3 Star Attacking Guide for Stoned HoBo

stoned goho attacking strategy for clash of clans

Several years ago when Clan Wars was first introduced to the game, the Hog Rider was a troop in its prime. For any that were willing to spend thousands of Dark Elixir, a mass Hog Rider attack was nigh on unstoppable and with aspirations to win successive clan wars many players adopted it as a go-to strategy for three starring high-level opponents.

Naturally, the ease with which Hog Riders were able to destroy a Base led to many complaints from players and with this in mind Supercell began making some heavy balancing changes. Over time, with the addition of giant bomb damage multipliers, increase point defense damage and the loathsome skeleton traps, Hogs became harder and harder to use to good effect at a high level. People turned to other options for more reliable success, such as Balloons, and the Hog Rider, whilst being an iconic troop, started to fade into obscurity.

However, the time of the Hog Rider very much seems to be back on the rise. With several buffs to hitpoints over the last few months, the removal of the giant bomb damage multiplier and crucially the introduction of the unstoppable Bowler, Supercell have given renewed purpose to the shrill voiced, big armed, hammer wielding tower wrecker. Supercell simply couldn’t let such a popular troop walk the long road to irrelevance, and with the pioneering spirit of Clash players the ‘Stoned HoBo’ raid was forged, and Hogs once more became firmly established as a dominant war troop, with the support of a heavily spell invested GoBo Killsquad, mainly at Th9.

How Stoned HoBo Works

This attacking strategy is pretty consistent with the Classic GoHo. But, the addition of Bowlers makes this strategy a little different and a lot more effective.

Essentially, you have to trigger or neutralize at least one double Giant Bomb spot with your Killsquad which comprises of 3 Golems (Stoned), Clan Castle Bowlers, some wizards and your Heroes.  The 3 Golems will tank the rest of the Killsquad to get deeper into the base, allowing the Bowlers to start clearing from the center outwards. The Killsquad should get very high value, allowing the back-end Hog Riders to clean up the base with relative ease.

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Which Town Hall level does Stoned HoBo work?

Townhall 9

Pros of Stoned HoBo

  1. High success rate in Clan Wars.
  2. Easy to execute, as it’s just a modification to a classic strategy.
  3. Requires less focus on the Hog Rider phase than a classic GoHo, provided the Killsquad brings high value.

Cons of Stoned HoBo

  1. Extremely expensive in terms of Dark Elixir outlay.
  2. Requires max level Golem & Hog Rider for the respective Town Hall level, with high-level heroes to carry the Killsquad to the core.
  3. Can fall apart if the Bowlers are not properly protected during phase one of the attack.

Main Purpose Of this Strategy

Clan Wars. This strategy is particularly effective against “Anti Threestar” base designs which are now common in intermediate to advanced Clan Wars.

Trophy Pushing is not recommended.

bases to attack with stoned GoHo

Army Composition for the Stoned HoBo

  • 3 Golems
  • 15-19 Hog Riders
  • 4-6 Wall Breakers
  • Rest Wizards and Clean-Up troops( Archers, Goblins)
  • Max Bowlers in Clan Castle (essential)

Spell Composition for Stoned HoBo

  • 1 Rage Spell
  • 1/2 Jump Spell(s)
  • 1/2 Heal Spell(s)
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • Poison spell in the Clan Castle

This is the most effective Composition for this attack strategy, but you can play around with it according to the design of the base you’re targeting. It is called “Stoned” due to the inclusion of 3 Golems. Variations of the strategy include “Shattered” (2 Golems) or “Cold-Blooded” (1 Golem), both of which substitute the removed Golems with more Hog Riders. It is advisable to prioritize the Killsquad more than the Hog Riders, in which instance I strongly suggest taking 2 Jumps to get through the base, allowing the Bowlers to capitalize on their long range attack.

Hog Riders will take care of the rest without the help of heal spells if the Killsquad achieves high value in the first phase. However, if your Hog Riders are likely to encounter double giant bombs during clean up it is advisable to take 2 heal spells, one of which can be used to keep the Bowlers alive should it be required.

Stoned HoBo Step by Step

1. Creating the Funnel

Like any other Go-Strategy, this also needs perfect funneling. Deploy Golems backed up with flanking Wizards and the AQ to make your way into the base. Set the funnel well! You’re relying on getting those Bowlers into the base!

stoned goho attacking setting up the funnel in coc

2. Deploying Kill-Squad

When the funnel has been set, deploy the BK, followed by CC Bowlers. Drop Wall Breakers or a Jump Spell to get them into the heart of the base. Drop a Poison on the Defending CC troops. I recommend saving one poison for those pesky Skeletons which, as mentioned in the introduction, can devastate Hog Riders if left unchecked! Use Rage and/or Heal when the Killsquad hits the core. Bowlers under rage are a sight to behold; they’ll literally wreck the base, inside to out, in a heartbeat.

stoned goho attack 3-star

3. Clean-up the Remaining Defenses

When your Killsquad has decimated the core, loose your Hog Riders surgically (3-4 per defense). Drop Heal spell(s) as needed. Deploy rest of your clean up troops to sweep up the broken pieces of your opponents base for a 3-star victory.

This raid is without a doubt part of the Town Hall 9 Meta at the moment. Heavily invested Killsquads are becoming commonplace in many of the top Clan War strategies, and this really is no exception. If practiced well, and executed properly you’re assured of success; just remember to keep those Bowlers alive! Many Town Hall 9 Clan War raids now hinge entirely on Clan Castle Bowlers. That’s just five units which are instrumental to a successful attack, so don’t let them eat a couple of giant bombs on the way into the base!

3 star attacking with stoned GoHo in Clash of Clans

If you focus on what you’re doing and master the Stoned HoBo, you’re well on your way to becoming a truly formidable attacker and will be a huge asset to your Clan during Clan Wars. In short, this is a fantastic raid to add to your arsenal and if you’ve already mastered the Witchslap and GoBoLaLoon raids (links below) you’re fully equipped to three star any Town Hall 9 on the War map. Who doesn’t want Sixpacks every war? Now go grab your hammer, saddle up your hog and SMASH those puny defenses to pieces! The Hog Rider is back in action, and he looks like he’s here to stay!

Special thanks for helping me with this guide to Spacecake! 🙂

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