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“3 Star a base” – This is one of the most used expressions in Clash of Clans, next to “where is the loot”. If you research for better ways to 3 Star, you will most likely hit Youtube sooner or later and find literally hundreds of videos that all claim to have the secret formula to 3 Star everything, any time. In the end, you’ll be watching a couple of commented and cut together replays with a certain troop composition. Simply watching a video won’t make your next attack any better than the ones before.

I have several 3-Star attacking guides here for certain attacking strategies, but I really wanted to make a dedicated post about 3 staring as a mental process and what other skills you need as the Chief. Performing 3 Star attacks is much more than using a certain troop composition.

How To Make 3 Star Attacks

First of all, I want to set one point straight that many Clashers seem to misunderstand about 3 Star attacking. Many think it’s simply overrunning a base and wiping out everything that moves. That’s not how 3 Star works. That’s simply something that happens from time to time because classic attacks work so well against some bases.

3 star attackIt’s an art to 3 Star a base

Why is it art? Let me explain the different attacks:

Zero Star attacks –  Either an attack that went wrong or wasn’t meant to get 1 Star. Best examples are hardcore farming raids where the attacker only focuses on getting the loot.

1 Star attacks – Either failed attacks, where the attacker wasn’t able to get to the Town Hall, or attacking strategies that use cheap setups to get the League Bonus. An example would be BARCH – raids they aren’t designed to get 2 Stars.

2 Star attacks – The most used raids. Especially in the end game in the high Leagues where maxed bases are almost impossible to be destroyed completely. These attacking styles, especially GoWiPe, GoWiWi, etc., aren’t designed to get 3 Stars. They are designed to get all high DPS troops into the core to get the Town Hall and the second Star. Sometimes they “go wrong”, in a positive way, when they overrun a base and get 3 Stars.

I don’t want to finger point, but most attacking strategy replays you see online are cut together scenes from these replays that give the illusion that those attacks are 3 Star attacks. In fact, they are not. They are 2 Star attacks.

So what’s a 3 Star attack?

3 Star attacks don’t have a specific troop combination. They have different stages that will make them 3 Star attacks. If we take another look at GoWiPe, GoWiWi or even LavaLoon most of the time, you see a clear pattern:

They all funnel forces to the middle to get the Town Hall plus at least 50%

So why aren’t they 3 Star attacks? Simply because you moved all your forces to one spot and there’s no way that the 3 Star is planned. These attacks send the troops into the core for a suicide mission, hoping they stand long enough to get the Town Hall down. Rarely they go further and get the 3 Stars, but everything that happens after the Town Hall is down isn’t planned.

A solid 3 Star attack has a plan of how to get all defenses down and clean up the base completely. In other words, when a part of the army is working on the core, the attacker will come from the other side with surgical Hogs or Balloons and wipe out the other defenses to get everything down. Clashers that perform serious 3 Star attacks plan how to get everything out of their way so their troops will survive long enough to get the 3 Stars, they don’t hope for it.

You can see this clearly when you compare GoHo to GoWiPe. The last step in a GoWiPe attack is sending in your last troops or heroes to go for the Town Hall. With GoHo, the last step is surgical Hog Rider deployment and keeping them alive to destroy the rest of the base.

3 Star attacking is not overrunning a base, it’s planning how to get every single part destroyed

The best way to show you what I mean is explained in this absolutely great video (one of the greatest CoC videos on the planet) by Powerbang:

The 3 Star Formula

I know so many of you search for the secret recipe to get 3 Stars with a certain strategy. I hate to disappoint you, but there’s not a strategy out there that works for every situation.

Real 3 Star attackers use the following to develop their attacks:

Funneling Troops

If you make a plan, you have to be able to make your troops go where you want them to go. The first basic skill you need to have is funneling troops. If you often see your troops or Heroes wander, read these guides:

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Planning Attacks & Destruction

You need to plan further than just Town Hall destruction. In 3 Star attacking, the Town Hall is a structure like all others. You will get them all, so don’t stop there. Plan how to destroy the entire base and how your troops can do that.

  • How can your PEKKAs survive a Hidden Tesla farm?
  • How can you deactivate the inside double Giant Bombs to destroy the rest of the defenses?
  • How can you destroy the inside Air Defenses to use surgical Balloons?

These kinds of questions require answers before you move forward.

Never Deploy Everything

All 3 Star attackers – and I don’t mean those who accidentally 3 Star – I mean those who plan to each and every time – do not deploy all of their troops all at once. They distract defenses, create a funnel, send in Heroes, trigger Traps, take out certain Defenses and clean up with surgical deployments.

It’s stressful compared to deploying mass Dragons and dropping Spells. Hard focus is needed during every single second of the attack and if a mistake is made, the 3 Star attack is blown. GoHo is one of the 3 Star strategies that show that off:

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I am prepared to get a lot 1 Star ratings for this post because I didn’t offer an easy to use and foolproof strategy that works step-by-step, day and night. Real 3 Star attacking is an art that only masters of the game can accomplish. To be honest, I often fail doing perfect 3 Star attacks myself. Climbing the Top 10 Leaderboard nowadays is more a matter of doing 1 and 2 Star attacks as often as possible. There are lots of professional War Clans out there that practice the 3 Star art every single minute. Those are the real masters and artists out there in this game.

I can’t teach you to 3 Star step by step, but hopefully my posts help you gain the knowledge needed. I’m hoping this post motivates you move forward with proper technique and not false hope.

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