3 star with frozen witch guide

3 Star Attacking Guide for Frozen Witch

Right now Frozen Witch is the strongest attacking strategy that you can use against Town Hall 10 bases in Clan War – if you have maxed Witches at TH10.

This strategy is also quite easy to use and I want to show you how to use it in this guide.

How Frozen Witch Works

Basically, you use a Wall Wrecker to travel through the base while protecting it with Freeze Spells and support it with Witches for funneling and also while crushing through the base.

All you need to do is using your Freeze Spells on defending heroes, CC troops or Inferno Towers to keep it alive as long as you can – the Wall Wrecker is your key to the enemy village and will make sure your troops will go through the whole core.

If you don’t mess up big time, there will be so many skeletons out there that you can easily clean the base.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, let me walk you through the Frozen Witch strategy and try it out yourself if you’re not convinced 🙂

Which Town Halls Levels does Frozen Witch work?

Town Hall 10

Main Purpose Of This Attacking Strategy

Clan War, Clan War Leagues

Pros of Frozen Witch:

+ Extremely powerful with a high 3-Star ratio

+ Easy to use

Cons of Frozen Witch:

– You need well-upgraded troops & heroes & maxed Witches at TH10 for it

Troop Composition To Use

The regular setup is:

  • 14  Witches
  • 4 Healers
  • 4 Wizards
  • Fill CC with Bowlers
  • 1 Rage Spell
  • 1 Healing Spell
  • 1 Poison Spell
  • 7 Freeze Spells

Frozen Witch Step by Step

Let’s have a look at the different steps you need to perform when using Frozen Witch:

  1. Select your entry point
  2. Build your funnel
  3. Secure your Wall Wrecker

Entry Point

Your Wall Wrecker is your primary tool in this attacking strategy and it will clear the way through the base.

So you normally want to use it primarily on a base where the Town Hall is not in the center and select a point that will lead the Wall Wrecker right through the Inferno Towers.

frozen witches wall wrecker pathing

It doesn’t matter if the Inferno Towers are Multi or Single moded or what troops you will see in the Clan Castle (however, Lava Hounds are annoying).

Your goal is that you get through the first Inferno Tower and at least open up the compartment of the second Inferno Tower!

If you have a setup where this is not possible, go through one inferno and let the funnel Witches with the healers on that one side deal with the Inferno until your heroes will take down the Inferno Tower:

frozen witch inferno setup

Building Your Funnel

Now that you have your entry point, you will build your funnel. This is actually not that difficult and you will just use 4-5 Witches on each side of your funnel along with 2 Healers on each side and that’s pretty much it.

frozen witches funneling

Then you will wait a little bit until the Wall Wrecker has opened up the first section to deploy everything else (Wizards, left Witches and Heroes) all at once.

Secure Your Wall Wrecker

Now here comes the part of the attack where you need to watch carefully and use your Freeze Spells.

frozen witches use freeze on heroes

You need to make sure the Wall Wrecker doesn’t tank too much and will pop your cc troops too early, you need him to open up the compartments inside the base.

Here’s what you will freeze:

  • Heroes! Also, the Barbarian King is pretty tough on the Wall Wrecker so freeze them so the Skeletons will distract them and your heroes can take them down
  • Single-Target Inferno Towers also need a freeze, sometimes you need to use more freezes on them but don’t let you Wall Wrecker go down before the compartment of the second Inferno Tower is opened
  • CC troops depending what you see there. If you see a pack of Balloons, Valkyries or anything else that will deal massive damage in a short period of time, freeze and poison them so your Witches and Heroes can deal with them

frozen witches use freeze on inferno

Once your Wall Wrecker finally reached the second Inferno Tower (or even past that, don’t manually pop it there if you don’t need to!) you will drop the Rage Spell and Heal Spell on the Bowlers so they can bring some nice havoc right where they land.

frozen witches wall wrecker pop

Now all you need to do after that is watching the attack and your 3-Star, if you have done everything right 🙂

frozen witches cleaning

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Written by TimmyEatWorld

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