3 Star Attacking Guide For GoHo

GoHo 3 Star attacking guide

GoHo (Golems & Hog Rider) is a great attacking composition for TH8 and TH9. Under regular circumstances, you can mass Hog most Town Hall 8 bases and lots of Town Hall 9 bases. Matter of fact, lots of War Bases have transitioned, so GoHo is a perfect way to 3 Star all TH8 or TH9 bases in Clan War.

How GoHo Works

GoHo starts where regular Hog Rider attacks fail. In the case of a Town Hall 8 base, you only have one thing that could break your attack:

double giant bomb versus hog rider

That’s right – double Giant Bomb. They simply take down all Hog Riders inside their radius and there is nothing you can do. If your Hogs gather together and meet this trap, the attack is over, and you lost.

Particularly in Clan Wars, a lot of bases have several spots where double Giant Bombs could be placed, so attacking with Hogs is a big risk. You always risk your victory with hogs and that’s why GoHo works. The Golems go inside to trigger the double Giant Bombs and get a lot of attention from the defenses, while your Hogs take them out from the other side (very general description, more detailed below).

In Town Hall 9 it gets even more complicated. There could be 2 double Giant Bomb arrangements, PLUS you have the Archer Queen that deals a lot of damage to Hogs.

Which Town Halls Levels does GoHo work?

Town Hall 8 & Town Hall 9

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Primarily Clan War and Trophy Pushing at TH9

Pros of GoHo:

+ A Very Safe Way To 3 Star

+ No Need For High-Level Heroes

Cons of GoHo:

– Extremely Expensive in Dark Elixir

– Only Effective Against A Certain Type Of Base

Shattered, Cold Blooded or Stoned?

You might have heard these expressions before. If you’re Town Hall 8 you don’t need to worry about it, but for TH9 it’s something you need to know (no worries, I come to that later in this guide). In general, if you don’t know what this means:

  • Cold Blooded (CB) means you bring 1 Golem
  • Shattered means you carry 2 Golems
  • Stoned means you bring 3 Golems

This mainly depends on the concentration of defenses you’ll face. For Town Hall 8 you always use 2 Golems (Shattered).

GoHo Step by Step

I will give more detailed instructions for TH8 & TH9 later in this post.  Before we get to that, I want to explain the basic mechanics of GoHo attacking.

I already mentioned that this attack is designed against bases, especially in Clan War, that could have multiple double Giant Bomb locations. Here’s an example of such a base:

If I break it down to the very basics, this attacking strategy has 4 Steps:

  1. Scout for possible and logical double Giant Bomb positions
  2. Drop Your Golems to create your funnel, take Down defending Hero(es) and trigger one of the possible Giant Bomb location(s)
  3. Surgical Hog Rider Deployment on the other side (take care of other potential double Giant Bomb locations)
  4. Clean Up The Base

Step 1: Scouting Double Giant Bomb Locations

The crucial part of this strategy are the potential double Giant Bombs. Remember, you only use this strategy because the risk of double Giant Bombs is high. Basically you look for empty spaces (4×2 tiles) within the base – some only have a few, others have a lot.

You have three different situations to deal with:

  1. Only a single 4×2 tiles empty space
  2. Multiple possible spaces, but with common logic you can see where the potential double Giant Bombs will be
  3. You have many of these potential areas and can’t narrow it down

Let’s take a deeper look at how this will affect your raid planning.

Be aware, this will be the base you build your whole attack plan on, so it’s very important you do it correctly.

Note: If you’re not the first attacker in Clan War, check out the replay of earlier attacks. Maybe you can see the Giant Bomb locations.

Only 1 double Giant Bomb spot

You’re lucky because you don’t have to guess and think a lot about where it will be. You’re ready for Step 2.

