Keep Seasonal Obstacles from Halloween and Christmas Events

keep halloween obstacles and christmas tree

There are two events in Clash of Clans that happen every year – the Christmas Event in December and the Halloween Event in October.

These events have a unique obstacle that will reward some extra loot when you remove them. The Christmas Event has a Christmas Tree that costs 25K Gold to remove, but rewards 75K Gold in return and the Halloween Event has a special spooky obstacle that will reward 50K Elixir upon removal.

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How to keep the Halloween or Christmas Obstacles forever

Many players, however, want to keep them in the Village, because they won’t disappear when the event ends.

These are unique obstacles you can have in your Village because you can only receive them by being active during that period in that year. There is no chance that somebody today could get the Christmas Tree from the Christmas Event 2014 or 2015.


So keeping them, that’s nice. The hard thing is, to have them in a place where it won’t interrupt future base designs.

A lot of players start to build a ring of obstacles around their base (including myself), so having the special Halloween or Christmas obstacles there would be perfect. The hard part is that they will only spawn for a few days and you need to be lucky enough to have it appear in that very spot, because you can’t move them around.

clash of clans ring of trees around base yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

The outside ring is perfect for these seasonal obstacles because you are not able to build anything in this 3 tile-wide area – a perfect spot to be sure the seasonal obstacle can stay there forever.

How Obstacle Spawning Works

An obstacle can spawn in a place where no building is placed and always leaves one tile space between any building or piece of wall.

This only applies to regular obstacles, the seasonal obstacles can spawn right next to any other item, like a Wall or a building!


To fit your seasonal obstacles on the outside ring, you have to invest something and I personally don’t rely on luck exclusively.

I have a special Village arrangement that will get me my seasonal obstacle in the first 24 hours in the outside ring.

keep event obstacles in clash of clans base design yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

I know this setup is not good for protection, but sometimes I don’t get a single attack until I have my seasonal obstacle on the outside ring and I can then switch back to my regular Village.

But don’t forget, there is 3 tile space on the outside, so it could also happen that the obstacle spawns 1 tile too close:halloween pumpin spawning yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Just make sure there are only spaces smaller than 2×2 tiles.

I know that this will make it very easy to attack your Village, but keep in mind:

  • Seasonal obstacles only spawn once in a lifetime in Clash of Clans.
  • Seasonal obstacles have a higher spawn rate compared to regular obstacles, so it’s possible that it spawns after a short period.

Good luck 🙂

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha, James M.


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    • how’s that? there are lot of people with old trees in their base (having all 4 of them).
      Can you 100% rule out brother/sister/friends taken your phone (or maybe you got a little too drunk and did it yourself? 😉

  1. Yeah…Decorations really works!!! decorations is a good way to fill spaces n good thing is that obstacles won’t spawn on decorations 🙂

    I’m even using small bombs to cover empty spaces…….I’ll use giant bombs if necessary XD

  2. Timmey is there any limit to the no of obstacles i.e. Trees in our village. I want all xmas trees..😁😁
    I dont have a single tree yet…so want to design base to fix places of these trees.🙈

  3. Timmy, please note that there is a limited total number of obstacles, which can be displayed in a village at the same time (I think it is 36). I had many pine trees around and I never received any obstacles, until I removed a few of those trees!

  4. Hey Tim bro, can you tell me if the DECORATIONS can be used to force spawn halloween obstacles outside rather than walls ??? Please !!!! 😊
    A much appreciated Thanks in advance. 👍

    • well, I haven’t seen an obstacle spawn on a decoration (or trap or hidden tesla) BUT ATTENTION! There are rumors that claim that an obstacle won’t spawn if the space is covered by a decoration – don’t know if that’s true or not, but want you to know before you spend tons of resources on flags 😉
      I know you’re TH7 so it’s hard to cover everything with buildings and walls…

      • Thanks for the info,Tim.
        (PS : by the way, i’ve got all the flags already at TH6. i thought they were really cool, but now i know that they are nothing more than some attractive non-living goblins who take away the gold.)
        (PPS : The flags still seem pretty CoooL to me.)
        😂 😂 😂

      • Thanks again Tim bro, i’ll be trying that funneling thing with my decor’s too …


  5. Only one tree will spawn for each base? Because i already got one, and if i remove it will i get another one (for the right spot)?

  6. I haven’t gotten the tree yet, so I still have a chance to manipulate where it goes, thanks Tim! I also like the black tree, good symbol for the new update… 🙂

  7. Is it a troop/spell glitch?…. one happened to me yesterday where I had my troops, spells and cc troops trained for war…. I attacked and was surprised to find my camps, spell factories and cc were still full with the same troops almost as if I’d never them. As a result I got to use 2nd attack in war straight away without having to spend elixir and dark elixir on training troops or spells as well as not having to wait for them to train as well as not having to request cc troops again as there was apparently still a golem in there. After my 2nd attack I discovered the same thing happened… I had all troops, spells and cc troops so I went to test in normal raid… I used all troops and spells and after that my camps were finally empty. Dunno y this glitch happened or if it will happen again… I will see in our next war. Plz reply if anyone else is having this glitch.

  8. I m disapointed with loot. Villages are empty, nobody attacked me. Boring staf. Many friends not playing coc anymore. Sad really sad. I now my english is bad. Sorry but this is my opinion about the game. Sorry Supercell but you are loosing the players.. Just like that!!!

  9. Hey
    I was just wondering if I don’t collect the presents till the end of Christmas season that is 7 Jan 2015 would they go away or stay back? Ad I would much rather keep the elixir present than withdraw and make it vulnerable to get looted

  10. The wall thing does not work unless you have each wall only 1 space away from eachother. Seasonal obstacles work like gem boxes; they have a very low spawn rate, (5% or 2%, I don’t remember which) and they do not abide by the 1 space buffer zone that regular obstacles abide by. For instance, if you have a 2×2 spot inside your base that is unoccupied, such as you could put a tesla there but have chosen not to, normal obstacles will not spawn there because the 1 space buffer zone prevents them. A seasonal obstacle, or a gem box, can spawn there since they don’t follow the same rule. Trust me, it happens to me all the time.

  11. Benjamin…a Christmas tree only needs a 1X1 space to spawn. If there is nothing to prevent this, such as the one space barrier around structures, it can happen. Purchased (and spawned) obstacles have no barrier.

  12. I had a Christmas tree appear right next to a building in between a purchased obstical . Usually obstical s will not appear unless there is at least one space available on all sides. Is this a glitch? I would post a screen shot but I don’t have that option

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