Dealing With Clan Castle Troops

dealing with defending Clan Castle troops

Dealing with Clan Castle Troops is a key skill you must have in Clash of Clans if you really want to get positive long-term results. Clan Castle troops can make a difference between victory and loss. I constantly see people dealing with Clan Castle troops the wrong way, so I decided to write this full guide with all you need to know.

When dealing with Clan Castle troops, there are always two different parts – first is pulling them from the Clan Castle and the second is how you actually take them out.

Attention! There is not one single way to deal with Clan Castle troops in Clash of Clans. I want to show you several different ways and how to use them, depending on the situation you’re encountering.

Pulling Clan Castle Troops (Luring)

In order to deal with Clan Castle troops, you will need to get them out of the Clan Castle. That’s common sense, but you won’t always lure the Clan Castle troops out to take them down before you perform your main attack.

The decision depends on multiple things:

  • What’s in the Clan Castle? (Troops that can harm my main attack, like a Dragon when I am using Loons, etc.)
  • Do I know that the Clan Castle is filled? (Clan War vs. Multiplayer Attacks)
  • Can you lure the Clan Castle? (Without investing too many troops)

These questions create an almost unlimited number of situations. From my experience, I would say that in Clan Wars you should always try to get the Clan Castle troops out of your way in 90% of the cases (more on that below). In Multiplayer Attacks you can assume that the Clan Castle is not filled in 8 out of 10 cases. Even if it’s filled, you don’t know what’s in there, so you can’t prepare. Simply take a Poison Spell with you and hope for the best, which works fine most of the time.

Rule of Thumb: In Clan War you should try to get the CC troops cleaned up before your attack (if possible), in regular Multiplayer Attacks take a Poison Spell and hope you don’t need it (most times you don’t).

A little change of perspective, but I hope that you request defending troops in your Clan Castle yourself. Do you? If not, read this guide here as well:

Trivia! Clan Castle troops always leave the Clan Castle in the order they are located in the Barracks, not the order they got donated. It’s always Barbs, then Archers, then Giants, then Goblins, etc. (the order they unlock).

saving army clash of clans yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

This is not ground breaking, but I this is a good spot to mention this fact. 🙂

Trigger the Clan Castle

Alright, let’s assume that you want to get the troops out, so all you have to do is to get a troop inside the radius for as long as it takes all troops to leave the Clan Castle. The last part is the essential one – if you just “dip-trigger”, you risk some troops being left inside the Clan Castle and will go after troops in your main attack.

While scouting in Clan War, you can check the radius of the Clan Castle easily by just selecting it.


Normally, you take 2 Hog Riders to go after a defense inside the radius and this will trigger the Clan Castle troops.

In the example above, you can see that there’s no point where we can enter the radius with Hog Riders. (Well, you could try it at the Cannon at the top, but the Hidden Tesla would force us to invest a lot more troops).

In this case, you should use a Golem along with some Wall Breakers.

The important thing is that you need to find a point where you can trigger the Clan Castle – and, in most cases, it’s a defense.

The trend in the past months has been bases like the one I’ve shown you above. You need a Golem and Wall Breakers to enter the base. While in the past there may have been only one or two good entry points to trigger the Clan Castle, we can now select it ourselves.

This makes it a great opportunity to get the most out of it, at least we’re investing quite some housing space and time on the clock for it.

It should be obvious to take what we can get with this first squad. I’m not talking about buildings or defenses, I am talking about Heroes as well. Always try to not simply lure the Clan Castle troops, also try to get at least one Hero (preferably the Archer Queen) taken down.

attacking clan castle troops in clan war with archer queen yH5BAEAAAAALAAAAAABAAEAAAIBRAA7

This is a great example, there’s no way we can lure the Clan Castle with 2 Hog Riders, so we set up a Golem along with some Wall Breakers and supportive troops behind (like 5-7 Wizards) that will take down the Archer Queen and the defending Clan Castle troops.

What Troops?

In Clan War, you most likely know what is inside the Clan Castle. Either because you are the second attack or because you’ve seen what is inside the other enemy war bases.  Now you can choose what kind of setup you will use.

  • Golem, Wall Breakers, Wizards (mixed Clan Castle troops)
  • Hog Rider, Wizards/Archer (Dragon, Lava Hound)

Also, don’t forget that the Queen Walk is still a nice way to build a funnel and also clean the Clan Castle troops. Don’t forget to bring some Rage Spells and a Poison Spell.

Here’s a very nice video by Powerbang showing a lot of hints about luring CC troops:


Dealing with Clan Castle troops is tricky due to so many possible scenarios, but with some experience and calm thinking you’ll be able to get them out of your way. Just make sure to scout carefully in Clan War and always keep in mind that there could be some “surprises” left for you if there’s only one spot to start.

Thanks for editing: EnchinsuOcha


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  1. Nice but what if the CC doesn’t contain these easy defenders? All I see in this video is archers and wizards.

    If it contains valks and a baby dragon, which is 90% of what I see in war, good luck killing those with your 4 barbarians, 2 wizards, and 2 witches…

    • the video was more about the luring technique.
      in war you will need your AQ with support or a Golem/Wizard combination. The Golem death damage will also help against the valkyries.

  2. Tim I noticed this morning your feed on our clan website no longer appears.
    Did something change or is it on my end?

