Reaching Titan League – How & Why?

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Reaching Titan League is something that every Clash of Clans player will go for sooner or later. Especially if you’re a maxed TH10 or solid TH11, you will want to go there to find bases you can raid with proper loot and also some decent League Bonus.

If you’re a TH9 with a lot of ambitions, you can reach Titan League with some dedication – here are some things that will help you pushing the long path through Champions League.reached titan league in clash of clans yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Why Titan League Is For All Clashers

First of all, I want to clear off a big myth about Titan League that seems to be running around.

Many understand that pushing to Champions League is vital to get the tons of extra gems from the achievement – for many F2P players the only way to afford the 5th Builder.

Now, Titan league isn’t offering this bonus (yet), so many think it’s not important – maybe even a waste – to reach Titan League unless you’re a pusher.

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Yes, it’s not just something people do to show off.

Titan league offers a bigger loot bonus and will make you get more loot from attacks. I personally farm in Titan league with a nice profit, even with at least one upgrading Hero.

This leads me to the next point – when I was back in Champions League, I constantly saw attacks from Titan league players with up to 600 trophies more than my own count.

The opponents won’t be stronger, the bases are not harder – that’s what I can tell you.


That’s a defense log, I found from a couple months back when I was in Champions 1/2 League – I had roughly 70% of all attacks being from mid-4000 trophy players.

Another great thing is that the Village Guard will not be 1 hour, like in Champions League – you will get 2 hours of Village Guard. That is great for a boosted session or also protects your village one more full hour.more village guard in titan league yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

You see, that reaching Titan League offers no disadvantage, but offers more League Bonus.

The only challenge is, that pushing to Titan League can take some time and dedication – so I have  some great things that will help you with that.

In fact, there is an easy tactic to reach Titan League by doing only a few attacks daily.

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Reaching Titan League Faster

I know that many Clashers out there think that the number of attacks per day are the only thing that will help with reaching Titan League faster.

In fact, you will need to attack frequently every day, but you can also break for one day if you’re not able to do the attacks.

Let’s say every defense you will lose between 5-10 trophies when you are in Champions League – so that’s what you need to make up.

To push forward you will need to make 2 attacks in between every shield that runs out.

That’s about 4 attacks per day. Not that much in my opinion. 🙂

But there are also other things that will help you pushing even faster than that.

Attacking Properly

I always see people trying to make fancy moves in Champions League. However, this is neither the place nor the time to do that. Champions League has become a fairly easy league and you can cross it easily.

Many Clashers there take their layout from the internet, so you will come across similar base layouts all the time – especially the ring bases.

My simple tactic is picking this kind of layout and go for it – you will find plenty of them and you will always win once you find out how to beat it.

Learn how to play against those bases and you’re good to go. You can make only four attacks per day and will see a constant rise in Trophies

And please – don’t try new attacking styles when you’re serious pushing to Titan League. That’s what Friendly Challenges are perfect for.

Important! Every lost attack will cost you 5-6 times what you get for winning the attack! This means you will lose a lot of progress when you don’t win – if you attack be sure you can win.

What Attacking Composition?

First of all, you can use the one that is working in Master League or Clan War for you – the opponents won’t get that much stronger up there!

The most important thing is that you will need to feel comfortable with it and have some experience. When you have played 100 attacks with a certain attacking composition you’re so good at it that you won’t lose an attack.

Mind that you will get matched primarily against similar Town Hall level, and there are also plenty of TH9 up in Champions & Legend League.

In case you don’t have one, I can recommend you several compositions that work:

  • Town Hall 9 Player:
  • Upgrading Heroes? No problem, try this strategy with Giants & Valkyries
  • LavaLoon if you’re more into air attacks (works great right now)
  • Bowler / Healer combinations

Defensive Extra Boost

In the upper section I told you that you will lose a lot of trophies when you attack and don’t score at least 1 Star – well, as annoying as this can be when you’re the attacker there is always a different perspective.

If you’re the defender, you’ll be happy about the extra trophies that will be worth a full day of attacks.

The important thing now is – how can we get a couple of successful defenses?

Here are 3 steps that will help you improve your defensive performance:

  1. Solid Anti 2-Star layout
  2. Improve your layout individually
  3. Get some extra trophies

I want to get deeper into each of these points.

First of all, getting a solid Anti 2-Star base is important. I know a lot of you get their base layouts from the internet and on many sites, there is no difference between pushing and war base layouts.

In fact, the difference is extremely huge! Only because both try to protect stars doesn’t mean that a war base is working for trophy pushing and vice versa!

A War Base is anti 3-Star – protects the last Star, but makes it quite easy to get the Town Hall.

