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For a couple of days now, there have been serious problems when searching for a multiplayer attack in Clash of Clans. This has resulted in both crazy long waiting times and ridiculous match ups.

While this started out as a minor problem, it has gotten worst every day since the 1 Gem Army Boost Week started. Is there any way this will get better anytime soon?

Well, this was Supercell’s statement a couple of days ago:


Now, where’s the part of “looking into it”? The situation escalated into all leagues and some players in Legendary League told me that they have to wait 2-4 hours for a matchup with an opponent a lot lower than they are and rewarding only a few trophies.

I also have seen crazy times in Titan League 3 with waiting times up to 5 minutes until a base shows up. I constantly get matched against bases in the 35XX region – even a Town Hall 9 was showing up.

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The 1 Gem Army Boost seems to have broken the whole system with people constantly raiding while being under a Village Guard.

Under regular circumstances, this doesn’t happen, but with the 1 gem Boost, I can spend 5 Gems and raid pretty much non-stop for one hour without making my base available for attack.

This lead to the situation we have right now and it will get better on January 5th, when the 1 Gem Boost ends and raiding activity goes back to normal.


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    • it’s not the queries, it’s only the massive amount of boosted players, most of them under village guard.
      As far as I can see it’s back to normal for a couple hours now

  1. That is the last time we will have an across the board 1 gem boost for attacking. Unintended consequences are hard to predict.

  2. Yesterday I had times up to 10min+ for a single base to find in Titan 3.
    Today, right after the 1 Gem Army Boost ran out, the times got down to a few seconds again.
    I really liked the idea of the gem boost, but it was not very useful at all for me :/

  3. I was recently in Titan 2, but did AQ upgrade and tried goblin knife for a few attacks and dropped right out of Titan. Been in champ 1 during both 1 gem boosts and loot was great during collector/mine boost but not finding as much since army boost began. Also finding longer cloud time now then I was getting in Titan 2 league 3 or so weeks ago. Honestly the collector/mine boosts is enough and worth more then the army boost cause more players will do a collector/mine boost then an army boost and it adds more loot to the game overall. Hopefully next time it’s at least the other way around, let the loot build and be earned the same by everyone. But I’m also finding there is no way to climb during this stretch of ridiculousness in trophies. I’m getting taken for 15-30 and never seen an offer higher then 8 for at least a week. My push has ended for at least a few months and I have no incentive to try again soon. Thanks for the failed Christmas gift supercell. It’s like giving a kid a video game to a console they don’t have, knowing it’s the grandparents who are showing up two days later who have the game console. It’s great to look at. But really…. you should almost be slapped for not thinking. Stick with the troop events and collector/mine boost next time.

  4. This is part of the reason I don’t leave gold league very often. Sometimes when I’m bored I go for a trophy push for a week, then drop down again. Last night in 2 hours, boosted troops, no heroes, I raided 5mil gold.

  5. I’m in titan 3 and confirming your message. Waiting times are really ridicoulous, my fun for the game is shrinking each day. Luckily, the one gem boost stops tomorrow, but it’s a sad observation I’m glad about that. And indeed, I constantly get matched against players with about 600 tropies less than I have. Gaining 6 cups in the case I 3-star them, but spoiling 36 if I loose. I hope Supercell is smarter with the next gem event, to my opinion they didn’t act professionally with their billions of bucks yielding game this Christmas.

  6. I’m in low legend and searching time is about 1 hour till 2 hour and more. it’s very painful and disappointing. is this santa surprise? Game not fun any more.

  7. I have started raiding in off times, see clashofclansforecaster, and have been finding good loot. However i dont trophy push, i find it unhelpful for hitting my upgrades…

  8. The worst part ?
    As a max th9, I was in Champion 1, I had to search for more than 30 min to find a th9 with a decent amount of trophies (meaning more than 8 for a 3 stars attack) … Slowing down my trophy push. And then a Master found me and took 55 trophies … Then another Master took me 42 trophies.
    How is that even possible to keep pushing if you loose more than twice what you can get in 2h (3 attacks)

  9. In addition to taking longer, I can’t find any loot. I’ve been farming around in Master 3 and the loot has all been taken! In the last day I’ve had 18 trophy drops against my village which is far and away the most I’ve ever seen in 24 hours. Can’t wait for the gem boost to come to an end!

    • I dropped from champs 2 yesterday down to crystal back up to masters 2 when I was at work 38 trophy drops haha not that I minded loot was OK in crystal but farming for warden at moment so win bonus comes in handy but one gem boost after 1 gem collector boost a waste of time

      • I’m in champions 2 league,,, I’m finding tons of loot,,, th10,,, no trouble to get close to 1 million gold and elixir raids with league bonus,,, plus nice star bonus after a few raids everyday,,, I’m literally filling storages before I have a free builder,, dropping millions on walls when a builder frees up just so I can raid until next builder free… I’m literally not boosting army as much as I can because there’s just no room for loot,,, build times are ridiculous to be honest.

        My mini th8.5 is in gold 2,,, I’m getting 300k hits for both gold and elixir down there when I really go all out attacks,,, no league bonus so 600k raids not 1 million that 400k plus league bonus really adds up… but still very nice loot… use cheap armies down there with a few gobs in the mix to pick off abandoned mines and collectors,, not worried about trophies with that account

        Cheers 😆

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