3 Star Attacking Guide CloneBone

3 star attacking with CloneBone in Clan War in Clash of Clans for 3-Star attack 2017

This guide will be all about the new Th10 & TH11 attacking Strategy which was brought to light by two times CWL Champions “Dark Looters” – Yes guys, I’m talking about the CloneBone (DragLoon with Clone spell). Before, the June 2017 update, the Clone Spell was the least used Elixir spell because players could not get much value out of it for it’s 4 spell storage space. However, after the buff and a new level added, it is now being used with Dragons and Balloons more frequently which made this new strategy a very popular one among the TH10 & TH11 players who are dedicated to Clan War. Now, I’ll break this strategy into some little parts so that you guys can understand why this one is now trending.

How CloneBone works

This strategy works best against those bases which have offset Air Defenses. As you can see you’ll be able to take out a couple of ADs with your AQ and BK(with some wizards). And the other ones can be dealt with straight-targeting Balloons with the help of Rage/Haste spells.

how clonebone works in clash of clans

But this doesn’t mean that you can’t attack those bases which have more like centralized Air Defenses that can’t be accessed with only Heroes as this example here

how clonebone works alternative coc

In these cases, your Heroes would be used for Funneling so that your Dragons go straight into the base. Once you’ve properly dealt with the ADs with minimal loss, other defenses won’t be able to stop you from getting a 3 Star victory.

Which Townhall Levels does CloneBone work?

Townhall 10 & 11

Pro’s of CloneBone

  • Very effective strategy for 11v10 dips nowadays
  • Extremely powerful on those bases which have offset ADs

Con’s of CloneBone

  • More a Clan War Strategy, using it for Trophy Pushing needs sometimes longer searching for bases you can use it against
  • Extremely Costly on Elixir
  • Max Level of Clone spell needed if you’re a TH11

Main Purpose of This Strategy

  1. Clan war.This strategy is mainly used for 11v10 dips, 11v11 & 10v10 triples. However, this strategy can also be used for 10v11 doubles on certain types of bases.
  2. Trophy Pushing. You can also use this strategy for Trophy pushing as a Th10(/11). But using this strategy above Titan league is recommended as the high amount of loot bonus which will compensate this army’s high elixir cost. In lower Leagues you probably have a loss on Elixir frequently.

Army Composition for CloneBone

  • 8-10 Dragons
  • 8-12 Balloons
  • Max Lava Hound and 1Max Balloon in the CC

You can replace a Dragon with 3-4 Wizards to back up your Barbarian King. The BK will tank for them while the Wizards can take out 1/2 offset AD(s), depending on the base design. AQ doesn’t need any backup troop for her ranged attack style. However, a Giant can be used to soak up some initial hits. You can also take some Wall Breakers (depending on the level) to break walls for her if there’s an AD beneath walls making it out of her range.

All in all, be wise about what you choose because you should know what you’re doing.

Spell Composition For CloneBone

  • 1 Clone spell
  • 3 Rage spell
  • 1 Poison or Haste spell
  • 1 Haste(if Th10)/ Rage (If Th11)

When and How to use your Clone Spell

The Clone spell is what differentiate this strategy from a normal DragLoon. This spell needs perfect timing and perfect usage to get most of the value out of it. Now, there’s only two kind of troops which you can and you need to clone: Dragons and Balloons. I’ll show you how and when to use it.

Cloning Dragons:

Cloning Dragons is only recommended when you have a maxed Clone Spell which is level 5. It can clone as much as 40 troop space which will create two more Dragons in the battlefield. Now, there’s one thing that all of you might not know is, cloned troops stay in battlefield for a limited amount of time, so it needs perfect timing to use. If you use it too early, your cloned Dragons can disappear before even reaching the core. Always use the Clone spell when you’re in the core to add more firepower.

One more thing, always clone your leading Dragon because cloned Dragons are destined to disappear from the battle, you’ll want them to tank/die for your real Dragons since they are the ones who will be cleaning up the base at last.