A Trophy Base is anti 2-Star and protects the Town Hall in the best way possible.

This difference is extremely important – with a anti 3-Star war base you will see only a few (if ever) 3 Star attacks against your base, but the offset Town Hall will make a successful defense impossible.

Always remember, a successful defense makes up for 4-5 lost defenses!

Of course, you will lose most of your defenses, but every won defense will push your progress a lot.

So, don’t take a base like this for trophy pushing:th9.5 war base design yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

Rather take a base like this:clash of clans maps th10 town hall 10 for clan war yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

These are only examples to show you the difference between trophy and war base layouts.

Here are some trophy bases you can use ( I update them frequently):

Get Extra Defenses

If you took your current base from the internet, you will need to perform certain steps before you set it active – changing traps, checking and correcting weaknesses, etc. I wrapped this up here in this post that I highly recommend to everybody using bases that are public:

The next step is that we will try to trap our opponents.

There is a technique how you can place your traps in a certain spot that will make an attack fail when an attacker attacks this location.

Read the full guide here:

This technique brings me roughly 1 defensive win every 4 attacks!


Stay motivated

Now here comes the hardest part – staying motivated. Please be aware that going to Titan League is nothing you will achieve within one afternoon and you’ll probably have some moments where you simply lose your focus and just want to drop trophies again.

Take a rest if you need to – not attacking is better than losing a whole attack.

Also, check out my post on keep being motivated in Clash of Clans – maybe it helps 🙂

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha


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  1. Just broke 4400 cups about an hour ago. Im a maxed th9 except heroes. They’re both currently 27/27. I told myself once I got into Titan 2 that I would switch from the “TH rush” type army comp I was using to more of an efficient comp like baby drag strat (seems pretty popular currently for th9 pushers). Although you discourage switching to something you’ve never tried before this high in cups, I will give it a go because I already reached my goal and at this point I’m just riding the DE wave up here with the loot bonus and having fun until I hit the TH upgrade button. Here’s to good luck to everyone else currently pushing! Don’t give up. Cheers! IGN: Beauwolf Clan: CASDN

    • What did you use to push to TH9? I have lvl 15 BK lvl 16 AQ. I still need to max out the following: baby dragon, hound, minions, lightning, quake, poison, haste and valkyries. I’ve held off on baby dragon push and anything requiring air troops until lightning is maxed out for TH9.

      Did you mostly skip around and attack TH9 or were you able to take out TH10 as a TH9?

  2. Tim can you help me im th/8 and im master 3 right now how can i go to tita 3 because it too hard can you suggest me how to attack

  3. This post comes really just in time for me, thanks for it. Next season my whole clan starts cuprunning and I’m in the mood for it, too. I’m a nearly maxed TH10, and my personal record is some more than 3200 trophies, that’s champ 3 (don’t laugh at me, Tim!). I want to reach at least champ 1, but with your positive words in mind I’ve upgraded my ambitions 🙂

      • “Still going strong” haha. I’m champ 2 now, ascended from 2450 to some more than 3700 cups. It’s getting harder now and raw materials are getting lower and lower, but who knows…perhaps I’ll manage to be legend at the time fireworks are getting into the air. Keep you informed 😀

      • It’s getting horrible. Stuck around 4000 cups and finding almost only overpowered TH11’s. Bases yielding 6 cups if you 3-star them and costing 36 cups in the case you lose. How manage some of those Asian TH8’s it to be titan I wonder….

      • They often search for ages for a base.
        You shouldn’t rush attack any base (well the consequences are very bad) and pick your target properly

      • Ha Tim, guess what? I’m in titan 3 league with 4105 cups! As we say in the Netherlands, it costed blood, sweat and tears but managed to do it by 3-starring an Indonesian TH9 resulting in 26 cups at the end. Think I’m staying for a while in titan 3 before dropping 1700 cups haha.
        Have a nice Christmas and a very happy new year,

  4. My max th10 currently broke into Titan 2! I did lose an attack and am just under 4400 again but I can tell you at this point it’s necessary to know how to attack a th11 if you want to increase more then 8 trophies per attack. I’ve stuck with bewitched and still aim for attacking any th10 I can beat and still moving up. Anyone pushing now knows it’s much easier then it used to be. Last year when I pushed to champs master 1 barely had anything to attack and it was a lot of cloud time, less clouds now but more max th11’s. don’t give up! I’ll update once I reach Titan 1 lol happy clashing everyone!