Multiple double Giant Bomb spots

With TH9 bases, mostly, you have a problem because they could have 2 double Giant Bomb arrangements in their base. Most of the time it’s quite obvious where it will be. Let’s have a look at this example:

double giant bomb scouting goho

We have several potential spots here:

  1. Next to the Clan Castle between the Wizard Tower and the Air Defense
  2. In the right part between Cannons and Archer Towers (2 spots)
  3. At the top next to the Wizard Tower (above the Barbarian King)

Considering it’s a TH8 base, you should think about the most logical one. If someone is smart with double Giant Bombs, you can assume it will be in the most central point, so I’d expect it between Air Defense and Wizard Tower (#1)

Let’s take look at another example:

th9 double giant bomb scouting for GoHo Clan War attack

It’s a TH9 Base, so we have to expect 2 double Giant Bomb arrangements. Let’s have a look at the potential spots:

  1. In the outside ring in front of the Wizard Tower & Mortar combinations (4 times)
  2. Next to the X-Bows in the inner circle (2 times)

That makes 6 potential spots, but let’s think logically about it. If there are two of them, they are most likely next to the X-Bow, right? That’s what you should assume here.

The good thing is – and this is what I’ll show you in the next steps – even if you’re wrong and they are on the outside ring, your Golems will trigger them quickly and the other can be triggered with a single Hog Rider. This makes the attack much easier.

Plan for the worst and expect the best – my dad loves this expression and it fits perfectly in this situation.

Step 2: Deploy Your Golems and create Your Funnel

Let’s talk about the general troop combination. You should have 4-6 Wall Breakers and 6-12 Wizards (6 Wizards if you’re TH8, 12 if you’re TH9; depending on the Level of your Army Camp, of course).

Based on the number of Golems you only change the number of Hog Riders. I personally use 2 Golems for GoHo.

This step has three purposes:

  1. Trigger one of the double Giant Bomb locations with your Golems
  2. Take out the Clan Castle Troops and the Archer Queen
  3. Prepare for the Hog Rider Deployment

So we drop our Golems and Wall Breakers, then drop the Wizards to create a funnel followed by our Barbarian King. You should know how to funnel your troops inside a base! If you don’t, please read this guide here about troop funneling:

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goho golem deployment and funneling

Now comes the important part:

  • Watch the Giant Bomb spots
  • Take out the Clan Castle Troops

Taking out the Clan Castle troops is easy if you use a Poison Spell for Archers, Wizards, etc. If you know there is a Dragon coming out; you need to have a Rage Spell with you and drop it on your Wizards. They will take down the Dragon very fast.

Step 3: Surgical Hog Rider Deployment

You will now release your Hog Riders, but you won’t just drop them in one place. You need to watch carefully and deploy them surgically. In general, you have 2 different situations:

  1. Defenses target your Golems
  2. Defenses don’t target Golems

If certain defenses focus your Golems, you can simply deploy single Hog Rider. That’s enough to take the defense down.

goho hog rider deployment

If there are defenses that will target your Hog Riders, simply deploy 3-5 of them (depending how many defenses and what they will face):

goho surgical hog deployment

Why are you not releasing them at once?

You may have triggered two of the Giant Bombs, but there are several left. In the case of a Town Hall 9 Base there might even be a double Giant Bomb arrangement left. If you deploy them surgically, they will take down defenses, and you only sacrifice some of them to the leftover Giant Bombs.

Dropping The Spells

You should have 2 Healing Spells with you. Deploy them in the area where you have a single Giant Bomb or in your Hog’s path.

goho healing spell deployment

You might also want to check out this guide on using the Healing Spell:

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Step 4: Clean Up

Keep a few Wizards in your pocket and use them to clean up the base. In some cases, Spring Traps take down lots of Hog Riders and you might not get the 3rd Star. These 2-3 Wizards will help you with that.

You can also use 8-12 Archers.

GoHo For TH8

GoHo is absolutely overpowered for Town Hall 8, and you can take down any TH8 base with 3 Stars in Clan Wars. Here’s a great explanation video that will show you all steps:

GoHo for TH9

GoHo for TH9 is a little more complicated. You can use different amounts of Golems and also different Spell combinations. Here’s an excellent video that will show various examples:


GoHo is very powerful, but also very expensive in Dark Elixir. I would recommend every TH8 and TH9 player to use it in Clan Wars because you can 3 Star pretty much any TH8 and TH9 base if you scout it properly. For regular raiding, it’s not that effective. You will need too much time to get the scouting done. For practical reasons you should start using it in regular multiplayer battles to get used to it. The first couple of times you’ll miss some points and might not 3 Star all your attacks. Although, this is pretty normal if you start using a new attacking strategy, right? 🙂

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha, MikeO

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