3 Star Attacking Guide for HGHB

HGHB is the hottest 3 Star attacking strategy right now, especially in Clan War for Town Hall 9. It features Healers, Giants, Hog Riders and Bowlers. You can 3 Star pretty much any base layout, but this attacking strategy has some difficult spots, so I decided to write this guide how to use it best.

How HGHB Works

When pointing it out simple, it’s sending in Healer supported Giants with Bowlers from the Clan Castle and then support them with surgical Hog Rider deployment. Very simply stated.

Now I will show you how to use it – if used right it will 3-Star any TH9 base, but if you fail at some steps you will not achieve that.

Which Town Hall Levels does HGHB work?

Town Hall 9 exclusive

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Clan War

Pros of HGHB:

+ Secure way to 3 Star bases

+ No complicated scouting for Traps and pathing required. You will support your kill squad where it moves and no need to make a very complex plan.

Cons of HGHB:

– Failed funneling in the beginning will result in not much from the attack

– You need a clan that can donate maxed Bowlers to your Clan Castle

Troop Setup For HGHB

The troop setup is quite simple and without any variations (like different numbers of Lava Hounds in LaLoon etc.). Here’s your setup to use:

  • 12 Giants
  • 6 Wizards
  • 4 Healers
  • 12 Hog Riders
  • 2 Baby Dragons (for funneling)
  • 5 Bowlers (inside Clan Castle)
  • 2 Healing Spells
  • 2 Rage Spells
  • 2 Poison Spells (one in the Clan Castle)

The Baby Dragon helps a lot creating your funnel for your kill squad – which is actually the most important part of the attack. If you fail to get all troops to the inside and your Bowlers start going around the base, you’re in trouble.

2 Poison Spells are also very useful to drop one on the defending Clan Castle troops and one on the defending Archer Queen.

Additional Scouting Tip!

Start the attack from the side where you can get the Archer Queen as fast as possible. If you manage to get her down and all your troops into the base, the attack will be a 3 Star attack.

HGHB Step by Step

Now let’s take a look at the different steps that this attack requires. HGHB attacking consists of these 4 steps:

  1. Choose the correct side to start attack
  2. Build your funnel
  3. Drop the spells
  4. Surgical Hog Deployment

You see that not even a clean-up is needed if you performed the attack right.

Let’s have a closer look at these steps.

Step 1: Choose The Correct Side

As mentioned, the start of your attack is the most important part. This attacking strategy works well against all kind of bases, but especially against specific Anti-3-Star TH9 bases with a dead zone.

If you’re starting your attack against a base with a semi-exposed Town Hall you have a preferred starting point. Always aim to target the defending Archer Queen very early in the attack.

3 star with HGHB scouting in clan war

Step 2: Create Your Funnel

If you’re using Baby Dragons you can deploy them next to the point where you will access the base. They should be in rage mode because they are far enough from each other.

Let your Giants smash the Wall while the Healers are on them. They won’t lose health and you have time to clear the outside structures.

HGHB funneling for 3 star in clan war

Now the crucial spot comes when the Giants smash the wall and then you need to be quick:

  1. Deploy your Wizards
  2. Deploy your Heroes
  3. Deploy the Bowlers from your Clan Castle

This has to be performed very quick before the first building that will funnel your troops gets destroyed – otherwise, the risk of troops going shopping on the outside will rise.

Some tips on building a funnel are available here:

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Step 3: Drop Your Spells

You need to watch your troop carefully and drop spells accordingly:

  1. Poison Spell on the defending Archer Queen and defending Clan Castle Troops
  2. Rage Spell when all your troops are grouped together after you set your funnel
  3. 2nd Rage Spell after that when they still are grouped up (target the Bowlers)
  4. Healing Spells on the Hog Riders (see next step)

Step 4: Surgical Hog Deployment

Deploying your Hog Riders works with an easy protocol. Simply watch defenses that target your Heroes/Giants and then drop 2-3 Hog Riders next to them to take them out.

HGHB surgical hog deployment

Support them with some Heal Spells to make them group up with the rest of your kill squad.

Here’s also a great guide about surgical deployment:

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Here are 2 nice videos I recommend watching if you want to start using HGHB.

This first video is from Powerbang, who – as far as I know – invented this strategy and is one of the best Clan War Youtubers out there:

And here the second one from ClashWithAsh who wrapped it up very good also showing some fails you want to prevent:


A very strong TH9 attacking strategy you should try if you’re into Clan Wars. TH9 can be a tough time in Clan War and this strategy will help you perform better.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha

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