8 ball pool free coins hack

8 Ball Pool Hacks & Cheats For Free Coins

I have tested all the cheats & hacks in 8 Ball Pool to tell you which ones work and which ones do not.

Have you ever searched for 8 Ball Pool hacks around on the internet? I’m very sure, you ended up here on this page and so did I – I was really hooked at 8 Ball Pool but then I wasn’t able to progress any further and searched around. Unfortunately, I only found generic and general cheats to use in 8 Ball Pool or also some that have been simply wrong. That’s when I decided to check them out and give you an overview over those hacks & cheats that work and those who don’t.

Ready? Let’s start.

The Hacks & Cheats in 8 Ball Pool That Work & Don’t Work

Let’s first start off with the most popular hack, at least when asking the internet search – that’s the online generator hack tools for 8 Ball Pool.

In case you don’t know what I mean you can check out one of them here:



8 ball pool hack tool

Simply put in the number of Coins and Cash that you like to have in your 8 Ball Pool account and send them straight to your account. Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is. Those hacl tools don’t have access to the game servers of Miniclip and therefore can’t add anything to your 8 Ball Pool account – do not waste your time with those.

Cheat Codes in 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool is a free game that you don’t have to pay any money for to play – so, the only way how the developers make money, run the servers, pay the developers etc. is by selling the Coins, Victory Boyes, Cues etc. via the in-game shop to the players. Having any official way to do that without getting money wouldn’t benefit their business, right? So, don’t waste your time searching for such codes but the good news is, there are plenty of small cheats and hacks in the game that will help you get anything you want in 8 Ball Pool 🙂

Legendary Cues

Your cue is the most important tool of success in 8 Ball Pool and when you need help unlocking them, check out my guide here about the Legendary Cues in 8 Ball Pool.

8 Ball Pool ALL Legendary Cues + How YOU Can Get Them

Bank Shot Life Hack

Do you have problems with bank shots in 8 Ball Pool? Well, you need to practice them and you need to do that because without you will hardly win any matches in the long run. A pretty easy life hack to use is taking the diamonds at the pool table as anchor points. They are always in the same spot, no matter how the table looks like and will help you a lot. However, you will need to practice bank shots anyway 😉

how to do bank shots in 8 ball pool hack

Here is also a handy overview that will help you play your bank shots in 8 Ball Pool

The Break Off Cheat

There’s one single break off that most people are using, for a reason! It simply is the most effective one so don’t get creative and use what’s working best at the start in 8 Ball Pool. As you can see in the image, give the ball a spin and take it to the very bottom of the line. You will target the yellow ball in the spot where it doesn’t hit the red one (11).

best break off in 8 ball pool

I personally move slowly until I find that point and get at least one ball with the break off at least . – often times more like two to four ones.



Hack to get the Lucky 8 Cue

8 ball pool spinning wheel cheatThe spinning wheel used to offer the rare Lucky 8 Cue before Miniclip changed it – but there is a small trick that will unlock the old spinning game for you, all you need to do is entering your account through your browser at miniclip.com and then you can use the old spinning wheel game and still unlock the Lucky 8 Cue.

8 Ball Pool Hacks For Free Coins

Bankroll Management in 8 Ball Pool

One of the most important things is to prevent going broke in 8 Ball Pool, something that more player encounter than you might think about. Many player in 8 Ball Pool start doing higher stakes matches with a buy-in they can hardly afford and when they lose, they will have to start from scratch. The cheat that will prevent you from doing that is called bankroll management. If you play a match and know that you can’t afford to lose, you won’t be playing your best game, you won’t take risks that you would normally take and the chances are higher that you lose – in addition, even the best players at the highest tournaments have a win ratio of 60%! Be smart and only play matches that have a buy-in of 10% of your Coins.

Use AppBounty, FreeMyApps or CashForApps

how I earned a lot of free gems for clash of clans
Here’s the proof

The only 3rd party way that works in order to get you free Coins for 8 Ball Pool without risking any ban! You download some free apps via AppBounty, FreeMyApps or CashForApps and then turn the credits you earn there into a real gift card for iTunes or Google Play that you can use to get some Coins or Legendary Boxes with via the in-game shop.

In total, that’s more than $200 worth of gift cards that I used to buy 2.5 MILLION Coins with – without spending one single dollar of my own in just one month!



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