7th Anniversary Event in Clash of Clans

7th anniversary event

When you opened your Clash of Clans app recently you might have noticed that there’s a new event approaching in a few days to celebrate the 7th anniversary of Clash of Clans – like any other year there will be some kind of events going around in August to celebrate that our favorite mobile game is now running for 7 years (what a long time!).

Here are the infos for the upcoming event so you can get into the mood ????

Hero Skin, Party Wizard & Special Obstacle

I want to show you here some leaked stuff that shows the upcoming things we will see. Please note that some info is still not available, so I try to update this frequently as I get my hands on more info 🙂

7th anniversary event

Seasonal Obstacle

You can already see it in the teaser, there will be a seasonal obstacle and it will be a brownish present (no birthday cake this year).

7th anniversary obstacle

When you will open that obstacle you will get 50,000 Elixir for your storages but also see a balloon coming out of it:

open obstacle

Seasonal Troop – Party Wizard

There will also a seasonal troop to celebrate the anniversary – and who can party harder than a Party Wizard? 🙂

party wizard

The Party Wizard will have the same level as your regular Wizards have but they will deal less damage and also have a lot fewer hitpoints – in return they will move a lot faster, 50% faster to be precise.

This is, like in the past years, no troop that will give a tactical advantage but rather a lot of fun using.

party wizard gameplay

This is how they will look in action.

Seasonal Grand Warden Skin?

The next season is right in front of us in 2 days and with the last update the Grand Warden became able to also get a new skin like the Barbarian King or the Archer Queen already did.

You can clearly see a Party Warden on the teaser looking like a 80s disco version of the Grand Warden.

I highly believe this will be a seasonal skin or a skin that everyone gets fro free – I believe that we will see a Grand Warden skin in the August Gold Pass Season Rewards, but I doubt this will be the Disco Warden.

First, it simply doesn’t fit the themes we had (Gladiator and PEKKA/Valkyrie) plus the new season will start in 2 days while the teased 7th anniversary event will start in almost 4 days…

I’ll keep you updated on this and hope that we get 2 Grand Warden skins in August 🙂

Update – I was obviously wrong and the Party Warden is the August skin for the Gold Pass. Although it is available for only 40 points and the first one to be unlocked you will need to get the Gold Pass. I personally don’t like this that much, although the Gold Pass never was worth it that much with this seasons rewards (see here how to get a Gold Pass)…

I really would have like to see they make it available for everyone and give us a “real” skin for the Grand Warden…

What are your thoughts on the event so far?

Of course there also will be 4x Star Bonus, War Win Bonus events, very likely a 1-Gem Boost to collectors and troops and much more 🙂

What do you think?

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

I love to play Clash of Clans since 2013 and write here about latest strategies, news and base designs. While my troops are training, batteries are loading I like to keep myself busy with skydiving.
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