  3. This is my personal strategy for luring clan castle and I feel it is one of the best options (hogs would be a close second). I run lavaloonion so it fits in well but it can be used with a number of attack strategies. I use balloons for the pull which will pull any troop aside from giants, valks or other loons (which is your air raiding wont matter regardless). When choosing where to strike I attempt to take out wizard tower, mortars, air defenses, or archer towers during the pull. I drop 4 bloons which have more then enough health to pull the cc and destroy one and possibly 2 defenses. Usually itll be wizards/archers which I pull to the edge and get them piled up and drop a bloon which dies over them killing all of them. or I also have 15 minions which can be used if it happens to be a drag.

  4. I dont no what th7 you have been attacking but there is always areas to lure cc troops with no defence back up.

    Any ways.. A method I use is to do like your say. Lure to pack them nice and tight then send in a balloon which will be taken down very quick so place it on top of all troops. When it hits the ground, it blows up and more often than not it takes out all troops in 1. Basicly a very cheap, very effective lightning spell

  5. I enjoy the methodical and mathematical way articles are written here, to help people be better players. But I’ve yet to see anything here or anywhere that persuasively explains why luring troops out is so necessary.

    I can understand that it might a force multiplier for the defense to have clan castle troops attacking my troops while they are also being attacked by other defenses. But is that so? Most people have defenses out to their outer walls anyway, so if I’m attacking clan castle troops of a base that’s TH7+, there’s not really much safe zone. Troops get lured out as far as they will go and you’re still fighting them in range of an archer tower or cannon.
    Is it really a force multiplier for the defense? Wizards and dragons attacking forces do splash damage. Isn’t it just as effective to push area effect troops in sooner? Your own suggestion is to send in four hogriders. That is basically sacrificing them because they will accomplish no damage one at a time. Or why not suggest luring troops out with wall breakers who are built to be sacrifices. Not much more expensive and blow up a few walls.
    When I’ve watched videos of people luring out clan castle troops, invariably they spend a minute or more on it. If I have the troops in a war to try for 2 or 3 stars, then that time is valuable. I’ve seen clanmates frequently miss a 3rd star because they needed just a few more seconds. They still had troops but no time.
    And if I’m farming, I may want to lure the troops out or see what’s inside, but usually I’ve already picked a site because of a weak defense or easily accessible gold and elixer.
    And if I’m Trophy hunting, just snipe Town Halls or go for easy 2-stars. Luring troops out is for when you want it all.

    It’s unfortunate there aren’t clan castle troops in the challenges or you can’t play the same opponent in different ways to practice, because I would like to see what the technical difference between spending a minute or more luring out troops by sacrificing hogriders or a score of archers and just Barching the base full-on from go. If you destroy the clan castle troops, then by that logic, you also have to spend time and forces do the same for the Barbarian King or Archer Queen or their force gets multiplied.

    Anyway, I’d like to see that methodical and mathematical article rather than just keep seeing ‘Lure the Clan Castle Troops out’ as commonly accepted wisdom.

    • I did do that somewhere on a post about centralized CC but I will add here why it is that important to get them out of your way 🙂 Thx for your comment

    • From what I have found pulling the clan castle can be necessary or a waste of time. If im using gowipe and the cc is hard to lure I will usually not pull, however if its not central always take the easy pull. The most devastating problem with cc troops is
      A.) If your using hogs, balloons, or giants they will not target the cc troops and a few wizards or archers will make quick work of all of them.
      B.) Even when your using a wider array of troops such as gowipe or giants and healers while trying to push your wizards quickly towards the cc to kill em they can cause troops to clump. the worst thing that can happen in gowipe is your wizards clumping and being struck by mortars or giant bombs.
      So I personally pull them because yes they may stay within range of a defense but you have a lot more control of them if one archer tower can reach rather then 4 mortars/wizard towers and heroes all at the same time. and most people who run out of time is because they aren’t good enough at pulling or attacking to know how long their attack should take. I know that mine will take between a minute and 2 minutes max meaning I have no more then a minute before I have to start dropping balloons.

  6. One great thing you can do with balloons is attack them with an air unit. Balloons can only attack the ground so a single minion could in theory take out an entire group of balloons. My clan was in a clan war where the opposing clan had maxed balloons in every castle. We quickly figured this out and used a couple minions (or a dragon) so our troops took zero damage from the CC troops!

  7. Is your editor on vacation? This post and several recent posts have been riddle with typos and errors. I dont consider myself a grammar n*** but this is really bad. Your posts werent always like this.

  8. One very efficient way to kill the clan castle troops is bringing 1-2 witches, 3 barbs, and the rest wizards in your clan castle, and then placing the archer queen behind it. Pull the cc to the corner, put your cc down, tha barbs will absorb the beginning fire, the dizzied will deal heavy damage, the witches will spawn skeletons to distract the enemy cc troops, and then the Archer Queen behind it to deal heavy damage from a distance. You lose very few troops this way, your archer queen takes little to no damage, and you now have those troops to act as a clean up/kill squad. You then deploy your main force in front of those troops and they stay alive to continue to deal damage. If you want video of this strategy, check out TheHulkFiles on YouTube. He has very good strategies for th8, th9, and th10’s. This cc strategy works very well with GoHo, Holo, and HoLoWiWi.

  9. great work timm , i never could deal with ballons they r slow and take so much time to lure out ohhhh. and one important thing valkrye is just so great in castle . she kills 100 barberian in a single hit

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