  5. When I pushed a long time ago, got into champions league 2 and refused to go any further. I’d have to do 10 attacks for every defence. you get less than 5 trophies per attack but lose 30 for a lost defence. Painful. Now i’m living in gold league (occasionally going up to crystal before dropping), earning loads of loot and not getting attacked. Far easier CoC life in the lower leagues

  6. I pushed as a baby TH9 just recently. Went up to Champions I at 3856 before I decided to drop down again. Reason why is because it took me 30+ minutes to find a TH9 base to attack up there. Eventually I altered my army comp and went for nothing but TH10s for 1-2 stars. I went on like that for about a week, but eventually I lost all motivation because it wasn’t very fun to get around 1-3 trophies per win, and a stunning 30+ loss if defeated, and about the same on a lost defense which was every time.

    It took too long to find decent oppenents as a fresh TH9 to push titans.

  7. I’ve started pushing on my th10 and both th9’s I have. TH10 started in champ 3 and in champ 1 now as it’s basically maxed with 31-26 heroes without too much difficulty (basically just don’t lose an attack 😜) but my th9’s are one maxed for th9 and one maxed th8 defenses. Lost a whopping 35 cups to one defense with that one. Go figure lmao, but noticed my max th9 will be in champ 2 soon enough. Being using bowlerwalk and queen walk with mass valks to 3 star th9 bases and clear 2 stars on some th10’s, that account has 15-12 heroes while my mini 9 has 10-10 heroes. Just wondering what people at th9 have been using for army compositions to attack those th10’s with the pesky infernos within range of TH but in different compartments. When I find infernos together valks rage heal rage heal usually drops them both while only losing a couple making an easy 2 star win. But wondering if my max th9 should be trying laloon? And since I’m without hounds on my mini 9 maybe use loonion? Since all updates lately have pushed many players to put air traps outside (I’ve lost my queenwalk on my th10 a couple times due to this) was wondering if other players pushing their th9’s are using air. I’ve also seen many th9 players using drag/baby drag combo and wondering how that has been working for them. Also quick idea of what kind of base they attack and spells and deployment tips if anyone wants to share. Hoping to see more players push as the loot is great only in champ 3 and want to push to champ 1 or Titan to get wall upgrades done faster. My mini 9 I plan to do walls before defenses but thinking once they are all lvl 9 it will probably be better to start defenses as going offline is taking a step back almost everytime. And any th10 wanting my loot has an easy base regardless of the difficulty of the layout. Defense dps is just so low 😂😭 happy clashing everyone

  8. I need to reach Titan 3 as a th8 need some tips nw currently iam in champs3 tuk a shield for 8days have exams nearly nd I see a lots of people reached Titan 1 as a th8 player hw is it possible

  9. Finally found a right place to post my question Tim I am not sure if you know the answer however with my recent trophey push I am at 3504 or whatnot just clipped Champ 2 but it seems that after you reach Champs the game starts searching DOWN a league hence the low trophy offers… Can anyone confirm…? It is crazy that when I am done with my single boost session I stick my TH out for the shield I always get snyped for 1 trophy by a Titan 3 or a Champ 1 which once again confirm the theory of searching DOWN but when I am attacking I cant find a Upper league player to save my life…!! The only way for me to do anything would be to revenge but those boys are online 24/7!!! So whats the story behind this low trophy offer can anyone chime in…… why does the game keep searchin down? Does there come a point where all the people Titans and Champs search from the same pool…. So far the loot is non existant too!! I see all these videos of youtubers attacking these max rich bases but i cant seem to find anything worth anything here….. lol its a novel but I am new to this. Thanks

    • I think the reason behind finding bases from lower leagues is that once you reach a higher trophy count , you get raided the moment you log out , so 99% of people are shielded while you search for a base to raid, hence we find bases 1-2 leagues below us.

      • Makes sense….. Still my bk Max and my AQ is on the way I am sticking to M2 for the loot and an easy boost up whenever I am ready again. Coming up from crystal usually wastes a few days…. And some ‘lix. Thanks for the reply I guess we will see how it works again.

  10. 3900 trophies as a th8 and i cant find even a single th9 , hardly snipes for 1-3 trophies . looking impossible for me . after supercell removes farming base feature , i m gonna simply quit if i dont get to titan until then !

      • thanks but with the deletion of farming base i know i cant ever get to titans as a th8 now .i dont know why and how so many th8 got to titan when theres not a single th9 with more than 1 trophy after 3.9k trophies , or even a single snipe ! supercell is going to make it harder now !

    • to be fair, th8 is a relatively small townhall level compared to 9,10&11. Probably takes 4/5 months to max out I’d say, so you won’t be there long!

  11. Titan League.
    4200 cups amazing problem with find oponent.
    Whas say Supercell?
    Internet Problem haha…
    Thousand Players have a problem with internet on World.

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