Cloning Balloons:

The level of your clone doesn’t really matter as it can clone 5-8 loons depending on the level. Now, you can clone loons in different situations, like:

  1. clonebone setupSuppose there are 1/2 Offset ADs which can be directly targeted with loons (as you can see in the image). Then, you can drop your CC Lava Hound and Loon and clone the single Loon. With the help of a Haste/Rage spell and the Hound as their tank, Loons will take out a few defenses easily. Sometimes you won’t need that Hound to tank them.
  2. In case you’re dealing with a Single Target Inferno which can be deadly for Drags, you can clone your Loon(s) right before countering it. Under the Rage/Haste Spell, they will overpower the Inferno Tower(s) (However if you’re dealing with a multi-target inferno, Cloning Drags will be the best option as Drags overpower the Multi-target Infernos).
  3. You can also clone your loons when Drags are busy Dealing with High HP buildings and there are too many defenses targeting them.

CloneBone Step by Step

With all that being said guys, let’s have a look at how this attack actually works. Let’s take these two bases as example

As you can see, Base 1 has offset ADs and Base 2 has centralized ADs (although they are on one side of the base). Mostly, you’ll see these two types of AD placement in different layouts so, I’ll show you what to do when you’re dealing with them.

Base 1:

another base to attack with CloneBone


In this kind of bases, your Heroes should be taking care of 1/2 ADs (the more, the better). Your BK, AQ and some Wizards are part of the first part of your attack, as you can see, The BK is deployed around 3 o’clock to tank for those wizards who will take out the 1st AD. Now, the correct funnel made the BK go to 2 o’clock where the 2nd AD is and the AQ will be deployed. She then will take care of that AD and then drags are good to go.base to attack with CloneBone

Deploying your DragLoon:

Dragons, followed by Balloons (and Grand Warden if you’re a TH11), should always be deployed where most of the air targeting defenses are. As in this one, the attacker chose to attack from the north-west side.

use clone spell in clan war clonebone 2017 strategy

Now there are a couple of ADs still intact on the other side. Well, you’ve got your CC troop to deal with those. While your Drags are decimating the core, your lava hound followed by some loons (in this attack, the attacker used the clone spell on the CC loon which created more loons to support the Lava Hound as in Case#1), will take out some other defenses. Drop Rage/Haste spells as needed.Now that you’ve taken care of all the ADs, your drags should take care of the rest.

3 Star CloneBone

Base 2:

bases to attack with clonebone in clan wars

In this kind of bases, your heroes should be used for funneling which will prevent the drags from being distracted by any outside structure. As you can see I’ve deployed my Heroes on both sides of the bases to clear up some trash.

attacking with clonebone

Now that you’ve made your funnel, deploy your dragons, spam your loons behind them and drop the CC hound to tank for all of your troops followed by your Grand Warden (if you’re a TH11). The Grand Warden ability, Eternal Tome, should be used properly to get the initial stage of your attack done with minimal loss. You can take a closer look here to check how to get most value from the Grand Warden here.

heroes with clone spell

Now, when you are in the middle of the base Drop your Clone spell on Drag/Loons as needed. Drop Rage Spells and Haste spells properly to help your troops do more damage in less time.

3 Star with CloneBone

You’re done with your attack and if you’ve done it right, you’ll get away with a triple.


Guys, CWL Season 3 is now going on and every clan is getting very good outcomes with this attack. Finding it’s origin on CWL Season 2 Finals, it is now the most used 11v10 dip strategy. Although, 11v10 dips doesnt need much explanation as I’ve already explained 11v11, here’s a video which is just full of 11v10 dip attacks with this strategy

However, if you’re going for a 10v11 double with this strategy, let me tell you that the criteria should be the same. Take care of those ADs that you need to in order to get your dragons to the TH for a 2-star victory. With some experience and good scouting skills, you’ll surely be able to do that. Now, with all that being said, please comment down below to let me know how’d you like my guide and if you’ve any questions. I’ll surely get to all of you. Peace out.

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