help you see where your spells are working effectively or not working at all:

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For Clan War attacks, I can also recommend you use the Tactic Editor from ClashTrack:

clashtrack tactics editor for scouting

This will help you to plan your spell locations and timing (also along with other players in your clan).

You can visit ClashTrack here.

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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  1. Almost always use spells where the troops are, just closer to where they are going, what you said is partially correct

  2. Did you know that a heal spell dropped on a dead hero will reduce its regen time? Expensive but possibly worth it if well placed.

  3. THere very good if you have troops around the town hall and there are high level walls just use the jump sell it very useful if you can’t three star a base because your troops die trying to get through a wall

  4. People should note, that the BK’s rage spell is just for him and barbs. Not all troops. Nice article. A rage and heal together work nicely. try to combine both so that the overlap instead of right on top. You should take into consideration the troops movements while raged. They will more than likely move out of your heal spell while stacked. Assuming there isn’t 5 or 6 defenses all lined up.

  5. When I go to war I use cheap troops to destroy the buildings and then I use the jump spell with Giants and golems.I try to cover a good amount of space so they can jump over the other walls then I move in with wall breakers and deploy the rest if my troops and I use healing spell when I’m inside the base. It has been working lately

  6. Just a quick question to the pros to clear up a little theory my clan mates have! They are insisting that rage spells pull a troop towards or even I to itits path. I am relatively new but have always been a gamer that does lots of research and then follows pro you tubers of the current game to then apply to my style. Anyhow I have been trying to not so much prove them wrong but their theory, as from what I am aware every aspect of clash relies heavily on player ability/timing and so on and all other spells rely on your ability to drop it at the perfect time in the perfect place to get full effect right? So why out of everything else would a rage spell defer a troops path and even more pull it towards its effect as they suggest the rage spell does?

    Anyhow can someone clarify this for me? Or even better point me to some official info on rage spells showing so?

    Kind regards

  7. I don’t know what y’all are talking about.. my frist time through this game and I’m a max th 6 with some th7 and rushing to th8. What if you use the jump spell to get your king or queen to a specific location? Probably the king since he’s melee? I’m guesin’ here.

  8. The jump spell ain’t the greatest. But can be useful after your troops make it inside the base your attacking.

  9. Use two healing spells and bring two hundred level five barbarians use the Barbara organs at once and when they are half dead use one and when they become half dead again use the other healing spell that’s how you make your troops last longer

  10. If someone placed a jump spell for wallbreakers would they jump cause that would be insanely effective?

    • I think they would but let’s say a jump spell costs 30000 each it wouldn’t be worthit

  11. I always wondered about 2 strategies…if some 1 could tell me if they work . As i m ath8 i still dont hve jumping spell .. so ..can ajump spell make wall breakers jump over thefrst wall to break the 2nd inside? And ..can jumping spells make hogs jump faster or higher? If this happens.
    I think those might be great strategies to make the jump spell useful

  12. Jump spells are really good on goblins when you are trying to steel loot. It won’t get you 100% though I usually combine it with a rage and heal spell. They are stacked so the gobs stay alive move faster away from mortars and wizards towers do little effect because of the heal spell.

  13. Jump spells are not common because of their lack of usability. There’s no guarantee your troops will jump over the wall just because there is a spell there. You said that troops don’t go towards spells, what if troops within a certain proximity specifically jumped over the wall that the jump spell was placed on? That could be a buff and we could use it in more unique strategies, like maybe packing less wallbreakers (which are the most expensive expensive unit per space taken).
    Jump spells could guarantee clearing a wall or two while a wallbreakers could be hit by a trap and not break the wall. If you use it with Giants and combine it with a healing spell, the Giants could do maybe even more damage than a rage spell. Maybe not, we would have to see the strategy in action. I’m only town hall 8 so I couldn’t experiment with it, but it would be cool to be a unique attacker at town hall 9 using jump spells. People would probably copy you if it was a good strategy!

    • I agree that it would be used more if it would take troops attention. Right now it is most likely only a kind of gambling to use them

  14. I dont have the jump spell yet but some ideas would be after using wall breakers on first set of walls barbarians or giants moving on to the next set would be a good one, other than that just giving giants the jump ability in general seems like it would be pretty lethal if you’re saving dark elixir